EQ Update #245

Site Updates

In this update, more new tradeskill items were uploaded. Also 71 through 75 spells are now completed with their expansion tags for the spell lookup tool. We'll eventually get all the spells tagged.

The fix for the "Expected token not present" Lucy message for chrome based browsers didn't go in yesterday. I'm waiting on ZAM to restart Apache (the web server software) to make that happen.

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New Items: Emblem of the Maestro ;  Emblem of the Overlord ;  Emblem of the Fury ;  Emblem of the Forest Stalker ;  Pliers ;  Emblem of the Deceiver ;  Emblem of the Archon ;  Phlogiston Coal ;  Emblem of the Dread Suzerain ;  Enamel Paint Samples ;  Emblem of the Prophet ;  Emblem of the Suzerain Protector ;  Phlogiston Loam ;  Rune Binding Stain ;  Acumen Rune Tracing ;  Etching Tool Parts ;  Finesse Rune Tracing ;  Savvy Rune Tracing ;  Cleaning Solution ;  Fortitude Rune Tracing;  Allure Rune Tracing ;  Adroitness Rune Tracing ;  Impetus Rune Tracing 

Updated Items: Spell: Drink of Decomposition ;  Spell: Thundering Blades Rk. III ;  Spell: Protection of the Minohten ;  Visage of Chardok Royalty 

New Quests: Achievement: Autumn Appreciation Bonus '16 (Temporary) 

Updated Quests: Coldain Shawl #6: Embroidered Coldain Prayer Shawl ;  Achievement: Autumn Appreciation Bonus '17 (Temporary) 

Updated Recipes: Gray Jar ;  Runed Vah Shir Figurine 

Bestiary Updates: an angered spirit


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