EQ Update #244

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In this update, level 71 through 75 spells for bards, beastlords, berserkers, clerics, druids and enchanters has been updated with their expansions via the spell search tool. More spells will be tagged today for more classes from 71 to 75.

Since our item collector is up and running we have some new items that have came in. I believe some of those new items were tradeskill items that were accidently pushed live from the upcoming expansion. We'll probably leave those alone for now until I can get the new expansion added in code soonish. We'll fix the item icons as well for some of these new items.

I also worked on some fixes regarding the Sarnak Illusion Item and other illusion items showing Unknown info. Also some fixes regarding the spell slot info showing Unknown info for those illusion items. Those should be pushed through soon. It will require another run of the spell parser so we'll wait until the next patch for that.

Another fix for Lucy should be rolled out today regarding the "Expected token not present" error message.

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New Items: Skull of the Slain Sarnak ;  Mask Sketch ;  Potato ;  Charm Sketch ;  Combine Refined Clay ;  Round Clay Stamp ;  Marquise Clay Stamp ;  Half-moon Clay Stamp ;  Oval Clay Stamp ;  Square Clay Stamp ;  Trillion Clay Stamp ;  Pottery Glaze Samples ;  Pear Clay Stamp ;  Tower Shield Plans ;  High Tensile Lacquer ;  Rod Plans ;  Bow Plans ;  Kite Shield Plans ;  Combine Grease ;  Battle Staff Plans ;  High Impact Lacquer ;  Buckler Plans ;  Phlogiston Detergent ;  Staff Plans ;  Micro Gear and Sprocket Pack ;  Wood Stain Samples ;  Waterproof Paint Samples ;  Emblem of the Arch Convoker ;  Cloth Dye Samples ;  Phlogiston Thread ;  Emblem of the Arch Lich ;  Emblem of the Coercer ;  Emblem of the Storm Warden ;  Phlogiston Tannin ;  Emblem of the Arcanist ;  Emblem of the Feral Lord ;  Emblem of the Transcendent 

Updated Items: Spell: Illusion: Violet Sporali ;  Devious Drakkin Disguise 

Updated Quests: Cleric Epic: Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh ;  Achievement: Whispers of Kunark 

Bestiary Updates: a ruthless lightcrawler ;  Doomfire Magus pet ;  a young obsidian tree spiderling ;  Doomfire Warmaster ;  scarlet cheetah huntress ;  a doomfire watcher


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Sarnak Illusion carries faction modifier?
# Sep 25 2017 at 6:13 PM Rating: Decent
14 posts
Sarnak Illusion carries faction modifier? If it does, the elves seem pretty relaxed about it.

Sarnak Illusion carries faction modifier?
# Sep 25 2017 at 7:03 PM Rating: Excellent
4,537 posts
Aeelyn wrote:
Sarnak Illusion carries faction modifier? If it does, the elves seem pretty relaxed about it.


The previous sarnak illusion was +chardok iirc, so it won't make you disliked anywhere you were before. Think of it as a neutral illusion with one + mod. --like the wierd da bashers shield giveaway they did years ago, wearing it was a + mod, but if you were a hated race/deity it wasn't going to fix it for you. I predict the new illusion is similar if not identical to the prior sarnak illusion.

The various PC race illusions (i.e., from potions) are more of a web of impacted factions.

True to lore... the sarnak illusions should cause hate (i.e., with the Iksars). I don't believe this is the case, please correct me if I am wrong.
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