EQ Update #243

Site Updates

Various updates to items, quests and NPC's today.

I'll be working on tagging spells level 71+ today with expansions so people using the spell search can find their spells a little easier.

Also I'm continuing my work on the whole spell system, trying to bring it up to date. Hopefully in the near future I'll be rolling out some more fixes for that.

Edit: Spells are updated to the latest patch and the item collector is now patched as well.

Updated Items: Apatite ;  Water Flask ;  Shawerma Sandwich ;  Salted Fish ;  Owlbear Marrow Meatcakes ;  Nepeta Oil Extract ;  Nepeta Cataria Mint ;  Dried Wolf Ear ;  Dried Payala Chips ;  Crude Bone Spear ;  Crude Bone Flail ;  Bandages ; Almonds ;  Ration ;  Iron Ration ;  Bottle of Milk 

Updated Quests: Darkforge Helm ;  Darkforge Breastplate ;  Darkforge Greaves ;  Shadowknight Epic: Innoruuk's Curse ;  Achievement: Dodging Disease ;  Apathy of Decay 

Bestiary Updates: Chialle [General Supplies] ;  Jheral Alezya [General Supplies] ;  Jolod Amulek [General Supplies] ;  a young obsidian tree spiderling ;  Doomfire Warmaster ;  Cadavor Fonidan ;  a doomfire watcher ;  Jerill the Enraged


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