EQ Update #242

Site Updates

In this update, all new comments were updated to this post.

Some code changes should be coming for spells hopefully today or tomorrow for the SPA slot issues and other missing spell information.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

Updated Items: Regurgitated Lichen ;  Roaring Grass ;  Ice of Velious ;  Scroll: Darkwater Manacles Rk. II ;  Scroll: Deadskin Rk. II ;  Scroll: Icy Mending Rk. II ;  Scroll: Chaotic Liquefaction Rk. II ;  Scroll: Soulrend Rk. II ;  Scroll: Bestow Doom Rk. II ; Scroll: Pyre of the Lost Rk. II ;  Scroll: Pyre of the Lost ;  Scroll: Bestow Doom ;  Intricate Band of Petrified Wood ;  Lost Scroll ;  The One Key ;  Pomegranate ;  Cryptic Page 

Updated Quests: Exotic Drinks ;  Monk Epic: Celestial Fists ;  Gwaddry's Problem ;  The Moonfires' Burning Desires ;  Gearing Up, Part II ;  The Rescue ;  A Quick Attack - Ladies of the Light ;  Achievement: I Hate Snakes ;  An Epic Request (Cleric) ; TDS Rank II Level 103 Spells: Median Briny Essence ;  Lost Koada`Dal Force ;  Achievement: Hunter of The Steamfont Mountains 

Bestiary Updates: a crocodile ;  A Fungoid Sporeling ;  Master Yurian ;  Master Nochtar ;  Master Celerik ;  Guard Captain N`Mar ;  A Life Leech


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New Items (Ramos Jerwan)
# Sep 22 2017 at 6:48 PM Rating: Good
56 posts
I think I saw two new items on the barbarian in POK at the fishing pool.

Waterproof Paint Sample 52499p 9g 9s 7c
Phlogiston Detergent 1049p 9g 9s 9c
Yes, that is a real chicken wearing an Armani tuxedo.
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