EQ Update #241

Site Updates

In today's update, a few patch related things have been updated. We'll need some updates on a few NPC's that were updated in this patch. Also our hotzone wiki for the Franklin Teek hotzones was updated with tables to make it easier to figure out which zones have augs and which zones we still need aug info for.

Work on the item collector has begun and hopefully should have it available soon.

Speaking of spells, I have been working on updating the spell scripts for Lucy which pull spell information for allakhazam as well. This means SPA slots all the way to 32 and fixing all the unknowns in spell info and general funkyness with how our parser does things. I'll be sending some of this code for review to ZAM soon so the site will see some improvements on that front soon.

Edit: Spells are updated.

Updated Items: Embellished Armwraps of Kolos ;  Hateful Eye ;  Opaque Sapphire of Bulwark 

Updated Quests: Achievement: Whispers of Kunark 

Bestiary Updates: A Prismatic Selyrah


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