EQ Update #235

Site Updates

Various updates done for today. Also some additions were made to the Omens of War progression server wiki. More additions will be made to that wiki today.

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New Items: Heroic Crystalline Tear 

Updated Items: Deathfist Shoulderpads ;  Deathfist Slashed Belt ;  Hypocricy ;  Fungus Encrusted Hammer ;  Snake Venom ;  Potion of Sustenance ;  Chipped Fire Emerald ;  Dagger ;  Sebilisian Proficiency ;  Potion Soul of the Incorporeal ;  Sealed Letter 

Updated Quests: Illegible Scroll ;  Toxdil's Poison ;  Orc Runner (Kelethin) ;  Orc Vest ;  Shark Meat ;  Thex Mallet ;  Gharin's Note (evil) ;  Rogue Epic 1.5: Fatestealer ;  Achievement: Hunter of Nagafen's Lair ;  Achievement: Hunter of Solusek's Eye 

New Recipes: Potion Soul of the Incorporeal 

Bestiary Updates: a gem collector ;  The Burrower Beast ;  Chakiza ;  Inferno ;  a core burrower ;  a rock burrower ;  a stone carver ;  a parasite larva ;  a pestilent shrieker ;  Barkil the Mad ;  a foul ancient shrieker ;  a spined rock burrower ;  an Odd Looking Spider ;  Sarith`s Guardian


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