EQ Update #233

Site Updates

In this update, certain NPC's in West/East Freeport were updated with new screenshots and locations. Also West Cabilis NPC's have had a majority of the information updated for the NPC's with screenshots and map locations. Some missing items on NPC's were also added along with the vermin quest there that was missing.

My work on analyzing the database tables associated with the forums is complete. I have sent off what needs to be done at ZAM to get all this done so hopefully they will get to work on that soon and this will fix all the forum posting issues and site lockups.

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Updated Items: Loose Scale ;  Message to Rebby ;  Red Wine ;  Dwarven Ale ;  Note to Harkin ;  Note to Janam ;  Immaculate Silk ;  Heart of Argath ;  Habanero Pepper ;  Soother's Extravagant Earring ;  Simple Secrets of the Combine Hero ; Amorphous Selrach's Boots ;  Petrified Femur Shield Frame ;  Request Parchment ;  Stalker's Guillotine ;  Raw Crypt-Hunter's Sleeves ;  Raw Crypt-Hunter's Boots ;  Saturated Ley Nitre ;  Razorgill ;  Gloves of Latent Ether ;  Lapis Lazuli ;  Turquoise ; Zombie Skin ;  Bone Chips ;  Useless Cloth Cap ;  Formal Stole of Lunanyn ;  Nyrein's Prayer ;  Torch ;  Iron Ration ;  Bandages ;  Sealed Letter ;  Tattered Cloth Note ;  Unfinished Sledge Mold ;  Unfinished Blade Mold ;  Brass Earring ;  Blood Runed Short Sword ;  Klok Scaleroot's Note 

New Quests: Exterminate the Vermin (West Cabilis) 

Updated Quests: Screaming Mace ;  Messages For Neriak ;  Thex Mallet ;  Mining Caps ;  Lenka's Pouch ;  Note for Janam ;  Note for Rebby ;  Dreadscale Breastplate ;  Crown of the Tempest Guard ;  Bone Mail Gloves ;  Bone Mail Boots ;  Bone Mail Bracer ;  Bone Mail Helm ;  Bone Mail Leggings ;  Bone Mail Sleeves ;  Bone Mail Tunic ;  Bone Mail Weapon ;  Bone Mail Shield ;  Dissolution of Reason ;  Alezra #1: Bite of the Beast ;  Deaths of the Unliving 

Bestiary Updates: Kizdean Gix ;  a dwarven smith ;  Henna Treghost [General Supplies] ;  Nestral TGaza ;  Beur Tenlah [Rogue Guildmaster] ;  Harkin Duskfoot [Rogue Guildmaster] ;  Janam Rekish ;  Guard Frostfallen [Task Master] ;  Guard Orcflayer [Task Master] ;  Guard Sunweaver [Task Master] ;  Loveal S`Nez ;  Ulraz S`Lon ;  orc taskmaster ;  abandoned heretic pet ;  a forbidden scribe [General Supplies] ;  Gryzil ;  Harbinger Glosk ;  an iksar hermit [Necromancer Guildmaster] ; Izarod Fristan ;  Kamzar [Armor] ;  Keeper Bile [Necromancer Spells] ;  Keeper Pain [Necromancer Spells] ;  Keeper Pestilence [Necromancer Spells] ;  Keeper Plight [Necromancer Spells] ;  Keeper Rott [Necromancer Spells] ;  Keeper Suffering [General Spells] ;  Lybar [General Supplies] ;  Master Kyvix [Necromancer Guildmaster] ;  Master Rixiz [Necromancer Guildmaster] ;  Master Xydoz [Necromancer Guildmaster] ;  Mohin ;  a mortician [General Supplies] ;  Nihilist Zeegarn ;  Trooper Ozlot;  Visar Glolith [Necromancer Supplies] ;  Zotalz [Fletching Supplies] ;  Marthor ;  Lady Deira ;  Sirekoth Eshe [Brewing Supplies] ;  Klok Scaleroot [Alchemy Supplies] ;  Klok Sirus [Alchemy Supplies] ;  Klok Scaleleaf [Alchemy Supplies] ;  Klok Hardscale [Alchemy Supplies] ;  Klok Greyscale [Alchemy Supplies] ;  Exterminator Jaliss ;  a skeleton ;  Sarith`s Guardian ;  a Rallosian defector ;  A Xulous Invader ;  The Darkseer ;  Lapa the Escaped ;  Dry Rot ;  a Drogan stalagknight ;  a young scaled wolf ;  Yzilimn Pxikn ;  Klok Greenscale [Alchemy Supplies] ;  Gemcrafter Issal ;  Praetorian Myral


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