EQ Update #230

Site Updates

Various updates to items, quests, recipes and NPC's for today as I am working on updating new comments. Speaking of NPC's, some new NPC types were added. We'll be flagging NPC's for these new specific roles as we get some free time. That way those that use the advanced search on beastiary can find what you are looking for a little easier.

Also we have fixed NPC's to where we can now add player spells on their pages as well.

Barudin314 also tagged all spells from level 66 to 70 with their expansions.

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Updated Items: Glowing Essence of Life ;  Greater Essence of Life ;  Median Essence of Life ;  Lesser Essence of Life ;  Minor Essence of Life ;  Kerran War Spear ;  Hexed Kerran Doll ;  Collector's Kerran Doll ;  Gorilla Hide Leggings ;  Gorilla Hide Mask ;  Tiger Hide Gloves ;  Hamed's Ring of Tears ;  Legend of the Oathbound ;  Kerran Tribal Headband ;  Kerran Headband ;  Underfoot Mushroom ;  Infused Orb of Discordant Energy ;  Infused Orb of Discordant Energy ;  Visage of Queen Pyrilonis;  Dust-Marred Signet ;  Discolored Signet ;  Two-Toned Signet ;  Crystal-Gemmed Signet ;  Glimmering Signet ;  Tarnished Signet ;  Weather-Worn Signet 

New Quests: Taromani's Protection (Group) ;  Seal: Mastery of All (Raid) ;  Hero of Kuua (Raid) 

Updated Quests: Rat Ear Pie ;  Black Eggs for Breakfast ;  LDoN Raid: Takish-Hiz: Within the Compact ;  A Guide Beyond the Rift ;  Jrah's Ancient Relics ;  Achievement: Hunter of The Qeynos Aqueduct ;  Achievement: Hunter of The Qeynos Hills ; Achievement: Hunter of The Western Plains of Karana ;  Achievement: Hunter of The Field of Bone ;  Achievement: Hunter of Veeshan's Peak ;  Achievement: Hunter of The Swamp of No Hope 

Updated Recipes: Scroll: Laudation Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: Divn L`Crit [Task Master] ;  Kamidra Voragone ;  Tunare ;  Large Heartsting Scorpion ;  A Sambata Tribal Gatherer ;  a dragorn prodigy ;  a Dragorn Mastermind ;  a Shrewd Dragorn ;  a Dragorn Tactician ;  Taromani ;  a Dragorn Battlemaster ;  a Cunning Dragorn ;  Thosan the Manipulator ;  Ritana the Convoker ;  Insidious Dragorn ;  Render ;  Geomantic Compact Timekeeper


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