EQ Update #227

Site Updates

In this update, Ayr`Dal Heritage Crate items were given some more information in their descriptions as to what item they came from. It looks like we have all the items from this crate on the site now but the Wanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Suit individual ornamentations. Please uploaded those via the item collector. We have screenshots for all the different suits thanks to KoryuRagestorm! We could use screenshots for all the other items as well.

Work is being done back behind the scenes on fixing the posting issues. I just recently got ahold of all the database tables I needed in order to properly figure out what I need to prune from the forums and have put together quite a bit of information on what I'll actually be pruning. I'm still working on other things that will be pruned as well. Some of these tables are very big in size (gigs) so they will need to be partitioned even after pruning. This should help drastically improve the performance of inserting new posts and the site "should" no longer go unresponsive.

Updated Items: Wiltedblossom Wreath ;  Banner: Traveler's Tapestry ;  Wrapped Banner: Traveler's Tapestry ;  Bridle of Ursus Antonicus ;  Adoptable Ursus Antonicus ;  Grizzly Cub Familiar ;  Adoptable Grizzly Cub ;  Viridian Ghost Familiar ; Adoptable Viridian Ghost ;  Random Pet in a Box ;  Painting: The Founder ;  Wrapped Painting: The Founder ;  Banner: The Knotted Serpent ;  Wrapped Banner: The Knotted Serpent ;  Music Box: Surefall Glade ;  Wrapped Music Box: Surefall Glade ; Brazier: The Everburning Ruby ;  Wrapped Brazier: The Everburning Ruby ;  Wrapped Wiltedblossom Wreath ;  Adoptable Lambent Golem ;  Lambent Golem Familiar ;  Adoptable Rizlona`s Ember ;  Adoptable Summer Sapling ;  Summer Sapling Familiar ;  Rizlona`s Ember Familiar 

Updated Quests: Ayr`Dal Heritage Crate 

New Recipes: Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Alligator Skin) ;  Unfired Poison Vial (Alligator Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Alligator Skin) 

Bestiary Updates: A Gorilla Professor ;  The Grand Gardener ;  A Hedge Soldier ;  Kluzen the Protector ;  A Maddened Mushroom Man ;  A Wicked Performer ;  A Frolicking Performer ;  A Bogus Treasure Chest


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