EQ Update #224

Site Updates

In this update, more work was done on FV city NPC's. Updated screenshots with map locations and more vendor loot was added that was missing. Also some static tradeskill containers were added in FV as objects that can be found in the NPC tab on the zone.

A wiki page was created for Forges with locations with links to a map on where you can find them. You'll see a link to this page on the static tradeskill container for now. The reason for this is because the container pages are limited in their design and only allows for so many characters. Eventually all container pages will be phased out to point to a wiki page instead, so not only can content admins edit but anyone with account can edit these pages as well.

Edit: The item collector has been patched.

Lost Dungeons of Norrath is live now on Ragefire!

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Updated Items: Song: Angstlich's Assonance ;  Song: Cantata of Replenishment ;  Song: Brusco's Bombastic Bellow ;  Song: Denon's Bereavement ;  Song: Cassindra's Insipid Ditty ;  Song: Jonthan's Inspiration ;  Song: Largo's Assonant Binding ; Song: Kazumi's Preservation ;  Song: McVaxius Rousing Rondo ;  Song: Nillipuss' March of the Wee ;  Song: Niv's Harmonic ;  Song: Selo's Assonant Strain ;  Song: Selo's Song of Travel ;  Song: Solon's Charismatic Concord ;  Song: Song of Dawn ; Song: Song of Highsun ;  Song: Song of Midnight ;  Song: Song of Twilight ;  Song: Vilia's Chorus of Celerity 

Updated Quests: Surveying the Sifaye 

Bestiary Updates: Jessica Winter ;  Leala Swiftarrow ;  Community Loom (Firiona Vie) ;  Frist Furtun ;  Fleceal Summer ;  Erica Swiftweave ;  Dionin Needlespin ;  Clarissa Heartweaver ;  Captain Nealith ;  Captain Keatar ;  Bricaro Summonar ;  Balik Wolftrot ;  Luminare Pasinia ;  Nertith Gracon ;  Tracker Azeal ;  Lieutenant Darakor ;  Allaria Sneakyfeet ;  Sun Revenant Warlock ;  Brackin Nartoise ;  Despondo ;  Raciel Sanherb ;  Selien Nartoise ;  a tro jeg aggressor ;  Dithgar Irongut ;  Nadia Starfeast ;  Foloal Stormforest


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Ayl`Dal Heritage Ornamentations
# Aug 29 2017 at 11:58 AM Rating: Good
129 posts
I will have screenshots of the new Half Elf Ornament sets ready to post to the Suits just as soon as the Item Collector brings them in.

That will hopefully be in time for Marketplace sale for Labor Day weekend, which should boost member discounts from 10% up to 25%.
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