EQ Update #216

Site Updates

In this update, the currency Orum for vendors was changed to Orux. All vendors and items that were bought with the currency should be updated. Also some hero's forge achievements have been created for the Ayr'Dal Heritage Crates bought from the Daybreak Marketplace. Once our item collector is patched, we'll need items from those crates scanned please.

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Updated Items: Citizen's Energeiac Chain Boots ;  Citizen's Energeiac Chain Coat ;  Citizen's Energeiac Chain Coif ;  Citizen's Energeiac Chain Gauntlets ;  Citizen's Energeiac Chain Leggings ;  Citizen's Energeiac Chain Sleeves ;  Citizen's Energeiac Chain Wristguard ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Chain Boots ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Chain Coat ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Chain Coif ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Chain Gauntlets ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Chain Leggings ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Chain Sleeves ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Chain Wristguard ;  Chipped Crystalline Shard ;  Chipped Phosphite Shard ;  Misty Energeian Air Orb ;  Misty Energeian Earth Orb ;  Misty Energeian Fire Orb ;  Misty Energeian Growth Orb ;  Misty Energeian Ice Orb ;  Misty Energeian Light Orb ;  Misty Energeian Steam Orb ;  Misty Energeian Stone Orb ;  Polished Crystalline Jewel ;  Misty Energeian Water Orb ;  Polished Phosphite Jewel ;  Rough Crystalline Fragment ;  Shaped Crystalline Gem ;  Rough Phosphite Fragment ;  Shaped Phosphite Gem ;  Translucent Energeian Air Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Decay Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Disease Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Earth Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Elemental Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Fire Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Ethereal Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Growth Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Ice Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Light Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Poison Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Shadow Orb ; Translucent Energeian Steam Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Stone Orb ;  Translucent Energeian Water Orb ;  Spell: Annihilate the Unnatural Rk. II ;  Spell: Blood of the Martyr Rk. II ;  Spell: Consecrate Ground Rk. II ;  Spell: Divine Custody Rk. II ; Spell: Fernspur Rk. II ;  Spell: Fulkitcher Weave Rk. II ;  Spell: Hoar Frost Rk. II ;  Spell: Lassitude Rk. II ;  Spell: Lunarlight Rk. II ;  Spell: Nectar of Agony Rk. II ;  Spell: Specter of Renewal Rk. II ;  Spell: Talisman of Persistence Rk. II ;  Spell: Unflinching Hammer of Zeal Rk. II ;  Spell: Vinelash Cascade Rk. II ;  Spell: Yaulp VIII Rk. II ;  Spell: Beam of Solteris Rk. II ;  Spell: Beam of Molten Slag Rk. II ;  Spell: Bonestitch Fetish Rk. II ;  Spell: Burnout VI Rk. II ;  Spell: Chaos Immolation Rk. II ; Spell: Entrancer's Aura Rk. II ;  Spell: Iceflame Body Rk. II ;  Spell: Kedgefish Venom Rk. II ;  Spell: Intertwining Energy Rk. II ;  Spell: Mana Recursion Rk. II ;  Spell: Mind Dissection Rk. II ;  Spell: Mind Phobiate Rk. II ;  Spell: Perplexing Flash Rk. II ; Spell: Pyre of the Fallen Rk. II ;  Spell: Rampaging Servant Rk. II ;  Spell: Rune of the Kedge Rk. II ;  Spell: Tendrilmist Guard Rk. II ;  Spell: Umbra Orb Rk. II ;  Spell: Wildmagic Strike Rk. II ;  Song: Aviak's Wondrous Warble Rk. II ;  Song: Jonthan's Mightful Caretaker Rk. II ;  Song: Staccato Cadence Rk. II ;  Spell: Bark at the Moon Rk. II ;  Spell: Bite of the Empress Rk. II ;  Spell: Burial Rites Rk. II ;  Spell: Force of Prexus Rk. II ;  Spell: Mammoth-Hide Guard Rk. II ;  Spell: Nature's Entropy Rk. II;  Spell: Marrowthirst Horror Rk. II ;  Spell: Thundering Blades Rk. II ;  Spell: Touch of the Wailing Three Rk. II ;  Tome of Armor of Righteousness Rk. II ;  Tome of Soul Carapace Rk. II ;  Castrum Black Staff ;  Castrum Bladed Dagger ;  Castrum Buckler;  Castrum Buckler ;  Castrum Buckler ;  Castrum Charged Wand ;  Castrum Cutlass ;  Castrum Dagger ;  Castrum Elite Rapier ;  Castrum Dark Cutlass ;  Castrum Fighting Staff ;  Castrum Great Sword ;  Castrum Golden Orb ;  Castrum Heavy Spiked Club ;  Castrum Heavy Sword ;  Castrum Jeweled Dagger ;  Castrum Jeweled Parrying Dagger ;  Castrum Jeweled Wand ;  Castrum Lance ;  Castrum Light Mace ;  Castrum Long Bow ;  Castrum Long Spear ;  Castrum Long Sword ;  Castrum Ritual Dagger ;  Castrum Ritual Long Sword ;  Castrum Short Sword ;  Castrum Spiked Club ;  Castrum Spiked Mace ;  Castrum Swift Sword ;  Castrum Sword ;  Curved Dagger of Justice ;  Dagger of the Castrum ;  Great Lance of the Castrum ;  High Strung Bow of Katta ;  Lance of Balance ;  Pottery Sealant ;  Shield of the Combine Empire ;  Tome of Annihilator's Volley Rk. II ;  Tome of Brutal Onslaught Discipline Rk. II ;  Tome of Pinpoint Vulnerability Rk. II ;  Tome of Scaledfist Discipline Rk. II ;  Tome of Second Wind Rk. II ;  Citizen's Energeiac Leather Armwraps ;  Citizen's Energeiac Leather Boots ;  Citizen's Energeiac Leather Gloves ;  Citizen's Energeiac Leather Cowl ;  Citizen's Energeiac Leather Leggings ;  Citizen's Energeiac Leather Tunic ; Citizen's Energeiac Leather Wristguard ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Leather Armwraps ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Leather Boots ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Leather Cowl ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Leather Gloves ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Leather Leggings ; Praetorian's Energeiac Leather Tunic ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Leather Wristguard ;  Citizen's Energeiac Silk Gloves ;  Citizen's Energeiac Silk Hat ;  Citizen's Energeiac Silk Pantaloons ;  Citizen's Energeiac Silk Robe ;  Citizen's Energeiac Silk Sleeves;  Citizen's Energeiac Silk Slippers ;  Citizen's Energeiac Silk Wristband ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Silk Gloves ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Silk Hat ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Silk Pantaloons ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Silk Robe ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Silk Sleeves ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Silk Slippers ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Silk Wristband ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Silken Wristband ;  Praetorian's Energeiac Silky Wristband 

New Quests: Achievement: Hero's Forge - Meanderer's Leather ;  Achievement: Hero's Forge - Wanderer's Plate ;  Achievement: Hero's Forge - Meanderer's Scalemail ;  Achievement: Hero's Forge - Wanderer's Chain 

Updated Quests: Forged Firebrand Weapons 

Bestiary Updates: Trader Markus [Caster Spells] ;  Trader Leanian [Hybrid Spells] ;  Trader Varrina [Chain Armor] ;  Trader Dammides [Leather Armor] ;  Trader Bartus [Cloth Armor] ;  Trader Othena [Priest Spells] ;  Trader Gulleus [Fighter Tomes] ; Trader Vallarines [Energeians] ;  Trader Hyalunes [Weapons and Shields]


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