EQ Update #213

Site Updates

In this update, Drewinette did some more work on linking tailoring recipes with their tradeskill books. Also some poison vial recipes were updated.

Also I'm sure you all are aware that have tried to post here on the site that it either times out or makes you double/triple post. This has been a quest of mine to get ZAM to fix for quite some time now and I finally have worked out a deal with them to work on the site.

I just got ahold of the forum database table over the weekend that is the cause of the posting problems. So hopefully in the near future I'll have this fixed so we can all have the site back to performing where it should be.

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New Items: Scepter of Storms ;  Orb of Storms 

Updated Items: Scepter of Storms 

Updated Quests: Order of the Storm Caller 

New Recipes: Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Blackburrow Gnoll Pelt) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Blackburrow Gnoll Skin) 

Updated Recipes: Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Low Quality Wolf Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Medium Quality Bear Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (High Quality Bear Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Polar Bear Skin) ;  Immaculate Silk Robe Template ;  Immaculate Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Immaculate Silk Mask Template ;  Immaculate Silk Pant Template ;  Immaculate Silk Belt Template ;  Immaculate Silk Boot Template ;  Immaculate Silk Glove Template ;  Immaculate Silk Gorget Template ;  Immaculate Silk Cap Template ;  Immaculate Silk Cloak Template ;  Immaculate Silk Sleeve Template ;  Immaculate Silk Tunic Template ;  Immaculate Silk Wristband Template ;  Immaculate Leather Gloves Template ;  Immaculate Leather Gorget Template ;  Immaculate Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Immaculate Leather Skullcap Template ;  Immaculate Leather Boots Template ;  Immaculate Leather Cloak Template ;  Immaculate Leather Wristbands Template ;  Immaculate Leather Belt Template ;  Immaculate Leather Sleeves Template ;  Immaculate Leather Tunic Template ;  Immaculate Leather Leggings Template ;  Immaculate Leather Mask Template ;  Flawed Leather Leggings Template ;  Rough Leather Sleeves Template ;  Rough Leather Boots Template ;  Large Brick of Ore (Small Brick of Ore) ;  Exquisite Silk Pant Template ;  Exquisite Leather Leggings Template ;  Exquisite Leather Mask Template ;  Exquisite Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Exquisite Leather Skullcap Template ;  Exquisite Leather Sleeves Template ;  Exquisite Leather Tunic Template ;  Exquisite Leather Wristbands Template ;  Rough Leather Cloak Template ;  Rough Leather Leggings Template ;  Rough Leather Tunic Template ; Superb Silk Wristband Template ;  Superb Leather Skullcap Template ;  Superb Leather Gloves Template ;  Flawed Leather Boots Template ;  Flawed Leather Cloak Template ;  Superb Leather Tunic Template ;  Flawed Leather Sleeves Template ; Flawed Leather Tunic Template ;  Flawed Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Flawed Leather Skullcap Template ;  Flawed Leather Gloves Template ;  Flawed Leather Belt Template ;  Flawed Leather Mask Template ;  Flawed Leather Gorget Template ; Flawed Leather Wristbands Template ;  Rough Leather Skullcap Template ;  Rough Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Rough Leather Gorget Template ;  Rough Leather Wristbands Template ;  Rough Leather Mask Template ;  Rough Leather Gloves Template ;  Rough Leather Belt Template ;  Superb Leather Wristbands Template ;  Superb Leather Boots Template ;  Superb Leather Leggings Template ;  Fine Leather Gorget Template ;  Fine Leather Mask Template ;  Fine Leather Belt Template ; Fine Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Fine Leather Cloak Template ;  Pristine Leather Gorget Template ;  Pristine Leather Wristbands Template ;  Pristine Leather Mask Template ;  Pristine Leather Gloves Template ;  Pristine Leather Belt Template ; Pristine Leather Skullcap Template ;  Pristine Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Pristine Leather Sleeves Template ;  Pristine Leather Boots Template ;  Pristine Leather Cloak Template ;  Pristine Leather Leggings Template ;  Pristine Leather Tunic Template ;  Excellent Leather Gorget Template ;  Excellent Leather Wristbands Template ;  Excellent Leather Mask Template ;  Excellent Leather Gloves Template ;  Excellent Leather Belt Template ;  Excellent Leather Skullcap Template ;  Excellent Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Excellent Leather Sleeves Template ;  Excellent Leather Boots Template ;  Excellent Leather Cloak Template ;  Excellent Leather Leggings Template ;  Excellent Leather Tunic Template ;  Pristine Silk Gorget Template;  Pristine Silk Wristband Template ;  Pristine Silk Mask Template ;  Pristine Silk Glove Template ;  Pristine Silk Belt Template ;  Pristine Silk Cap Template ;  Pristine Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Pristine Silk Sleeve Template ;  Pristine Silk Boot Template ;  Pristine Silk Cloak Template ;  Pristine Silk Pant Template ;  Pristine Silk Tunic Template ;  Pristine Silk Robe Template ;  Superb Leather Gorget Template ;  Superb Leather Mask Template ;  Superb Leather Cloak Template ;  Crude Silk Belt Template ;  Crude Silk Gorget Template ;  Crude Silk Wristband Template ;  Crude Silk Mask Template ;  Crude Silk Glove Template ;  Crude Silk Cap Template ;  Crude Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Crude Silk Sleeve Template ;  Crude Silk Boot Template ;  Crude Silk Cloak Template ;  Crude Silk Pant Template ;  Crude Silk Tunic Template ;  Crude Silk Robe Template ;  Fine Leather Wristbands Template ;  Superb Silk Gorget Template ;  Superb Silk Glove Template ;  Superb Silk Cap Template ;  Superb Silk Sleeve Template ;  Superb Silk Boot Template ;  Superb Silk Cloak Template ;  Superb Silk Pant Template ;  Superb Silk Tunic Template ;  Superb Silk Robe Template ;  Excellent Silk Gorget Template ;  Excellent Silk Wristband Template ;  Excellent Silk Mask Template ;  Excellent Silk Glove Template ;  Excellent Silk Belt Template ;  Excellent Silk Cap Template ;  Excellent Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Excellent Silk Sleeve Template ;  Excellent Silk Boot Template ;  Excellent Silk Cloak Template ;  Excellent Silk Pant Template ;  Excellent Silk Tunic Template ;  Excellent Silk Robe Template ;  Fine Silk Gorget Template ;  Fine Silk Wristband Template ;  Fine Silk Mask Template ;  Fine Silk Glove Template ;  Fine Silk Belt Template ;  Fine Silk Cap Template ;  Fine Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Fine Silk Sleeve Template ;  Fine Silk Boot Template ;  Fine Silk Cloak Template ;  Fine Silk Pant Template ;  Fine Silk Tunic Template ;  Fine Silk Robe Template ;  Natural Silk Gorget Template ;  Natural Silk Wristband Template ;  Natural Silk Mask Template ;  Natural Silk Glove Template ;  Natural Silk Belt Template ;  Natural Silk Cap Template ;  Natural Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Natural Silk Sleeve Template ;  Natural Silk Boot Template ;  Natural Silk Cloak Template ;  Natural Silk Pant Template ;  Natural Silk Tunic Template ;  Natural Silk Robe Template ;  Superb Leather Sleeves Template ;  Fine Leather Boots Template ;  Fine Leather Gloves Template ;  Fine Leather Leggings Template ;  Fine Leather Skullcap Template ;  Fine Leather Sleeves Template ;  Fine Leather Tunic Template ;  Superb Silk Mask Template ;  Superb Silk Belt Template ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Thick Grizzly Bear Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Zombie Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Tiger Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Giant Dire Wolf Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Giant Polar Bear Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Low Quality Bear Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Puma Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Medium Quality Wolf Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (High Quality Wolf Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (White Wolf Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Black Wolf Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Medium Quality Lion Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (High Quality Lion Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Low Quality Lion Skin) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (High Quality Cat Pelt) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Medium Quality Cat Pelt) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Mist Wolf Pelt) ;  Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Crow's Special Brew) ;  Exquisite Leather Belt Template ;  Exquisite Leather Boots Template ;  Exquisite Leather Cloak Template ;  Exquisite Leather Gloves Template ;  Exquisite Leather Gorget Template ;  Exquisite Silk Belt Template ;  Exquisite Silk Boot Template ;  Exquisite Silk Cap Template ;  Exquisite Silk Cloak Template ;  Exquisite Silk Glove Template ;  Exquisite Silk Gorget Template ;  Exquisite Silk Mask Template ;  Exquisite Silk Robe Template ;  Exquisite Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Exquisite Silk Sleeve Template ;  Exquisite Silk Tunic Template ;  Exquisite Silk Wristband Template ;  Superb Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Superb Leather Belt Template ;  Superb Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Flawless Leather Gloves Template ;  Flawless Leather Gorget Template ;  Flawless Silk Gorget Template ;  Flawless Silk Glove Template ;  Refined Underfoot Copper ;  Refined Underfoot Silver;  Flawless Silk Sleeve Template ;  Flawless Silk Cap Template ;  Flawless Leather Tunic Template ;  Large Brick of Ore (Tarnished Two Handed Sword) ;  Large Brick of Ore (Block of Ore) ;  Flawless Silk Mask Template ;  Flawless Silk Tunic Template;  Flawless Silk Robe Template ;  Flawless Silk Cloak Template ;  Flawless Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Flawless Silk Belt Template ;  Flawless Silk Wristband Template ;  Flawless Silk Pant Template ;  Flawless Silk Boot Template ;  Exotic Silk Cap Template ;  Exotic Leather Wristbands Template ;  Exotic Silk Belt Template ;  Exotic Silk Mask Template ;  Exotic Silk Gorget Template ;  Exotic Silk Tunic Template ;  Exotic Silk Robe Template ;  Exotic Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Exotic Silk Wristband Template ;  Exotic Silk Glove Template ;  Exotic Silk Pant Template ;  Exotic Silk Boot Template ;  Exotic Silk Cloak Template ;  Exotic Silk Sleeve Template ;  Exotic Leather Belt Template ;  Exotic Leather Cloak Template ;  Exotic Leather Gloves Template ;  Exotic Leather Boots Template ;  Exotic Leather Gorget Template ;  Exotic Leather Leggings Template ;  Exotic Leather Mask Template ;  Exotic Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Exotic Leather Skullcap Template ;  Exotic Leather Sleeves Template ;  Exotic Leather Tunic Template ;  Flawless Leather Cloak Template ;  Flawless Leather Boots Template ;  Flawless Leather Sleeves Template ;  Flawless Leather Leggings Template ;  Flawless Leather Skullcap Template ;  Flawless Leather Mask Template ;  Flawless Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Flawless Leather Belt Template ;  Flawless Leather Wristbands Template ;  Befouled Leather Belt Template ;  Befouled Leather Boots Template ;  Befouled Leather Cloak Template ; Befouled Leather Gloves Template ;  Befouled Leather Gorget Template ;  Befouled Leather Leggings Template ;  Befouled Leather Mask Template ;  Befouled Leather Shoulderpads Template ;  Befouled Leather Skullcap Template ;  Befouled Leather Sleeves Template ;  Befouled Leather Tunic Template ;  Befouled Leather Wristbands Template ;  Befouled Silk Belt Template ;  Befouled Silk Boot Template ;  Befouled Silk Cap Template ;  Befouled Silk Cloak Template ;  Befouled Silk Glove Template;  Befouled Silk Gorget Template ;  Befouled Silk Mask Template ;  Befouled Silk Pant Template ;  Befouled Silk Robe Template ;  Befouled Silk Shoulderpad Template ;  Befouled Silk Sleeve Template ;  Befouled Silk Tunic Template ;  Befouled Silk Wristband Template 

Bestiary Updates: Shayna Thunderhand ;  D`mitrious Irska ;  Shell of the Master ;  Shell of the Corrupted


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