EQ Update #182

Site Updates

In this update, I have finished my verification of classic spells on Agnarr. Adjustments have been made on some spells that were set with the incorrect expansion. Some researched and quested spells will need to be verified if they can be in fact made via research or quested pre kunark. You can see the list of researched spells here.

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Updated Items: Spell: Vampiric Curse ;  Spell: Track Corpse ;  Spell: Shiftless Deeds ;  Spell: Renew Bones ;  Spell: Modulating Rod ;  Kithar's Disease Treatment ;  Spell: Cackling Bones ;  Lion Delight ;  Spell: Imbue Jade ;  Box of Abu-Kar 

Bestiary Updates: Chembla Ellent ;  Telor Beteria ;  Wistcona ;  Dulia Jestes ;  Verth Mistwielder ;  Ranza S`lon [Magician Spells] ;  Ash C`Luzz [Magician Spells] ;  Clockwork Merchant (1075, -1040, 29) [Magician Spells] ;  Analya


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