EQ Update #181

Site Updates

In this update, new comments are caught up. Also in the process of verifying pre kunark spells, some spells have been adjusted to the correct expansions. This project still isn't finished so there might be some other spells that need to be updated.

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Updated Items: Ancient Parchment ;  Stone of Tranquility ;  Other Half of Rallos' Plans ;  Half of Rallos' Plans ;  The Lady's Entreaty ;  Boundless Glove Symbol of Growth ;  Tome of Resistant Discipline ;  Tome of Fearless Discipline ;  Spell: Ice Comet ;  Spell: Wrath of Al'Kabor ;  Spell: Concussion ;  Spell: Imbue Fire Opal ;  Spell: Energy Storm ;  Spell: Banish Summoned ;  Spell: Firestrike ;  Spell: Spirit Salve ;  Spell: Sense Summoned ;  Spell: Sense Summoned ;  Spell: Healing Light ;  Stald's Badge ;  Fine Steel Short Sword ;  Potion of Adventure ;  Ping's Poignant Potion Pack ;  Potion of Stature ;  Ping's Propagating Potion Package 

Updated Quests: Tribunal Initiate ;  Barnacle Breastplate ;  Rogue Errands ;  Rogue Epic: Ragebringer ;  Alternate Access: Bypass the Behemoth ;  Concerned Citizens 

New Recipes: Boundless Glove Symbol of Growth ;  Boundless Glove Symbol of Growth ;  Boundless Glove Symbol of Growth 

Bestiary Updates: Sornita Eltern [Wizard Spells] ;  Tuballi Stellari ;  Imxil T`brow ;  Hagnis Shralok ;  Groflah Steadirt (EFP) ;  Guard Blayle ;  Caleah Herblender [Alchemy Supplies] ;  Zordak Ragefire (Vendor) ;  Tiplo the Gardener ;  Terblyn Zelbus ;  Anson McBale ;  Gruppip Fooedli ;  Palusiel Drobius ;  Tinkerer Gordish ;  Recfek Shralok ;  a dark reaver ;  a praetor noctis ;  a razorlatch pincer ;  a shady brother ;  a tasselvine ;  a vicarum vitali ;  an angry furthick ;  an eyepecker squawker


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