EQ Update #160

Site Updates

In this update, KoryuRagestorm wrote up details on the HH Old Seb raid via the quest entry. Koryu also moved all the raid items associated with this raid event to the quest entry. All Thach Jerden's HH Old Seb armor is now all uploaded and available for view on the quest entry, thanks folks!

Work on the new classic achievements on test has begun. All of the raid acheivements for Velious has been added so far. You can get a listing of these achievements here if you are signed in as a premium member or you can read the links in this news story.

Also new comments were updated last night.

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New Items: Sebilisian Dragonscale Boots 

Updated Items: Darkened Zealot's Incarnadine Sword ;  Darkened Green Jade Halberd ;  Glowing Sebilisian Gloves ;  Glowing Glamour Stone ;  Glamour Stone ;  Darkened Sebilite Scale Bracelet ;  Darkened Sebilite Scale Cape ;  Darkened Sebilite Scale Cap ;  Block of Black Ore ;  Lianna's Flute ;  Darkened Brell's Keg Popper 

New Quests: Achievement: Conqueror of Dragon Necropolis ;  Achievement: Conqueror of The Great Divide ;  Achievement: Conqueror of Icewell Keep ;  Achievement: Conqueror of Kael Drakkel ;  Achievement: Conqueror of The Plane of Growth ;  Achievement: Conqueror of Skyshrine ;  Achievement: Conqueror of The Sleeper's Tomb ;  Achievement: Conqueror of The Temple of Veeshan ;  Achievement: Conqueror of Velketor's Labyrinth ;  Achievement: Conqueror of The Wakening Land ;  Achievement: Conqueror of The Western Wastes ;  Achievement: Conqueror of The Scars of Velious 

Updated Quests: Bracers of the Reverent ;  Fleshy Orbs ;  Rod of Insidious Glamour ;  Dragons of Norrath Progression (Norrath's Keepers) ;  Thach Jerden's Glowing Armor ;  The Reinforced Lair of Trakanon 

Updated Recipes: Forged Firebrand Warhammer 

Bestiary Updates: Prince Thirneg ;  Tunare ;  Zlandicar ;  Dain Frostreaver IV ;  Wuoshi ;  Derakor the Vindicator ;  Velketor the Sorcerer ;  Lord Yelinak ;  King Tormax ;  Lendiniara the Keeper ;  Zemm ;  Gozzrem ;  The Avatar of War ;  Dozekar the Cursed ;  Lord Feshlak ;  The Final Arbiter ;  sleeper 1.0 - Nanzata the Warder ;  sleeper 1.0 - Ventani the Warder ;  sleeper 1.0 - Hraashna the Warder ;  sleeper 1.0 - Tukaarak the Warder ;  Klandicar ;  Sontalak ;  Telkorenar ;  Sevalak ;  Dagarn the Destroyer ;  Ikatiar the Venom ;  Cekenar ;  Lady Mirenilla ;  Lord Vyemm ;  Vulak`Aerr ;  Jorlleag ;  Essedera ;  Eashen of the Sky ;  The Progenitor ;  Master of the Guard ;  Narandi the Wretched ;  Harla Dar ;  Grozzmel ;  Ymmeln ;  Casalen ;  Krigara ;  Tavekalem ;  Lepethida ;  Midayor ;  Tjudawos the Ancient ;  Vyskudra the Ancient ;  Zeixshi`Kar the Ancient ;  Kildrukaun the Ancient ;  a broken construct ;  skeletal champion ;  froglok pickler ;  froglok commander ;  Froggy


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