EQ Update #159

Site Updates

In this update, more HH Old Sebilis items updated and some info added to the raid version of the zone. Also some updates to some of the NPC's in the zone. More city static tradeskill containers were added for Northern Felwithe and Southern Felwithe along with map screenshots and directions on how to get to them.

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New Items: Darkened Sebilite Scale Coat 

Updated Items: Darkened Cobalt Breastplate ;  Darkened Mrylokar's Breastplate ;  Darkened Poisoned Mantle ;  Darkened Cloak of Piety ;  Darkened Tolan's Darkwood Breastplate ;  Darkened Trakanon's Femur ;  Darkened Singing Steel Breastplate ; Darkened Wild Lord's Tunic ;  Darkened Donal's Chestplate of Mourning ;  Darkened Tunic of Wrath ;  Darkened Trakanon's Tooth ;  Darkened Trakanon's Malleus ;  Darkened Mana Robe ;  Darkened Jaundiced Bone Breastplate ;  Darkened Elder Spiritist's Breastplate ;  Darkened Blood Ember Breastplate ;  Darkened Trakanon's Claw ;  Firebound Orb III 

Bestiary Updates: Trakanon (HH Old Sebilis) ;  a rotted chest ;  Brewing Barrel #1 (North Felwithe) ;  Kiln #1 (North Felwithe) ;  Pottery Wheel #1 (North Felwithe) ;  Forge #1 (North Felwithe) ;  Koada`Dal Forge (North Felwithe) ;  Oven #1 (North Felwithe) ; Community Loom #1 (South Felwithe) ;  myconid adept ;  myconid priest ;  myconid warrior ;  myconid reaver ;  sebilite juggernaut ;  froglok reet wizard ;  froglok reet knight ;  Tolapumj ;  a contemplative froglok ;  froglok reet shaman ;  sebilite protector ; reanimated Tolapumj ;  reanimated musician ;  musician`s assistant ;  Sebilisian ghost ;  Boneknight ;  Moldknight ;  blinding bone dust 

New Zones: The Reinforced Ruins of Sebilis 

Zone Updates: The Reinforced Ruins of Sebilis


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