EQ Update #134

Site Updates

In this update more items were corrected that were set with a Kunark expansion tag when they actually became available in a later expansion. Also some of the new hunter achievements were corrected to show multiple NPC's with the same name.

Spells are updated and the item collector is patched.

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Updated Items: Tunic of Wrath ;  Reinforced Round Buckler ;  Elegant Shadowrise Armband ;  Elegant Mistwoven Boots ;  Elegant Mistwoven Gloves ;  Elegant Mistwoven Cap ;  Elegant Mistwoven Sleeves ;  Elegant Twoscale Armband ;  Elegant Shadowrise Boots ;  Elegant Shadowrise Gloves ;  Elegant Shadowrise Helm ;  Elegant Shadowrise Sleeves ;  Elegant Trooper Armband ;  Elegant Mistwoven Breeches ;  Elegant Twoscale Gloves ;  Elegant Twoscale Boots ;  Elegant Twoscale Helm ;  Elegant Twoscale Sleeves ;  Elegant Shadowrise Greaves ;  Elegant Trooper Gloves ;  Elegant Trooper Boots ;  Elegant Mistwoven Robes ;  Elegant Trooper Sleeves ;  Elegant Trooper Helm ;  Elegant Twoscale Greaves ;  Elegant Shadowrise Cuirass ;  Elegant Trooper Greaves ;  Elegant Twoscale Cuirass ;  Blade of Strategy ;  Claw of the Spiritual Elder ;  Xanthe's Earring of Nature ;  Ethereal Bladed Naginata ;  Stiggle's Crimson Shawl ;  Living Stone Scepter ;  Living Stone Lancet ;  Living Stone Gloves ;  Clockwork Facemask ;  Tome of the Outcast ;  Elaborate Charm of Derived Ferocity ;  Elegant Mistwoven Armband ;  Living Stone Shield ;  Sapphire of Inner Reflection ;  Rage-Infused Chestguard ;  Necklace of Purest Vision ;  Leggings of Spun Silver ;  Leggings of Spiritual Insight ;  Great Helm of Cunning ;  Girdle of Conflict ;  Exquisite Defiler's Ring ;  Emerald of Precision ;  Elegant Trooper Cuirass ;  Aged Katana of Flowing Water ; Aged Nightfall ;  Burnt Cloak ;  Magma Forged Bracer ;  Dark Hoop of Calamity ;  Amice of the Skywings ;  Reinforced Wyvern Wristguard ;  Aged Blued Flower Katana ;  Aged Dragon Claw Main Gauche ;  Glowing Drake Bile ;  Hoop of Scales ;  Cloak of Necropotence ;  Bow of the Ring ; Wand of the Lava Shaper ;  Aged Sarnak Channeler Staff ;  Aged Dragon Spine Staff ;  Azure Ring of Balance ;  Ring of the Skywing ;  Aged Hammer of the Dragonborn ;  Shoulderpads of Calamity ;  Sapphire Adorned Brood Ring ;  Mask of Infirmity ;  Aged Claw of Phara Dar ;  Aged Pulsating Gem ;  Mask of the Sky Dragon ;  Aged Katana of Endurance ;  Aged Yunnb's Earring ;  Aged Lyran's Mystical Lute ;  Aged Shroud of Veeshan ;  Belt of the Sky ;  Aged Crown of Rile ;  Necklace of the Peak ;  Aged Bo Staff of Trorsmang ;  Robe of Burning Sorcery ;  Aged Runestone Maul ;  Aged Executioner's Blade ;  Tainted Racnor Shield ;  Aged Sword of Rile ;  Aged Shield of Elders ;  Aged Shissar Deathspeaker Staff ;  Azure Girdle ;  Aged Scimitar of Lifestealing ;  Aged Star of the Guardian ;  Aged Shissar Focus Staff ;  Wyvern Bone Ring ;  Ash-Encrusted Wristguard ;  Necklace of Wyvern Leather ;  Earring of Phara Dar ;  Aged Feverblade - Bane of the Shissar ;  Prismatic Shoulderpads ;  Burning Cinder Ring 

Updated Quests: Achievement: Hunter of The Western Plains of Karana ;  Achievement: Hunter of Kurn's Tower ;  Achievement: Hunter of The Crypt of Dalnir ;  Achievement: Hunter of Chardok: The Halls of Betrayal 

Bestiary Updates: Talwyn Flamecaller ;  Pezripisid ;  Overlord Dralgan


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