EQ Update #133

Site Updates

In this update many Veeshan's Peak items that were introduced in the revamped version of the zone were corrected to show the actual expansion they came out with. Items involved in the DE/Grobb War were updated to have the right expansion tag as well. Also some Tae Ew Leather items were updated.

Updated Items: Tae Ew Leather Gorget ;  Reinforced Wyvern Boots ;  Sebilite Ring ;  Soft Leather Bracer of Gore ;  Aged Grey Suede Boots ;  Earring of Dimensional Imprisonment ;  Reinforced Wyvern Armlets ;  Dragonhide Tunic ;  Blessed Seeker Pendant ;  Reinforced Wyvern Gloves ; Dragonspine Chainmail ;  Ancient Chest ;  Fused Scales of the Clouded Dragon ;  Horned Drape of the Clouded Dragon ;  Fragmented Horn of the Clouded Dragon ;  Desiccated Tongue of the Clouded Dragon ;  Skywing Signet of Strength ;  Polished Chunk of Rage ;  Orb of Gathered Power ; Enchanted Orb of Replenishment ;  Enchanted Orb of Burning Spikes ;  Bloodstone of Armored Protection ;  Aged Staff of Null ;  Aged Spear of Constriction ;  Aged Smoldering Cudgel ;  Aged Razor Fang of Xygoz ;  Aged Left Eye of Xygoz ;  Aged Frozen Zweihander ;  Dragonforge Breastplate ;  Calcified Scale of the Clouded Dragon ;  Sebilisian Longsword ;  Cloak of Dimensional Imprisonment ;  Belt of Dimensional Imprisonment ;  Silken Cape of Exploration ;  Wand of Turmoil ;  The Eye of Despair ;  Sword of the Undead Kings ;  Spiked Commander's Truncheon ; Soulshearer, Blade of the Savage ;  Simple Guardian's Earring ;  Shell of the Cliffwalker ;  Sash of Nature's Protector ;  Sapphire of Inner Reflection ;  Ruby Ring of Nature's Beckoning ;  Roughspun Cord of the Faydark Defenders ;  Raw Gem of Health ;  Rage-Infused Chestguard ;  Preserved Dragon Hide Bracer ;  Pauldrons of the Defiler ;  Ornate Guardian's Earring ;  Orcslayer, Longbow of the Faydark Defenders ;  Nobleman's Earring of Fealty ;  Night-Forged Stiletto ;  Necklace of Purest Vision ;  Moonspun Cape ;  Mask of Defiant Rage ;  Leggings of Spun Silver ;  Leggings of Spiritual Insight ;  Ironwood Battle Staff ;  Insignia of the Faydark Defenders ;  Hate-Fused Ringmail Bracer ;  Great Helm of Cunning ;  Golden Bracelet of Visions ;  Girdle of Conflict ;  Flamekissed Scepter of War ;  Firestorm Cape ;  Exquisite Guardian's Earring ;  Exquisite Defiler's Ring ; Emerald of Precision ;  Dark Slayer's Amice ;  Dark Plated Scout's Armguards ;  Cape of the Commander ;  Breastplate of the Battlelord ;  Bone-Hilted Claymore ;  Battleworn Steel Shield ;  Bright Orb of Authority ;  Sebilite Leather Wraps ;  Dragon Touched Mask ;  Shadow Fury Band ; Seeker Fury Band ;  Righteous Fury Ring ;  Pain Fury Band ;  Natures Fury Belt ;  Natures Fury Band ;  Heart Fury Band ;  Fury Protection Ring ;  Flertz' Amulet of Flowing Ichor ;  Dragon Wing Robe ;  Dragon Tooth Amulet ;  Death Fury Band ;  Cold Fury Sash ;  Body Fury Belt ;  Battle Fury Band ;  Spirit Fury Band ;  Pain Fury Sash ;  Horror Fury Girdle ;  Heart Fury Belt ;  Fire Fury Band ;  Black Dragonscale Bracer ;  Claw of the Black ;  Blade of Tactics 

Updated Quests: The Dragon Ring ;  Revenge for Vaxxim 

New Recipes: Tae Ew Leather Gorget 

Updated Recipes: Tae Ew Leather Sleeves ;  Tae Ew Leather Cap ;  Tae Ew Leather Gloves 

Bestiary Updates: Ithiasor the Black ;  Pezripisid


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