EQ Update #103, Patch and Agnarr Release Date

Site Updates

In this update, Bobbybick did a bunch of updates to LDoN raids. KoryuRagestorm updated Empires of Kunark The Kar`Zok raid. I myself updated all the Primary and Secondary anchor items to include info on where they come from and where to get them.

Also servers will be brought down Wednesday morning at 2AM PST for Everquest. The servers will be down approximately 9 hours.


Agnarr, the new TLP server that was earlier announced by Daybreak to release in the early summer was announced today to release on May 24, 2017.


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New Items: Blood of the Arisen Soldier 

Updated Items: Spell: Mesmerization ;  Rujarkian Stone of Discipline ;  Heavy Orcish Prison Key ;  Spaulders of Battle Rage ;  Tweyne's Condensed Tidal Sands ;  Thosan's Geomantic Compact Jewel ;  Quintessence Gem of Enhanced Agression ;  Flowkeeper's Gem of Replenishment ; Spell: Secondary Anchor Portal ;  Secondary Anchor Package ;  Spell: Secondary Anchor Circle ;  Spell: Zephyr: Secondary Anchor ;  Spell: Secondary Anchor Ring ;  Spell: Primary Anchor Push ;  Primary Anchor Package ;  Spell: Primary Anchor Circle ;  Spell: Zephyr: Primary Anchor ; Spell: Primary Anchor Ring ;  Spell: Secondary Anchor Push ;  Spell: Teleport Secondary Anchor ;  Spell: Translocate: Secondary Anchor ;  Spell: Secondary Anchor Gate ;  Secondary Anchor Transport Device ;  Secondary Anchor ;  Spell: Teleport Guild Hall Anchor ;  Guild Hall Anchor ; Guild Hall Anchor Package ;  Spell: Teleport Primary Anchor ;  Spell: Primary Anchor Portal ;  Spell: Translocate: Primary Anchor ;  Spell: Primary Anchor Gate ;  Primary Anchor Transport Device ;  Primary Anchor ;  Frozen Gem of Strength ;  Cooling Stone of Health ;  Lost Jewel of Shifting Colors ;  Strand of Lingering Energy ;  Froststone of Health ;  Frosty Coif of Recovery ;  Miragul's Boots of Eternal Learning ;  Jagged Shard of Rejuvenation ;  Jagged Froststone of Enchantments ;  Ice Shard of Enhanced Protection ;  Enchanted Jewel of Shielding ;  Shard of Enchanted Visions ;  Jeweled Sentinel's Broken Aura ;  Frozen Gloves of the Feral Lord ;  Ice Shards of Deadly Strikes ;  Frost-Covered Rock of Prowess ;  Enchanted Crystal of the Synarcana ;  Vambraces of Fractured Bone ;  Icy Orb of Frozen Time ;  Enchanted Shard of Unrivaled Vengeance ; Synarcana's Jewel of Timeless Alacrity ;  Gauntlet Stone of Fortitude ;  Glowing Slimy Hammer ;  Glowing Slimy Dagger ;  Glowing Slimy Staff ;  Flowing Gem of the Ritualist ;  Helm of Flowing Health ;  Slime-Coated Shard of Hate ;  Slime-Coated Crusader's Gem ;  Experimental Smoldering Stone ;  Smooth Stone of Blissful Tranquility ;  Experimental Gem of Enhanced Protection ;  Experimental Gem of Haste ;  Polished Gemstone of Aggression ;  Torn Robe of the Tormented ;  Enchanted Stone of Research ;  Light Stone of Life ;  Researcher's Stone of Power ;  Researcher's Exacting Ore ;  Orcish Tattered Shroud 

Updated Quests: LDoN Raid: Rujarkian Hills: War March of Imal Ojun ;  LDoN Raid: Miragul's Menagerie: Folly of Miragul's Ambition ;  LDoN Raid: Deepest Guk: The Rescue ;  LDoN Raid: Deepest Guk: The Curse Reborn ;  LDoN Raid: Takish-Hiz: Within the Compact ;  LDoN Raid: Rujarkian Hills: Hidden Vale of Deceit ;  LDoN Raid: Mistmoore Catacombs: Struggles within the Progeny ;  LDoN Raid: Miragul's Menagerie: Frozen Nightmare ;  LDoN Raid: Rujarkian Hills: Prison Break ;  LDoN Raid: Takish-Hiz: The Palace Grounds ;  LDoN Raid: Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate ;  The Realm of Pain ;  Raid Expedition: The Kar`Zok 

Updated Recipes: Scroll: Winter's Wildfire Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: a Witness of Hate soulreaper ;  The Earthen Chest ;  The Frosty Jeweled Table ;  Miragul`s Enchanted Table ;  The Tormentor`s Frozen Table ;  a frozen treasure chest ;  a frost covered box ;  Ojun`s Wooden Chest ;  Yenner`s Decorative Chest ;  Talkor`s Bloody Chest ; Gragna`s Worn Chest ;  Rtrangi`s Withered Remains ;  Rtrangi`s Magical Chest ;  a Witness of Hate soulreaper ;  a weathered barrel ;  Ritanas Ornate Chest ;  The Gem Encrusted Chest ;  Alerynril the Loyal [Loyalists of Everquest] ;  Researcher`s Box of Supplies ;  The Bloody Barrel ;  The Splintering Barrel ;  Pagus Nonad [New Tanaan Tax Authority] ;  The Arisen Soldier ;  a Kar`Zok snowblaze ;  a flame assaulter ;  a frost assaulter ;  a mysterious box ;  Bozlum Blossom ;  Vessel Drozlin


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