EQ Update #102

Site Updates

Baraudin314 has been busy updating. More classic Wizard spell updates, Unrest NPC's marked with named and undead tags. More original items tagged. Also more item descriptions entered. More work has been done on the Planes of Power progression wiki for tradeskills. I myself have been working on a listing of Original spells for all classes on the progression wiki, I just opened those up for view. I'm up to Enchanter spells right now.

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Updated Items: Sphere of Unrest ;  Battle Axe ;  Battleworn Canteen ;  Torklar's Battle Hammer ;  Small Bronze Vambraces ;  Small Bronze Pauldron ;  Small Bronze Mask ;  Small Bronze Helm ;  Small Bronze Greaves ;  Small Bronze Girdle ;  Small Bronze Gauntlets ;  Small Bronze Collar;  Small Bronze Breastplate ;  Small Bronze Bracers ;  Small Bronze Boots ;  Cracked Glass Key ;  Polished Brass Key ;  Spell: Stonebrunt Portal ;  Spell: Stonebrunt Gate ;  Spell: Translocate: Arcstone ;  Spell: Translocate: Undershore ;  Spell: Translocate: Group ;  Spell: Translocate ;  Spell: Translocate: Dawnshroud ;  Spell: Translocate: Cobalt Scar ;  Spell: Translocate: Wakening Lands ;  Spell: Translocate: Great Divide ;  Spell: Translocate: Knowledge ;  Spell: Translocate: Iceclad ;  Spell: Translocate: Cazic ;  Spell: Translocate: Ro ;  Spell: Translocate: West ;  Spell: Translocate:Twilight ;  Spell: Translocate: Nek ;  Spell: Translocate: Common ;  Spell: Translocate: Combine ;  Spell: Translocate: Tox ;  Spell: Translocate: Fay ;  Spell: Translocate: North ;  Eternal Grove Cloth Feet Ornament ;  Old Eternal Grove Cloth Feet Ornament ;  Spell: Translocate: Grimling ;  Spell: Dawnshroud Portal ;  Spell: Vision Shift ;  Spell: Focus Modest Spellcaster's Essence ;  Spell: Diamondskin ;  Spell: Cobalt Scar Gate ;  Spell: Invisibility to Undead ;  Spell: Shifting Sight ;  Spell: Evacuate: Ro ;  Spell: Knowledge Portal ;  Spell: Wakening Lands Gate ;  Scroll of Brain Bite ;  Spell: Concussion ;  Spell: West Portal ;  Spell: Lightning Shock ;  Spell: Markar's Relocation ;  Spell: Ro Portal ;  Spell: Translocate: Nexus ;  Spell: Tishan`s Relocation ;  Spell: Great Divide Portal ;  Spell: Common Portal ;  Spell: Force Spiral of Al'Kabor ;  Spell: Force Spiral of Al'Kabor ;  Spell: Translocate Stonebrunt ;  Spell: Secondary Anchor Portal ;  Spell: Elnericks Entombment of Ice ;  Spell: Focus Mass Elementary Spellcaster's Essence ;  Spell: Ice Shock ;  Spell: Xalirilan's Greater Extrication ;  Spell: Xalirilan's Greater Discombobulation ;  Spell: Great Divide Gate ;  Spell: Combine Portal ;  Spell: Cazic Portal ;  Spell: Xalirilan's Greater Appraisal ;  Spell: Twilight Portal ;  Spell: Iceclad Portal ;  Spell: Evacuate: Fay ;  Spell: Lava Storm ;  Spell: Nek Portal ;  Spell: Harvest ;  Spell: Iceclad Gate ;  Spell: Circle of Force ;  Spell: Circle of Force ;  Spell: O`Keil's Flickering Flame ;  Private Letter ;  Great Reptile Hide ;  Sonic Wolf Tongue 

Updated Quests: New Key to Veeshan's Peak ;  Wedding! 

Bestiary Updates: an undead barkeep ;  Lesser Blade Fiend ;  Garanel Rucksif ;  reclusive ghoul magus ;  an undead knight of Unrest ;  Bozlum Blossom ;  Vessel Drozlin ;  Torklar Battlemaster ;  Tsikut ;  a cadaverous evoker ;  a cadaverous evoker ;  Dok ;  Alijara 

Zone Updates: Wedding Chapel


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NIce work
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Good work! Thanks!
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