EQ Update #72

Site Updates

New Items: Teir`Dal Heritage Crate 

Updated Items: Sand Wasp Larvae ;  Ritualistic Torture Veil ;  Immaculate Crystal Crown ;  Marble Slivers ;  Sand Verbena ;  Sooty Fine Runic Papyrus ;  Mossflow Stone ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Wrist Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Legs Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Helm Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Hands Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Feet Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Chest Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather Arms Ornament ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Wrist Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Legs Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Helm Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Hands Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Feet Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Chest Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Arms Ornament ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Wrist Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Legs Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Helm Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Hands Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Feet Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Chest Ornament ;  Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain Arms Ornament ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Ringmail ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Plate ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Cloth ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Chain ;  Quarm-Touched Feran Bridle ;  Adoptable Wrulon Shriekpaw ;  Bridle of the Wrulon Shriekpaw ; Adoptable Nektulos Araneidae ;  Adoptable Fourth Gate Vesper ;  Adoptable Fourth Gate Guardian ;  Fourth Gate Guardian Familiar ;  Adoptable Blood Runed Gargoyle ;  Adoptable Black Mamba ;  Black Mamba Familiar ;  Wrapped Painting: Toadstool Tavern ;  Wrapped Painting: Slugs Tavern ;  Wrapped Painting: Maiden's Fancy ;  Wrapped Painting: The Blind Fish ;  Wrapped Music Box: Neriak ;  Wrapped Helm of the Fourth Gate Guardian ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Ringmail ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Scalemail ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Plate ;  Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather ;  Music Box: Neriak ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Wrist Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Legs Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Helm Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Hands Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Feet Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Chest Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Arms Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Wrist Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Legs Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Helm Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Hands Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Feet Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Chest Ornament ;  Malevolent Teir`Dal Leather Arms Ornament 

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New Quests: Anniversary: Teir`Dal Heritage Crate 

Updated Quests: Kevlin Diggs' Debt ;  Anniversary Shared Task: Pub Crawl 

New Recipes: Suit of Malevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Chain ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Cloth ;  Suit of Wrathful Teir`Dal Leather 

Bestiary Updates: a young halfling ;  a halfling grandma ;  a halfling mother ;  a halfling acolyte ;  a tavern patron ;  Ace Slighthand ;  Shayde Higginsbot ;  Deputy Tonlo ;  Shutter Silentstep ;  Deputy Alltin ;  Deputy Hiltop ;  Deputy Lowmot ;  Deputy Rollin ;  a concealed observer ;  Deputy Cheel ;  Deputy Pittin ;  Deputy Tocat ;  Deputy Tizzin ;  Petroglyph ;  a gelidran guard ;  Rellix ;  a guardian of sand ;  a phosphorescent golem ;  a pristine guardian ;  a Royal hierophant ;  an earthen defender ;  an enraged stoneservant ;  a wooden barrel


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