June 24, 2014

What seems to be an unusual length of time in today's EverQuest, 47 days after it went live, the Plane of War raid has been beaten for the first time: Xegony's <Realm of Insanity> felled the raid last night; congratulations to them. Looks like it'll have a nice loot table by the time it's all found.

New Items: Shard of CelerityRune of IncursionFragment of NobilityIncursio, Bow of the Iron StormNeckband of the BoldHammer of Reverence III

New Bestiary: a chest (Plane of War raid)

Updated Zones: Tower of Rot: The Fall of Lord BayleTower of Rot: Raid Instance

Updated Items: Pine SapVenomtoothRosePristine Spiderling CarapaceSpiderling Flesh

Updated Quests: Tomer's RescueIvan McMannus' RemainsRogue Epic 1.5: FatestealerCrizlyna #1: Assault the Main HiveMarla #2: Seeking RefugeRaid Expedition: The Plane of WarTower of Rot #4: Narius' Plan

Updated Achievement: Achievement: Mercenary of Oceangreen Hills

Updated Bestiary: Canyon QueenHeliasa Bixie Guardian


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