February 15, 2013

Here are some Friday night updates for you. Enjoy your weekend!

New Items: Gemmed Knucklewraps OrnamentWretched BonesawWhite Chocolate Chip CookieThe FullmetalDark Decorative Cookie PlateSnicker Doodle CookieGranite Rolling PinChocolate Chip CookieSimple Wood Rolling PinLight Decorative Cookie PlateWood Pastry BoardBeautiful Marble Gold-Trimmed Pastry BoardMarble Rolling PinMarble Pastry BoardChocolate CookieGinger Snap CookieGranite Pastry BoardMushroomStaff of the Mastrum OrnamentWishing WellHacksword OrnamentHelm of the Evil Eye OrnamentUnspoken Mask OrnamentViolet Wizard Hat OrnamentViridian Wizard Hat OrnamentBeryl Wizard Hat OrnamentAuburn Wizard Hat OrnamentEbon Wizard Hat OrnamentHero's Forge Pointy Wizard Hat OrnamentInnoruuk's Black Rose Head OrnamentInnoruuk's Black Arrow Head OrnamentErollisi's Arrow Head OrnamentBristlebane's Gift of HeartErollisi's Gift of HeartPolymorph Wand: Armored ShiliskinErollisi's Twin Hearts Head Ornament

New Bestiary: a summoned exhalationan abandoned cormolant

Updated Zones: Shard's Landing: Sleepless NightsShard's Landing: Calling PhantasmCrystal Caverns: Into the Caverns of FearCrystal Caverns: Danela's StandKael Drakkel: Traitors Among UsKael Drakkel: The Madness of King TormaxEast Wastes: Confronting Your FearsEast Wastes: Defeat Zeixshi-Kar

Updated Items: Snake HeadHidden Visage of the AvatarGreater TerrormoteGlowing TerrormoteMinor TerrormoteMedian TerrormoteLesser Terrormote

Updated Quest: Rogue Epic 1.5: Fatestealer

Updated Bestiary: a gnoll guardNarra TanithVivian the Truea Heretic death dabblerSeed of BattleAssassin Thalea fiery blasta towerSacred OphidianKing of the BeastsQuivering SteelChurning SteelFourfold EdgeSteel VortexSteel Devastationan elite soldierKelkos the Berserka shadea recreation of steela towerKeliss ArdenArmorer Jean WenlarisIlana SunmireThe Avatar of War


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