February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here are today's updates:

New Bestiary: chaos orbA Shadowy GuardianAn Emerald GuardianAn Onyx GuardianA Glimmering GuardianA Firey GuardianA Cerulean Guardian

Updated Items: Crystallized FearDread BootsDread ArmguardsPhathom's Longsword of the VeilNgreth's Crystal RingSway of the CanineDagarn's TailBow of the DestroyerViridian Hero's Forge Leather Legs OrnamentBeryl Hero's Forge Leather Arms OrnamentMinor TerrormoteMithril HelmDread Touched HelmDread Touched BracerFear Touched GlovesFreedom of the Righteous

Updated Quests: Confronting Your FearsDefeat Zeixshi-KarAn Uncursed Helm

Updated Bestiary: Brother HayleSwamp Terrora Minohten scouta Dromrek shamanDiennic LightheartArmsmaster VohlenYngaln the FrozenCraftkeeper Irus TindlefootCraftkeeper Bobus TindlefootThe Spoils of Murderan amazing chestAaryonarCekenarDagarn the DestroyerJorlleagLady MirenillaLady NevederiaLord FeshlakLord Koi`DokenLord VyemmSevalakZlexak

Updated Recipes: Night Terror Chain BracerNight Terror Chain CoifNight Terror Chain SleevesNight Terror Chain GlovesNight Terror Chain BootsNight Terror Chain TunicNight Terror Chain LeggingsDream Haunt BracerDream Haunt CapDream Haunt SleevesDream Haunt LeggingsDream Haunt GlovesDream Haunt BootsDream Haunt TunicNight Terror Plate BracerNight Terror Plate HelmNight Terror Plate VambracesNight Terror Plate BootsNight Terror Plate GauntletsNight Terror Plate BreastplateNight Terror Plate GreavesCured Ethereal EnergyHurricane TemperHurricane Chain BracerHurricane Chain CoifHurricane Chain GlovesHurricane Chain TunicHurricane Chain LeggingsHurricane Plate BracerHurricane Plate VambracesHurricane Plate HelmHurricane Plate GauntletsHurricane Plate BootsHurricane Plate GreavesStormweave Curing AgentStormweave WristbandStormweave CapStormweave SleevesStormweave GlovesStormweave PantaloonsStorm Rider BracerStorm Rider CapStorm Rider LeggingsStorm Rider GlovesStorm Rider BootsDark Courage (Claidhmore)Black Insanity (Claidhmore)Black Insanity (Warsword)Firestrand WristbandFirestrand SleevesFirestrand GlovesFirestrand BootsFirestrand PantaloonsRobe of Immaculate AirEarthweave CapEarthweave WristbandEarthweave SleevesEarthweave GlovesEarthweave BootsEarthweave PantaloonsRobe of Ancient EarthEarthtwine SwatchTrilounhide BracerLivestone Chain BracerLivestone Chain CoifLivestone Chain SleevesLivestone Chain BootsLivestone Chain LeggingsLivestone Chain TunicWaterweave BootsWaterweave PantaloonsWindessence Chain BracerWindessence Chain CoifWindessence Chain SleevesWindessence Chain GlovesWindessence Chain LeggingsBite of the Shissar VIII


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