February 10, 2013

A good Sunday evening to you! Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Freedom of SpiritDistilled Grade A Laburnum ExtractFearlinked Silk Glove Seal of the AssassinDistorted Sandals of the ConjurorSteed of War Saddle

New Quests: Time for BedUnderhanded Exploration

New Recipes: Regal Servolinked ArmbandRegal Servolinked ArmbandRegal Servolinked BootsRegal Servolinked BootsRegal Servolinked CuirassRegal Servolinked CuirassRegal Servolinked GlovesRegal Servolinked GlovesRegal Servolinked GreavesRegal Servolinked GreavesRegal Servolinked HelmRegal Servolinked HelmRegal Servolinked SleevesRegal Servolinked SleevesRegal Autoactuated CuirassRegal Autoactuated CuirassRegal Autoactuated GreavesRegal Autoactuated GreavesRegal Autoactuated BootsRegal Autoactuated BootsRegal Autoactuated SleevesRegal Autoactuated SleevesRegal Autoactuated ArmbandRegal Autoactuated ArmbandRegal Autoactuated GlovesRegal Autoactuated GlovesRegal Autoactuated HelmRegal Autoactuated HelmDistorted Sandals of the ConjurorDistorted Sandals of the ConjurorRegal Metalofiber ArmbandRegal Metalofiber ArmbandRegal Metalofiber BootsRegal Metalofiber BootsRegal Metalofiber SleevesRegal Metalofiber SleevesRegal Metalofiber RobesRegal Metalofiber RobesRegal Metalofiber BreechesRegal Metalofiber BreechesRegal Metalofiber GlovesRegal Metalofiber GlovesRegal Metalofiber CapRegal Metalofiber CapFearlinked Silk Glove Seal of the Assassin

Updated Items: Tainted MuscimolTainted LaburnumTainted OleanderTainted CaladiumSylvan Cloth Arms OrnamentSylvan Leather Helm OrnamentSylvan Leather Hands OrnamentSylvan Chain Helm OrnamentSylvan Chain Wrist OrnamentSylvan Chain Feet OrnamentBloodforged Plate Helm OrnamentBloodforged Chain Wrist OrnamentCall of the WildFear Stained GlovesFear Stained BracerMalignant Visage of the AvatarEnergized GemstoneSunshard PebbleSnail ShellZraxthril Forged FlambergeOrnate Miner's Pick

Updated Quests: Spirit AidRaid Expedition: Valley of King Xorbb

Updated Bestiary: a subverted minerCadale Brohata Broken Skull warriorCalambraa shady treasure sorterQuartermaster ShylliaThe Avatar of WarBeast Caller Plaktan elder naeyaa gibbering fear breederan ornate chest (Valley of King Xorbb Event #3)

Updated Recipes: Enchanted Steel ThreadTeir`Dal Adamantite CloakTeir`Dal Adamantite CollarTeir`Dal Adamantite GauntletsTeir`Dal Adamantite GirdleTeir`Dal Adamantite HelmTeir`Dal Adamantite PauldronTeir`Dal Adamantite VambracesTeir`Dal Adamantite VisorUnfired Hammer of InnovationTormentor Stir FryElegant Khala Dun ArmbandElegant Khala Dun BootsElegant Khala Vir ArmbandElegant Moonglade CuirassElaborate Twoscale GreavesElaborate Trooper GreavesElaborate Khala Dun SleevesElaborate Khala Dun HelmElaborate Khala Dun GreavesElaborate Khala Dun GlovesElaborate Khala Dun CuirassElaborate Khala Dun BootsElaborate Khala Dun ArmbandElaborate Twoscale CuirassElaborate Twoscale ArmbandElaborate Trooper ArmbandElaborate Wirewood ArmbandElaborate Wirewood BootsElaborate Wirewood CuirassElaborate Wirewood GlovesElaborate Wirewood GreavesElaborate Wirewood HelmElaborate Wirewood SleevesOrnate Wirewood ArmbandOrnate Wirewood BootsOrnate Wirewood CuirassOrnate Wirewood GlovesOrnate Wirewood GreavesOrnate Wirewood HelmOrnate Wirewood SleevesIntricate Wirewood ArmbandIntricate Wirewood BootsIntricate Wirewood CuirassIntricate Wirewood GlovesIntricate Wirewood GreavesIntricate Wirewood SleevesIntricate Wirewood HelmSimple Wirewood ArmbandSimple Wirewood BootsSimple Wirewood CuirassSimple Wirewood GlovesSimple Wirewood GreavesSimple Wirewood HelmSimple Wirewood SleevesElaborate Twoscale SleevesElaborate Twoscale BootsElaborate Twoscale HelmElaborate Twoscale GlovesElaborate Trooper CuirassElaborate Trooper SleevesElaborate Trooper BootsElaborate Trooper HelmElaborate Trooper GlovesOrnate Khala Vir ArmbandOrnate Khala Vir BootsOrnate Khala Vir CuirassOrnate Khala Vir GlovesOrnate Khala Vir GreavesOrnate Khala Vir HelmOrnate Khala Vir SleevesSimple Khala Vir ArmbandSimple Khala Vir BootsSimple Khala Vir CuirassSimple Khala Vir GlovesSimple Khala Vir GreavesSimple Khala Vir HelmSimple Khala Vir SleevesOrnate Khala Dun ArmbandOrnate Khala Dun BootsOrnate Khala Dun CuirassOrnate Khala Dun GlovesOrnate Khala Dun GreavesOrnate Khala Dun HelmOrnate Khala Dun SleevesSimple Khala Dun ArmbandSimple Khala Dun BootsSimple Khala Dun CuirassSimple Khala Dun GlovesSimple Khala Dun GreavesSimple Khala Dun HelmSimple Khala Dun SleevesIntricate Moonglade ArmbandElaborate Wealdstone CuirassIntricate Khala Dun ArmbandIntricate Khala Dun GlovesIntricate Khala Dun HelmIntricate Khala Dun BootsIntricate Khala Dun SleevesIntricate Khala Dun GreavesIntricate Khala Dun CuirassIntricate Khala Vir ArmbandIntricate Khala Vir GlovesIntricate Khala Vir HelmIntricate Khala Vir BootsIntricate Khala Vir SleevesIntricate Khala Vir GreavesIntricate Khala Vir CuirassElaborate Moonglade ArmbandElegant Khala Vir BootsElegant Khala Vir CuirassElegant Khala Vir GlovesElegant Khala Vir GreavesElegant Khala Vir HelmElegant Khala Vir SleevesElegant Khala Dun CuirassElegant Khala Dun GlovesElegant Khala Dun GreavesElegant Khala Dun SleevesElegant Trooper ArmbandElegant Trooper BootsElegant Trooper CuirassElegant Trooper GlovesElegant Trooper GreavesElegant Trooper HelmElegant Trooper SleevesElegant Wealdstone ArmbandElegant Wealdstone CuirassElegant Wealdstone HelmElegant Twoscale SleevesElaborate Khala Vir ArmbandElaborate Khala Vir BootsElaborate Khala Vir CuirassElaborate Khala Vir GlovesElaborate Khala Vir GreavesElaborate Khala Vir HelmElaborate Khala Vir SleevesElegant Twoscale BootsElegant Twoscale HelmElegant Khala Dun HelmSimple Twoscale ArmbandSimple Twoscale BootsSimple Twoscale CuirassSimple Twoscale GlovesSimple Twoscale GreavesSimple Twoscale HelmSimple Twoscale SleevesElegant Wealdstone BootsElegant Wealdstone GlovesElegant Wealdstone GreavesElegant Wealdstone SleevesOrnate Trooper ArmbandOrnate Trooper BootsOrnate Trooper CuirassOrnate Trooper GlovesOrnate Trooper GreavesOrnate Trooper HelmOrnate Trooper SleevesOrnate Twoscale ArmbandOrnate Twoscale BootsOrnate Twoscale CuirassOrnate Twoscale GlovesOrnate Twoscale GreavesOrnate Twoscale HelmOrnate Twoscale SleevesPurified ClaymorePurified DaggerPurified Long SwordPurified RapierPurified ScimitarPurified Short SwordPurified SpearPurified StaffPurified StarPurified WarhammerPurified Crystal ClaymorePurified Crystal DaggerPurified Crystal Long SwordPurified Crystal RapierPurified Crystal ScimitarPurified Crystal Short SwordPurified Crystal SpearPurified Crystal StarPurified Crystal WarhammerPurified Spirit BeltPurified Spirit BootsPurified Spirit BracerPurified Spirit GlovesPurified Spirit HelmPurified Spirit LeggingsPurified Spirit SleevesPurified Spirit TunicSimple Wealdstone ArmbandSimple Wealdstone CuirassSimple Wealdstone GlovesSimple Wealdstone SleevesSimple Wealdstone HelmSimple Wealdstone GreavesSimple Wealdstone BootsOrnate Moonglade ArmbandOrnate Moonglade BootsOrnate Moonglade CuirassOrnate Moonglade GlovesOrnate Moonglade GreavesOrnate Moonglade HelmOrnate Moonglade SleevesElegant Wirewood ArmbandElegant Wirewood BootsElegant Wirewood CuirassElegant Wirewood GlovesElegant Wirewood GreavesElegant Wirewood HelmElegant Wirewood SleevesElegant Moonglade ArmbandElegant Moonglade BootsElegant Moonglade GlovesElegant Moonglade GreavesElegant Moonglade HelmElegant Moonglade SleevesElaborate Moonglade BootsElaborate Moonglade CuirassElaborate Moonglade GlovesElaborate Moonglade GreavesElaborate Moonglade HelmElaborate Moonglade SleevesIntricate Moonglade BootsIntricate Moonglade CuirassIntricate Moonglade GlovesIntricate Moonglade GreavesIntricate Moonglade HelmIntricate Moonglade SleevesSimple Moonglade ArmbandSimple Moonglade BootsSimple Moonglade CuirassSimple Moonglade GlovesSimple Moonglade GreavesSimple Moonglade HelmSimple Moonglade SleevesExtravagant Wealdstone BootsExtravagant Wealdstone CuirassElaborate Wealdstone HelmElaborate Wealdstone GreavesElaborate Wealdstone SleevesExtravagant Wirewood ArmbandExtravagant Wirewood BootsExtravagant Wirewood CuirassExtravagant Wirewood GlovesExtravagant Wirewood GreavesExtravagant Wirewood HelmExtravagant Wirewood SleevesExtravagant Wealdstone ArmbandExtravagant Wealdstone GlovesExtravagant Wealdstone HelmExtravagant Wealdstone SleevesExtravagant Khala Vir GlovesExtravagant Khala Vir GreavesExtravagant Khala Vir SleevesOrnate Wealdstone SleevesOrnate Wealdstone ArmbandOrnate Wealdstone BootsOrnate Wealdstone CuirassOrnate Wealdstone GlovesOrnate Wealdstone GreavesExtravagant Wealdstone GreavesElaborate Wealdstone ArmbandElaborate Wealdstone BootsElaborate Wealdstone GlovesIntricate Wealdstone ArmbandIntricate Wealdstone BootsIntricate Wealdstone CuirassIntricate Wealdstone GlovesIntricate Wealdstone GreavesIntricate Wealdstone HelmIntricate Wealdstone SleevesExtravagant Khala Vir ArmbandExtravagant Trooper ArmbandExtravagant Trooper BootsExtravagant Trooper CuirassExtravagant Trooper GlovesExtravagant Trooper GreavesExtravagant Trooper HelmExtravagant Trooper SleevesIntricate Trooper ArmbandIntricate Trooper BootsIntricate Trooper CuirassIntricate Trooper GlovesIntricate Trooper GreavesIntricate Trooper HelmIntricate Trooper SleevesExtravagant Twoscale ArmbandExtravagant Twoscale BootsExtravagant Twoscale CuirassExtravagant Twoscale GlovesExtravagant Twoscale GreavesExtravagant Twoscale HelmExtravagant Twoscale SleevesIntricate Twoscale ArmbandIntricate Twoscale BootsIntricate Twoscale CuirassIntricate Twoscale GlovesIntricate Twoscale GreavesIntricate Twoscale HelmIntricate Twoscale SleevesExtravagant Khala Vir BootsExtravagant Khala Vir CuirassExtravagant Khala Dun ArmbandExtravagant Khala Dun HelmExtravagant Khala Dun BootsExtravagant Khala Dun CuirassExtravagant Khala Dun GreavesOrnate Seashine ArmbandOrnate Seashine BootsOrnate Seashine GreavesOrnate Seashine GlovesOrnate Seashine SleevesOrnate Seashine HelmSimple Seashine ArmbandSimple Seashine BootsSimple Seashine CuirassSimple Seashine GlovesSimple Seashine GreavesSimple Seashine HelmSimple Seashine SleevesExtravagant Khala Vir HelmExtravagant Khala Dun GlovesExtravagant Khala Dun Sleeves


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