January 30, 2013

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Recipes: Regal Infused Spirit-Touched SpearRegal Uninfused Spirit-Touched SpearRegal Infused Siege MaulRegal Uninfused Siege MaulRegal Infused Holy Glossed HammerRegal Uninfused Holy Glossed HammerRegal Infused Huntsman's SpearRegal Uninfused Huntsman's SpearRegal Hammer Head Shaped MoldRegal Spear Head Shaped MoldTranscendent Chest Symbol of BelowTranscendent Chest Symbol of BelowTranscendent Chest Symbol of BelowTranscendent Chest Symbol of BelowRegal Snowborn BootsRegal Snowborn GreavesRegal Snowborn HelmRegal Snowborn SleevesRegal Mistwoven ArmbandRegal Mistwoven BootsRegal Mistwoven BreechesRegal Mistwoven CapRegal Mistwoven GlovesRegal Mistwoven RobesRegal Mistwoven SleevesRegal Seashine ArmbandRegal Seashine BootsRegal Seashine CuirassRegal Seashine GlovesRegal Seashine GreavesRegal Seashine HelmRegal Seashine SleevesRegal Moonsilver BootsRegal Moonsilver GlovesRegal Moonsilver RobesRegal Nightfall BootsRegal Nightfall CuirassRegal Nightfall GlovesRegal Nightfall GreavesRegal Nightfall HelmRegal Nightfall SleevesRegal Wayguard BootsRegal Wayguard CuirassRegal Wayguard GreavesRegal Wayguard HelmRegal Wayguard SleevesRegal Tyrant ArmbandRegal Tyrant BootsRegal Tyrant CuirassRegal Tyrant GlovesRegal Tyrant GreavesRegal Tyrant HelmRegal Tyrant Sleeves

Updated Items: Fate-Touched Spear of the ProphetFate-Touched Spear of the OracleTanglevine Scimitar of SnatchingTanglevine Scimitar of GrippingDiamondBlue DiamondDrake TalonMeager Fear ShardDread GlovesDread Touched LeggingsDread Touched ArmguardsDread Touched BracerDread Touched GlovesTattered PillowGlass FlaskFrayed WhipVibrant LeavesFlame of VoxGlowing DreadmoteFear Stained ArmguardsVitalizing StoneStygian Nightmare's BowFrozen Lunatic's HammerBlackwell's LoopTrophy of the UnspokenDread ArmguardsDread Helm

Updated Quests: Plane of Sky KeysPlane of Sky Quest Room

Updated Recipes: Feymetal Trio RingGlorious Nightfall ArmbandGlorious Nightfall BootsGlorious Nightfall CuirassGlorious Nightfall GlovesGlorious Nightfall GreavesGlorious Nightfall HelmGlorious Nightfall Sleeves

Updated Bestiary: an ice gianta blood ravenA Vicious HatchlingEdoth the Ancienta conscripted dredgera conscripted ironshapera conscripted liftera corrupted devourera wild naeyaan ivyscale slitherera treasure chestThe Spoils of Murdera snow cougarZarinarna couriera Va`Ker guardiana chest (Valley of King Xorbb Event #1)Scorched Chestan amazing chestCekenarJorlleagLady NevederiaLord VyemmVulak`AerrDanelas Lockbox


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