January 29, 2013

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Trophy of the UnspokenFreedom of KnowledgeDeluxe Shark Fin OmeletShark Fin Omelet with CheeseShark Fin OmeletShark Fin Sausage

New Recipes: Regal HaftRegal Infused Giant Blade AxeRegal Uninfused Giant Blade AxeRegal Large Axe Head Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Spear Head Shaped MoldRegal BatonRegal Axe Head Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Axe Head Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Large Axe Head Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Hammer Head Shaped MoldRegal Infused Charged War HammerRegal Uninfused Charged War HammerRegal Infused Shimmer AxeRegal Uninfused Shimmer AxeDeluxe Shark Fin OmeletShark Fin OmeletShark Fin Omelet with CheeseShark Fin Sausage

New Bestiary: a powershard golemThistlebrusha bruiser (Rivervale)a commander (Rivervale)a defender (Rivervale)a generala healer (Rivervale)a rangera trooper (Rivervale)an exploder (Rivervale)a bruiser (Xorbb)a commander (Xorbb)a defender (Xorbb)a flame rangera healer (Xorbb)a lorda trooper (Xorbb)an exploder (Xorbb)a corpsebinder goblina crystalfear golema darkflesh golema direflame goblina fearbone skeletona fleshburn mephita fleshburn mephit peta guardian minotaura magician`s eyea shamanic minotaura watchman minotaura workmaster goblina woundhealer goblinan evilgaze eyean icewarrior goblinan overseer minotaura catapulta ballistaa minotaur shelter

Updated Items: Sleeping Cap of UnrestFrost Spikes PauldronsPoisoned ArrowheadGreater DreadmoteFear Stained TunicFear Touched GlovesFear Touched BootsRusty ShacklesBeryl Hero's Forge Plate Feet OrnamentAuburn Hero's Forge Plate Hands OrnamentBeryl Hero's Forge Cloth Robe OrnamentSylvan Chain Arms OrnamentDread ArmguardsViridian Hero's Forge Plate Wrist OrnamentFreedom of ThoughtFreedom of AlacrityMul's Filthy Stud

Updated Quest: The Battle for Rivervale

Updated Recipes: Ornate Electrum Chain SleevesSmall Ornate Electrum SleevesDried Shark Fin

Updated Bestiary: a rotwood saplingDragoneatera Stone Hive warriora hedge devilGhrek SquatnotA Ry`Gorr HerbalistCook MulPolluter Slaunka corrupted devourera wild naeyaan ivyscale slithererHigh Guard Strakiva snow cougarZarinarna courieran ornate chest (Chapterhouse raid)


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