January 25, 2013

Here are some Friday night updates for you. Enjoy your weekend!

New Item: Distorted Sleeves of Carnage

New Bestiary: a reward chestMolarImpacted Molara dessicated saporlingan aggressive vinemawa tanglefoot flowera drop of sapa campfirean ant soldieran aggressive anta mantrapa spore cloudNest ProtectorYioana fearwing huntera scavenging mine rata failed contestanta mine overlorda sticky slimeChroms Treasure ChestChroma diamond goleman amethyst golema ruby golema sapphire goleman emerald goleman onyx golemBelmoore BigdiggerGriznab Finkledink

New Recipes: Unfired Rod of the Ruined OrnamentFear Jewel of EnduranceFear Jewel of LifeFear Jewel of ManaInstant Beverage Brewer (Recharge - Recharging Kit)Instant Beverage Brewer (Recharge - Toolbox)Distorted Sleeves of CarnageDistorted Sleeves of CarnageTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of BelowTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of DecayTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of HateTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of MalignancyTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of StormsTranscendent Penetrating Symbol of Terror

Updated Items: Elaborate Defiant RapierHorse MeatAviak Pull AlongBixie Evolution Page 1Chrom's Hardened HeartTreant FlowerGelatinous LemniscateFear Touched LeggingsPolymorph Wand: Flood TelmiraGem of StructureGem of ResilienceGem of PainGem of LifeGem of DestructionFear Infused CharcoalGreater DreadmoteGlowing DreadmoteMedian DreadmotePetrified MaskShard Spattered CordLiquid Crystal MaskJom'AgurdMark of MourningScavenger Head

Updated Quests: The Seeding FrenzyScent of a WomanFire in the HoleKill the HatchlingsThe First CorruptionConvorteum Event #1: The GatekeeperConvorteum Event #2: The Stone WardenConvorteum Event #3: Unstable CreationConvorteum Event #5: The Hall of RecordsConvorteum Event #6: Magus SistersZeixshi-Kar #3: The SacrificeEvantil: Heart of the OakFind the Gems... Or Die!A Desperate Summoning

Updated Recipes: Tick Tock Fear BombTick Tock Blast BombTerror Steamblade

Updated Bestiary: Byzar BloodforgeReurhof GnawbonesVark ScrapseaterSpore Collector KerodMineralist DekReguloid KoryxThe First CreationKilrek the CleanerCalysstaSyranaMorthiraThe GatekeeperThe Stone WardenUnstable CreationBorzalothSelistrasFeonyssTheriasDaphrisa bridge guardianPincerpesta snow bunnya decomposing massa fetid massa putrid massan ornate chest (Find the Gems... Or Die!)a treasure chest

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Digging for DragonsAchievement: Don't Fear the Destroyer Time TrialAchievement: Don't Fear the Destroyer Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: No Mez For You!Achievement: Fungal Bloom Time TrialAchievement: Fungal Bloom Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Dependable AllyAchievement: Scent of a Woman Time TrialAchievement: Scent of a Woman Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Clockwork ApocalypseAchievement: Tasnise Underbelly Time TrialAchievement: Tasnise Underbelly Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Alphabet GoopAchievement: The Silent Schism Time TrialAchievement: The Silent Schism Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Burn the HereticsAchievement: To Serve Sporali Time TrialAchievement: To Serve Sporali Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Tilling the SoilAchievement: The Search for Saunk Time TrialAchievement: The Search for Saunk Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Shades of ExtremismAchievement: Bonfire of the Adherents Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Celebrity RoastAchievement: Seeding Frenzy Time TrialAchievement: Seeding Frenzy Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Gem CollectorAchievement: Kill the Hatchlings Time TrialAchievement: Kill the Hatchlings Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Golem HookyAchievement: Fire in the Hole Time TrialAchievement: Fire in the Hole Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Slaughter is as Slaughter DoesAchievement: The First Corruption Time TrialAchievement: The First Corruption Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: We Interrupt the Following SpellcastAchievement: I Am The Keymaster!Achievement: Price of PerfectionAchievement: Army of One (Underfoot)Achievement: Army of TwoAchievement: You and Whose Army?Achievement: ResistanceAchievement: SuppressionAchievement: Crowd ControlAchievement: LockdownAchievement: GatekeeperAchievement: One Must StandAchievement: Two's a PartyAchievement: A Little Help From My Friends (Underfoot)Achievement: Make Them WatchAchievement: Half SistersAchievement: Slumber PartyAchievement: Take It To The BridgeAchievement: A Bridge Two FarAchievement: Fire Under The BridgeAchievement: Grand SlamAchievement: Bonfire of the Adherents Time Trial


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