January 22, 2013

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Regal Autoactuated HelmRegal Metalofiber CapRegal Servolinked HelmRegal Autoactuated GlovesRegal Metalofiber GlovesRegal Servolinked GlovesRegal Autoactuated ArmbandRegal Metalofiber ArmbandRegal Servolinked ArmbandRegal Autoactuated SleevesRegal Servolinked SleevesRegal Autoactuated BootsRegal Servolinked BootsRegal Autoactuated GreavesRegal Metalofiber BreechesRegal Servolinked GreavesRegal Autoactuated CuirassRegal Servolinked CuirassRegal Moonglade HelmRegal Moonglade GlovesRegal Moonglade SleevesRegal Moonglade BootsRegal Moonglade CuirassRegal Moonglade ArmbandReplenishing Body 9 Benefit

New Recipes: Regal Charm of Derived CorruptionRegal Charm of Derived CorruptionRegal Charm of Spiritual CorruptionRegal Charm of Spiritual CorruptionRegal Moonglade ArmbandRegal Moonglade BootsRegal Moonglade CuirassRegal Moonglade GlovesRegal Moonglade HelmRegal Moonglade Sleeves

New Bestiary: Grelleth, her Majesty the QueenAin KavusRelco FinnSherri GanesReena KedsonTuroLelroLelriWuranZurelKotulTuro`s RemainsLelro`s RemainsLelri`s RemainsWuran`s RemainsZurel`s Remainsa reanimated servanta palace guardan assassinan oashim swarmlinga priest of decayan elite soldier

Updated Items: Cekenar's ClawChipped Feymetal Mining PickA Tentacle Terror Barb

Updated Quests: Elder Gelok's SuppliesAkins #3 - Dead Wood: The Shambling MoundsThe Queen's DecreeThe Battle for RivervaleThe Return of King Xorbb

Updated Recipe: Befouled Leather Skullcap Template

Updated Bestiary: Kizrak the Tyranta hollow terroran icy leechCekenarJorlleaga pile of refuse


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