January 21, 2013

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Helmet of the CrawlerShining Metallic PantaloonsCloak of Enhancement XVIIIMalignant Visage of the AvatarTrophy: H.Str 20 + ATK cap 20

New Quest: Spiritstone of the Feerott

New Recipes: Small Piece of Opal High Quality SteelSmall Piece of Golden High Quality Steel

Updated Items: Dread LeggingsGreater DreadmoteTainted LoamTerror's JujuConcentrated Grade AA Nigriventer VenomBonded LoamStale DelphiniumFine Animal PeltGrelleth's Royal SealSmall Piece of Golden High Quality SteelSmall Piece of Opal High Quality SteelKangon HideFeather BunchUnknown EssenceVenom-Soaked Spider FangPerfect Rhinoceros HornOversized RingFluffy White FurManticore VenomFear-Infused RubyElemental Ice EssenceGhostly EctoplasmDreadstoneFlawless Walrus TuskCrafted Axe ComponentsNightmare FilmFirecrafter's Arm ShieldsBranded Servant's RemindersChain Tunic of PestilenceFrostchain Gloves of the StalkerEllithia's Hot HandwrapsHanging Gong of WarningThe Matriarch's Hunting VestBlunder BlockersCommunal GlovesVoidwielding GlovesEvening TunicChain WrapsFrigid MittensHasteful Chain TreadsHammer of RespiteHammer of AdjournmentNaturebound StaffSoulfed Green Legion LifestoneSpiritstone of the FeerottSpiritstone of the BanishedHelmet of the CrawlerBrazen Barricade

Updated Quests: The Realm of Heroes -- OggokBreakdown in Communication #1: QinimiAchievement: Graduate of Crescent Reach

Updated Recipes: Shaped Bazu Bone Compound Bow (sinew)Rough Bazu Bone 1-Cam Bow (sinew)

Updated Bestiary: BlugurgGrishna VriensaSayec KellyeCommander LisayPyrebeakBallya pile of refusea chest (Valley of King Xorbb Event #1)a chest (The Battle for Rivervale)


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