January 10, 2013

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Prime VambracesKronoNgreth's Pauldrons of PainAbsor's Gauntlets of MightCekenar's ClawAccursed Grin of MalevolenceMetamorph Totem: White WerewolfAccursed Grin of Malevolence

New Bestiary: a hungry predatora hungry predator

New Recipes: Regal Stargazer ArmbandRegal Stargazer BootsRegal Stargazer BreechesRegal Stargazer CapRegal Stargazer GlovesRegal Stargazer RobeRegal Stargazer SleevesRegal Starglow ArmbandRegal Starglow BreechesRegal Starglow CapRegal Starglow GlovesRegal Starglow RobesRegal Infused Ragged CutlassRegal Uninfused Ragged CutlassCLASS 3 Ceramic Silver Tip Arrow (large nock)CLASS 3 Ceramic Silver Tip Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 3 Ceramic Silver Tip Arrow (small nock)Archer's Bane XVIIUnfired Regal Large Blade Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Blade Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Metal Wrap Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Small Hilt Casting MoldUnfired Regal Large Hilt Casting MoldUnfired Regal Small Blade Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Mace Head Shaped MoldUnfired Extravagant Blade Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Ulak Blade Shaped MoldScorched BarbsScorched StudsScorched Chain Coif TemplateHeavy Tailored Flawless SackHeavy Tailored Flawless Tool BeltHeavy Tailored Flawless Belt PouchHeavy Tailored Flawless RucksackHeavy Tailored Flawless SatchelHeavy Tailored Flawless HaversackHeavy Tailored Flawless BagHeavy Tailored Flawless BackpackHeavy Tailored Flawless PackHeavy Tailored Supreme Orange BackpackHeavy Tailored Supreme Orange PackHeavy Tailored Flawless Orange Pack

Updated Zones: Grelleth's Palace, Chateau of FilthChapterhouse of the FallenEvantil, the Vile OakBreeding GroundsValley of King Xorbb

Updated Items: Fear Stained LeggingsDread Touched ArmguardsScroll: Thricewoven Mana Rk. IIScroll: Telanaga Rk. IIScroll: Self-Destruction Rk. IIScroll: Gosik's Fire Rk. IIScroll: Tamagrist Torrent Rk. IIScroll: Ethereal Incandescence Rk. IIScroll: Claw of the Icewing Rk. IIEllyra's Dagger of RevengeDread HelmDread Tunic

Updated Quest: ROF Rank II Level 100 Spells: Glowing Dreadmote

Updated Bestiary: a clay monolithCook MulDagarn the DestroyerVulak`Aerr

Updated Recipes: Elven Chainmail LeggingsHateful Acrylia-Bladed WakizashiHateful Polished Obsidian ShardHateful Sceptre of the ObserversHateful Darkly Pulsing OrbFearful Polished Obsidian ShardHateful Glyphed FalchionHateful Honed Blade of the YkeshaVarnished Wooden CrookCLASS 7 Drakebone Drakespike Arrow (small nock)Formed Suspension of Flame IXCLASS 6 Steel Drakespike Arrow (small nock)Eminent Reaching Symbol of GrowthBasic Suspension of Slime XIVCLASS 5 Drakebone Drakespike Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 7 Steel Drakespike Arrow (small nock)


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