January 8, 2013

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Fearlinked Chain Chest Seal of the ChancellorFearlinked Plate Boot Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Plate Helm Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Plate Chest Seal of the DuelistFearlinked Plate Glove Seal of the CutpurseFearlinked Plate Sleeve Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Plate Leg Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Chain Chest Seal of the ChampionFlesh Sewn BandThe Sword of WarFrenzy of Conquest II 1 BenefitKolumejalimaBoots of QuicknessScorched Mithril BladeSkull-Embroidered LeggingsThunder's SoulFreedom of the PowerWoven Barathea RobeGrimling Archmage's NoseringStaghorn Two Handed SwordPearl of PrexusTurquoise Flame OrbChampion of JusticeThistlebladeAll Purpose GlazeToiled EarringVial of Suspended ManaTrophy: Twinspells 1 + Heroic INT 20 + WIS 20Trophy: Offense 5 + H.Str 20Effusion of Saryrn XVIIEffusion of Fennin XVIISummoned: Imperious Servant IIEffusion of E'ci XVIIEffusion of Druzzil XVIIEffusion of Bertoxxulous XVIIDistillate of Immunization XVIIDistillate of Regeneration XVIIDistillate of Antidote XVIIAriadne's ThreadIcy GraspSash of Seeping AwarenessBeryl Hero's Forge Cloth Robe OrnamentUnfired Regal Ulak Blade Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Metal Wrap Shaped MoldUnfired Regal Blade Shaped Mold

New Bestiary: a hungry terrorwinga vicious terrorwingTuuak

New Achievements: Achievement: None Shall PassAchievement: Multi-FacetedAchievement: A Little Help From My FriendsAchievement: A Kinder Gentler MurdererAchievement: Regular SleuthsAchievement: Impressively BadAchievement: Suffer No TraitorsAchievement: Free FiveAchievement: Crystals Are Not ForeverAchievement: Boulder BasherAchievement: Avoiding ExplosivesAchievement: Orc PreservationAchievement: Can't Touch ThatAchievement: Mass Crystal ConsumptionAchievement: The Angry GiantAchievement: Curing the CorruptedAchievement: Fire FleerAchievement: The Cursed Cannot LiveAchievement: Scales of StoneAchievement: Any Two Forms Will DoAchievement: The Scales of VelishanAchievement: Sneeze GuardianAchievement: UntrappableAchievement: Fire MasterAchievement: Never Back DownAchievement: Regular CharmerAchievement: Flying a KiteAchievement: Unwilling to SacrificeAchievement: Keep Your Corpses AfloatAchievement: The Ultimate SacrificeAchievement: Whip It GoodAchievement: Flame ResistantAchievement: Time of DeathAchievement: Stop, Drop, and RollAchievement: Whip It!Achievement: Perfectly ColdAchievement: Remains of the DayAchievement: It Burns!Achievement: Avert Your GazeAchievement: Mirror, MirrorAchievement: Procrastinators Unite

New Recipes: Distillate of Divine Healing XVIIDistillate of Health XVIIDistillate of Replenishment XVIIDistillate of Antidote XVIIDistillate of Comprehension XVIIDistillate of Immunization XVIIDistillate of Regeneration XVIIDistillate of Skinspikes XVIIEffusion of Bertoxxulous XVIIEffusion of Druzzil XVIIEffusion of E'ci XVIIEffusion of Fennin XVIIEffusion of Saryrn XVIIA Vial of Brain FluidFearlinked Chain Chest Seal of the ChampionFearlinked Plate Boot Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Plate Helm Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Plate Leg Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Plate Sleeve Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Plate Chest Seal of the DuelistFearlinked Plate Glove Seal of the CutpurseFearlinked Chain Chest Seal of the ChancellorRegal Vah Anima ArmbandRegal Vah Anima BootsRegal Vah Anima CuirassRegal Vah Anima GlovesRegal Vah Anima GreavesRegal Vah Anima HelmRegal Vah Anima SleevesRegal Shadowrise ArmbandRegal Shadowrise BootsRegal Shadowrise CuirassRegal Shadowrise GlovesRegal Shadowrise GreavesRegal Shadowrise HelmRegal Shadowrise SleevesRegal Runeseeker ArmbandRegal Runeseeker BootsRegal Runeseeker CuirassRegal Runeseeker GlovesRegal Runeseeker GreavesRegal Runeseeker HelmRegal Runeseeker SleevesRegal Crystalskin ArmbandRegal Crystalskin BootsRegal Crystalskin CuirassRegal Crystalskin GlovesRegal Crystalskin GreavesRegal Crystalskin HelmRegal Crystalskin SleevesRegal Sagacious ArmbandRegal Sagacious BootsRegal Sagacious CuirassRegal Sagacious GlovesRegal Sagacious GreavesRegal Sagacious HelmRegal Sagacious Sleeves

Updated Items: Dread BracerCooling PadWar Weilded GrotesqueCrystalized ScreamA Vial of Brain FluidDagger of Spectral DisruptionAccursed Grin of MalevolenceFear Stained TunicFlame Etched DaggerSteaming WaterTasset of the UnderworldDrake TalonA Chetari Brain

Updated Quests: Tacvi Event: Tunat`Muram Cuu VauaxSafe PassageBreeding Grounds #1: A Chilling RescueBreeding Grounds #2: Treading LightlyBreeding Grounds #3: Eggs As BaitEvantil #1: Fun With FungusEvantil #2: What A MessEvantil #3: Forbidden FruitEvantil #4: Searching for a CureThe Queen's DecreeCorrupted Temple Event: Lord KreizennThe AmuletThe Dragon Whisperer

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Assistant Researcher's SymbolAchievement: Conqueror of the Corrupted Temple of VeeshanAchievement: Conqueror of Shard's LandingAchievement: Conqueror of East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's AwakeningAchievement: Conqueror of the Crystal Caverns: Fragment of FearAchievement: Conqueror of Kael Drakkel: The King's MadnessAchievement: Conqueror of The Breeding GroundsAchievement: Conqueror of Evantil, the Live OakAchievement: Conqueror of Grelleth's Palace, the Chateau of FilthAchievement: Conqueror of the Chapterhouse of the FallenAchievement: Conqueror of the Valley of King Xorbb

Updated Bestiary: a large zelniaka Grelian bonebreakerPizmip NobbletodGaruf OdenburghDoljek the InsaneThe Avatar of WarRotblade KlondaHigh Priest Syltetzalvekan ornate chest (Chapterhouse raid)a Chetari deathbendera Chetari scavengera Chetari seekera halfling excavatora fruit hoarding apea goral leafjumpera disgraced paladin of Marra filthy ratGulta the FilthyLelriLelroan ornate chest (Find the Gems... Or Die!)Lord KreizennVulak`Aerra pile of refuseLord YelinakZalikor, Devourer of Dragons


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