January 7, 2013

Here is another round of updates for you:

New Items: Regal Ulak Blade Shaped MoldRegal Metal Wrap Shaped MoldRegal Blade Shaped MoldRegal HandleRegal Long HaftRegal Shadowrise HelmRegal Shadowrise ArmbandRegal Shadowrise SleevesRegal Shadowrise BootsRegal Shadowrise GreavesDoljek's Mantle of Ghost ThornsTonic of Regeneration Affinity XITonic of Distance Affinity XIAccursed Grin of MalevolenceRegal Starglow BreechesEthereal Crown of DespairDistorted Sleeves of the AssassinPhathom's Bracer of VigorDistillate of Comprehension XVII

New Recipes: Regal Stonetooth ArmbandRegal Stonetooth BootsRegal Stonetooth CuirassRegal Stonetooth GlovesRegal Stonetooth GreavesRegal Stonetooth HelmRegal Stonetooth SleevesRegal Crystalscale ArmbandRegal Crystalscale BootsRegal Crystalscale CuirassRegal Crystalscale GlovesRegal Crystalscale HelmRegal Crystalscale SleevesRegal Khala Vir ArmbandRegal Khala Vir BootsRegal Khala Vir CuirassRegal Khala Vir GlovesRegal Khala Vir GreavesRegal Khala Vir HelmRegal Khala Vir SleevesCelebration BubblyLucky Lizard LiverGrilled Planar Goo StewGrilled Planar Goo JerkyGrilled Planar Goo SoupGrilled Planar Goo SteaksGrilled Planar Goo SouffleBarbequed Planar Goo SoupSoloist Planar Ceramic ClayUnfired Soloist Planar Chest SealUnfired Soloist Planar Glove SealUnfired Soloist Planar Helm SealUnfired Soloist Planar Legging SealUnfired Soloist Planar Sleeve SealUnfired Soloist Planar Wrist SealUnfired Soloist Planar Boot SealRotting FeastDistorted Sleeves of the AssassinDistorted Sleeves of the AssassinRegal Crystalscale GreavesRegal Leatherfoot ArmbandRegal Leatherfoot BootsRegal Leatherfoot CuirassRegal Leatherfoot GlovesRegal Leatherfoot GreavesRegal Leatherfoot HelmRegal Leatherfoot SleevesRegal Ravager ArmbandRegal Ravager BootsRegal Ravager CuirassRegal Ravager GlovesRegal Ravager GreavesRegal Ravager HelmRegal Ravager SleevesRegal Stormguard ArmbandRegal Stormguard BootsRegal Stormguard CuirassRegal Stormguard GlovesRegal Stormguard GreavesRegal Stormguard HelmRegal Stormguard SleevesRegal Claviger ArmbandRegal Claviger BootsRegal Claviger CuirassRegal Claviger GlovesRegal Claviger GreavesRegal Claviger HelmRegal Claviger SleevesRegal Wealdstone ArmbandRegal Wealdstone BootsRegal Wealdstone CuirassRegal Wealdstone GlovesRegal Wealdstone GreavesRegal Wealdstone HelmRegal Wealdstone SleevesRegal Wirewood ArmbandRegal Wirewood BootsRegal Wirewood CuirassRegal Wirewood GlovesRegal Wirewood GreavesRegal Wirewood HelmRegal Wirewood SleevesRegal Warborn CuirassRegal Warborn GlovesRegal Nightkeeper ArmbandRegal Nightkeeper BootsRegal Nightkeeper CuirassRegal Nightkeeper GlovesRegal Nightkeeper GreavesRegal Nightkeeper HelmRegal Nightkeeper Sleeves

Updated Items: Rough Soldier's Ear StudRough Soldier's RingRough Soldier's BandRough Soldier's EarringRough Scryer's Ear StudRough Scryer's RingRough Scryer's EarringRough Scryer's BandCarefully Weighted Brass Pinion Model LXDread Touched HelmTome: Unbroken Affirmation Rk. IIScroll: Mark of the Exemplar Rk. IIScroll: Reinvigorating Steel Rk. IIScroll: Wave of Sorrow Rk. IIScroll: Sorrow Rk. IIScroll: Brell's Steadfast Bulwark Rk. IIBeldron's Vambraces of ImpietyDread GlovesMeager Dark Fear ShardMedal of HonorWard BreakerRotting FeastFear Stained GlovesSpell: Tenuous Darkness Rk. IIBlock of Luminescent Weapon Grade OreSmudged Runic Numen PlaqueSooty Numen PlaqueSmudged Rough Numen PlaqueSpell: Murkmist Guard Rk. IISoloist Planar Ceramic ClayDistillate of Skinspikes XVIIScroll: Itkari's Swift Deconstruction Rk. IIWarlord's Bane XVIIILeather Tunic of the HarbingersLeather Sleeves of the HarbingersLeather Pants of the HarbingersLeather Gloves of the HarbingersLeather Cap of the HarbingersLeather Bracer of the HarbingersLeather Boots of the HarbingersIntricate Robe of the HarbingersDevious Robe of the HarbingersDarkened Robe of the HarbingersAncient Robe of the HarbingersRingmail Sleeves of the HarbingersRingmail Leggings of the HarbingersRingmail Gloves of the HarbingersRingmail Coif of the HarbingersRingmail Coat of the HarbingersRingmail Bracer of the HarbingersRingmail Boots of the HarbingersIron Vambraces of the HarbingersIron Helm of the HarbingersIron Greaves of the HarbingersIron Gloves of the HarbingersIron Chestplate of the HarbingersIron Bracer of the HarbingersIron Boots of the HarbingersSkysilk Robe of the HarbingersSimple Robe of the HarbingersSeafall Robe of the HarbingersLucky Lizard LiverCelebration BubblyChocolate Planar Pie

Updated Quests: Temple BlanketsCleric Epic 1.5: Harmony of the SoulAccess to Asylum of AnguishShards of Fear (AKA ROF Pre-Launch: Fear Shard Collection)ROF Rank II Level 99 Spells: Greater DreadmoteGrelleth's #1: Rise of the SwinetorGrelleth's #2: Dirty TacticsGrelleth's #3: Double TroubleGrelleth's #4: Halt of DecayGrelleth's #5: Raw AggressionGrelleth's #6: The Art of WarCorrupted Temple Event: CekenarCorrupted Temple Event: JorlleagCorrupted Temple Event: Lady NevederiaCorrupted Temple Event: Lord FeshlakCorrupted Temple Event: SevalakCorrupted Temple Event: Zlexak

Updated Recipes: Regal Stonetooth ArmbandRegal Stonetooth BootsRegal Stonetooth CuirassRegal Stonetooth Gloves

Updated Bestiary: a burning book dervishZalifurMaster Hunter JilareMindseepa ruthless overseera Ry`Gorr oraclea fey uniterKlaggan IceshardVorken IceshardGorvna the JailerKelmur the QuartermasterPulq the Beastmastera pile of dragon bonesan ornate chest (Velishan's Revenge)JorlleagLady NevederiaSevalakZlexakan old chest (Run, You Fools!)


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