January 6, 2013

A very good Sunday evening to you!

New Items: Necklace of ZalifurRegal Dreadguard GlovesRegal Dreadguard GreavesRegal Dreadguard BootsRegal Nightfall ArmbandRegal Dreadguard HelmRegal Dreadguard GlovesRegal Dreadguard SleevesRegal Dreadguard ArmbandSilent Treatment

New Bestiary: Zalikor, Devourer of Dragons

New Recipes: CLASS 3 Ceramic Serrated Tip Arrow (large nock)CLASS 3 Ceramic Serrated Tip Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 3 Ceramic Serrated Tip Arrow (small nock)Regal Daybreaker ArmbandRegal Daybreaker BootsRegal Daybreaker CuirassRegal Daybreaker GlovesRegal Daybreaker GreavesRegal Daybreaker HelmRegal Daybreaker SleevesRegal Lightring ArmbandRegal Lightring BootsRegal Lightring CuirassRegal Lightring GlovesRegal Lightring GreavesRegal Lightring HelmRegal Lightring SleevesRegal Stalwart ArmbandRegal Stalwart BootsRegal Stalwart CuirassRegal Stalwart GlovesRegal Stalwart GreavesRegal Stalwart HelmRegal Stalwart SleevesRegal Khala Dun ArmbandRegal Khala Dun BootsRegal Khala Dun CuirassRegal Khala Dun GlovesRegal Khala Dun GreavesRegal Khala Dun HelmRegal Khala Dun SleevesRegal Dreadguard ArmbandRegal Dreadguard BootsRegal Dreadguard CuirassRegal Dreadguard GlovesRegal Dreadguard GreavesRegal Dreadguard HelmRegal Dreadguard SleevesRegal Nightfall ArmbandRegal Wayguard ArmbandRegal Wayguard Gloves

New Achievements: Achievement: Dedicated Harbinger of FashionAchievement: RuthlessAchievement: We Got This!Achievement: Targeted StrikeAchievement: Bladed ContrarianAchievement: Special InvestigatorsAchievement: CowardsAchievement: Killer of Tiny TerrorsAchievement: Confronting Your Fears: Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Destroyer of FearAchievement: Free ThreeAchievement: Defeat Zeixshi-Kar: Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Neverlasting FearAchievement: The Force of FearAchievement: HorrificAchievement: Dreadstone, SchmedstoneAchievement: Danela's Stand: Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Self Sufficient MinerAchievement: Suppressive FearAchievement: A Just SentenceAchievement: A Swift ExecutionAchievement: Death to All TraitorsAchievement: Quickly Crush the ColdainAchievement: Winners Are LosersAchievement: I Ain't Afraid of No Figments!Achievement: Don't Be a RatAchievement: The Rise of the Ancients: Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Dracolich SlayerAchievement: Ignoring the AurasAchievement: Aura BorealisAchievement: Whelp SlaughterAchievement: Goral KillerAchievement: Fear Not: Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: HumanitarianAchievement: Sneeze GuardAchievement: Heart of the Oak: Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Fire MakerAchievement: I'm a Pool for YouAchievement: The Mechaniations of Kotul: Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: Blow Your House DownAchievement: No More Rats!Achievement: Persistent GuardiansAchievement: Temper TantrumAchievement: Run, You Fools!: Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: By the Power of Dead SkullsAchievement: PlaguebornAchievement: Let It Burn!Achievement: Out of Body ExperienceAchievement: Avoiding the Wraith's WrathAchievement: Punishment Fit for a LordAchievement: Subjugating the SubjugatorsAchievement: Crushing the ConquerorsAchievement: Killers of GodsAchievement: Supreme Golem KillerAchievement: Don't Look Now!Achievement: Test Your ReflectsAchievement: Winning Through ProcrastinationAchievement: Spare the DamnedAchievement: Find the Gems... or Die!: Challenge of ToughnessAchievement: So Very Careful

Updated Items: Tainted Dragon FleshFear FungiA Snow TurnipPainting: Rain of FearIdol of Cazic ThulePainting: Shard's LandingHarbinger's StaffThulian Bracelet of the Severed HandBracelet of the Severed HandHolgresh House PetContract of the FallenContract of the Apparitional AlaranHolgresh Metamorph TotemHero's Ear Stud of the SummonerVisage of the WildTainted CaladiumCLASS 3 Ceramic Serrated Tip ArrowCLASS 3 Ceramic Serrated Tip ArrowCLASS 3 Ceramic Serrated Tip ArrowTitanium OreOne View VisorBefouled Spinneret FluidSimple Sandpaper6 Knot Measuring StringCoarse SandpaperFine SandpaperSuperior SandpaperExceptional SandpaperExquisite SandpaperRecurve Bow DiagramExtravagant Recurve Bow DiagramsFantastic Sandpaper5 Knot Measuring StringRough Sandpaper4 Knot Measuring String3 Knot Measuring String2 Knot Measuring StringQuiverSmall Groove NocksMedium Groove NocksLarge Groove NocksSet of Bone Arrow VanesSet of Ceramic Arrow VanesSet of Wooden Arrow VanesSeveral Parabolic Cut FletchingsSeveral Shield Cut FletchingsBundled Steel Arrow ShaftsBundled Bone Arrow ShaftsBundled Wooden Arrow ShaftsSeveral Round Cut FletchingsBundled Ceramic Arrow ShaftsHooked ArrowheadsField Point ArrowheadsSilver Tipped ArrowheadsArrowLongbowSpinning Orb of ConfusionFear Corrupted Phase Spider Metamorph TotemFlawed Soldier's EarringPlanar GooFear Fruit SeedsFright StoneAderirse BurTreant FlowerBlue DiamondDiamondImmaculate OleanderImmaculate LaburnumVisage of the Wild

Updated Quests: White SashAdventure in the Mistmoore CatacombsCiodaru and Kathryn #6: Ciodaru's Fourth GiftBreeding Grounds #3: Eggs As BaitPoisoning the Food SupplyA Desperate SummoningThe Long Lost Puppet

Updated Recipes: Cosgrove AmalgamRegal Crystalwing Sleeves

Updated Bestiary: Merchant NeaienAlania PeaceheartFaelin Bloodbriara large widow hatchlingFaerik WindrunnerAn Arborean Eldera shadowed mana shadowed man petBasher Nkektaa Large Forest CrawlerRockspineHigh Guard StavusHigh Guard Verichitek peta fear howlerFalmoniusa hungry fear blossoma tainted saplinga treasure chest (The Rise of the Ancients)Wevek Redforgea fearlingThe Necromantic ExperimentHorrorDanela IcewindKlaggan IceshardVorken IceshardKing Tormax


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