January 3, 2013

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Boots of the Dead DreamElidroth's Battle HelmetMetamorph Totem: Steamwork FixerShadow Web ShawlTrophy: Archery 5 + 50 spell damage + H.Dex 20

New Bestiary: The Necromantic ExperimentKotulWuran

New Recipes: CLASS 3 Ceramic Discord Tip Arrow (large nock)CLASS 3 Ceramic Discord Tip Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 3 Ceramic Discord Tip Arrow (small nock)

Updated Items: A Slime-Filled JarThe Blessed Guise of DoranurFrothing Fanged BeltEnforcer's Leather BeltKreztik's PresageGlowing EmbersSong: Wave of Quietude Rk. IISong: Arcane Hymn Rk. IIScroll: Shield of Nettlespines Rk. IISong: Lullaby of the Forsaken Rk. IISong: Kaficus' Song of Suffering Rk. IIIElegist's Boots of the HushedCracked Gnaga MaskGemmed Bauta MaskPit Boss' ReachDread Touched TunicTrophy of MarnekDread LeggingsDread ArmguardsHorse MeatTicking CompanionTitle of the Earth WardenRowdy Rock DispenserLight Wedding Chapel PackDark Wedding Chapel PackFae-Touched GnomeGeerlok Party BotFlittering WingsPanpipes of the DancerPanar's CollarCit Chac's CollarBristlebane Party PopperEverburning EmberBlack Wolf FigurineJennifer's Lost LocketSarah's Lost LocketOld Metal ButtonFrozen Crystal ShardReeyore's TailIcicle's CollarSnappy's ClawGoblin Skull FetishLongbow of the Ocean OrnamentGuard of the Ocean OrnamentClaws of the Ocean OrnamentTrident of the Ocean OrnamentShiv of the Ocean OrnamentTwinblade of the Ocean OrnamentMaul of the Ocean OrnamentSword of the Ocean OrnamentMace of the Ocean OrnamentDreamcatcher NimbusMorrel Thule Lance OrnamentationTerris Thule Dagger OrnamentationPalm of Quellious OrnamentationInnoruuk Dagger OrnamentationTitle of the Green ThumbBristlebane Rod OrnamentationTunare Bow OrnamentationForgeborn Bow OrnamentForgeborn Shield OrnamentForgeborn Knuckles OrnamentForgeborn Spear OrnamentForgeborn Dagger OrnamentForgeborn Great Blade OrnamentForgeborn Blade OrnamentForgeborn Stave OrnamentForgeborn Mace OrnamentVampire Shield OrnamentVampire Spikefist OrnamentVampire Spear OrnamentVampire Dagger OrnamentTitle of the GluttonTitle of the HauntedTitle of the Stone BreakerTitle of the Lion TamerTitle of the HuntVampire Great Blade OrnamentVampire Blade OrnamentVampire Great Hammer OrnamentThe Murderer's HeartEye of KlondaShadowmane Necklace of the ArcaneFear Touched TunicCharged Coal

Updated Quests: Elder Longshadow #4: Trailing LongshadowDemiplane Tier 3: The MasterZalikor's LairElementally Schooled Shard Experiences

Updated Achievements: Achievement: It's a Frog Eat Frog WorldAchievement: Rrrribit!Achievement: Armadilloed and DangerousAchievement: Of Micelike MenAchievement: Badger, Badger, Badger...Achievement: Featherbrained PlanAchievement: The Elephant in the RoomAchievement: Overthere in the Wastes

Updated Bestiary: Founy Jestandsan orc witchdoctorTilania ShadowwalkerSarialiyn TranquilsongPuglalaShadedSharda twisted steeda drachnid informantFleurmiellean orc footmanan orc shamanan orc conscriptan orc seerSantug Clauggorc oraclea spell research merchantA Gem CollectorA Ry`Gorr EnforcerKreztikPit Boss TorgudFrothtoothWelverd Steelbairna pile of refusea soul scavengeran ornate chest (Chapterhouse raid)Lady MirenillaLord FeshlakVulak`Aerra stinky chest


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