December 29, 2012

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Barbequed Planar Goo SandwichBarbequed Planar GooBurden of TruthSpirit of HeroesFear Fragment EarringDistorted Wristguard of the TenderDistorted Gloves of the TenderDistorted Sleeves of the WardenDistorted Wristguard of the WardenDistorted Helm of the LightDistorted Leggings of the WardenDistorted Coif of the AssassinDistorted Cap of CompulsionDistorted Coat of the WardenDistorted Cowl of the TenderDistorted Coat of the AssassinDistorted Cowl of the UnwaveringDistorted Leggings of the TenderDistorted Wristguard of the UnwaveringDistorted Gloves of the UnwaveringDistorted Sleeves of the ConjurorDistorted Robe of the Frozen FlameDistorted Gauntlets of CarnageDistorted Sleeves of the Frozen FlameDistorted Sandals of the Frozen FlameDistorted Wristguard of CarnageDistorted Pants of the ExhumerDistorted Leggings of CarnageDistorted Sandals of the ExhumerDistorted Wristguard of the ExhumerDistorted Helm of the PerformerDistorted Gauntlets of the AssassinDistorted Wristguard of the AssassinDistorted Boots of the UnwaveringDistorted Boots of the AssassinDistorted Armwraps of the TenderDistorted Boots of the TenderDistorted Boots of the WardenDistorted Boots of CarnageDistorted Bracer of the Light

New Zone: Theater: The Puppet Show

New Quests: The Halfling's Heavy HeartPuppet Restoration

New Bestiary: GildaPeppoa brave knighta traitorous soldiera courtly illusionista fair maidena whimsical bard

New Recipes: Regal Infused Recurve BowRegal Recurve Bow StringRegal StaffRegal Uninfused Recurve BowBoreal Gauntlets of the LightBoreal Breastplate of the LightBoreal Coat of the WardenBoreal Boots of the TenderBoreal Cowl of the TenderBoreal Armwraps of the TenderBoreal Boots of the UnwaveringBoreal Cowl of the UnwaveringBoreal Chestwraps of the UnwaveringBoreal Helm of HavokBoreal Tunic of the TenderBoreal Gloves of the UnwaveringBoreal Sleeves of CarnageBoreal Helm of the PerformerBoreal Sandals of the Frozen FlameBoreal Robe of the Frozen FlameBoreal Cap of the Frozen FlameBoreal Boots of the PerformerBoreal Coat of the AssassinBoreal Cap of the ConjurorBoreal Boots of CarnageBoreal Greaves of the LightBoreal Gloves of the TenderBoreal Pants of CompulsionBoreal Greaves of HavokBoreal Robe of CompulsionBoreal Gloves of the ConjurorBoreal Robe of the ConjurorBoreal Wristguard of the ConjurorBoreal Wristguard of CarnageBoreal Leggings of the TenderBoreal Gloves of CompulsionBoreal Sandals of CompulsionDistorted Coif of the WardenDistorted Coif of the WardenDistorted Greaves of the LightDistorted Greaves of the LightDistorted Robe of the ConjurorDistorted Robe of the ConjurorDistorted Pants of CompulsionDistorted Pants of CompulsionDistorted Gloves of CompulsionDistorted Gloves of CompulsionDistorted Helm of HavokDistorted Helm of HavokDistorted Tunic of the TenderDistorted Tunic of the TenderDistorted Wristguard of the ConjurorDistorted Wristguard of the ConjurorDistorted Leggings of CarnageDistorted Leggings of CarnageDistorted Wristguard of CarnageDistorted Wristguard of CarnagePhantasmic Silk Sleeve Seal of the Master

Updated Items: Refurbished PuppetPuppet StringsHalfling BrainHalfling Soul

Updated Quests: Zeixshi-Kar #3: The SacrificeZeixshi-Kar #4: The Sweet Taste of RevengeThe Long Lost PuppetA Ticket to the ShowSetting the Mood

Updated Bestiary: ZairiaAlpha NaeyaA Lost SoulCompanion of the DeadXolok the BlindSir BirtonBertrand the ButcherGaldamilLamontBouncer Claude

Updated Recipes: Beer-braised Brell's Bounty SoupBeer-braised Dream Meat SteaksBeer-braised Dream Meat KabobsDried Brell's BountyDeluxe Brell's Bounty OmeletBeer-battered Freshwater Fish JerkyBeer-battered Freshwater Fish PieFreshwater Fish OmeletFreshwater Fish Omelet with CheeseDeluxe Freshwater Fish OmeletBrell's Bounty OmeletButtered Dream Meat SteaksSpiced Freshwater FishSmoked Freshwater FishButtered Freshwater FishGarlic-Buttered Freshwater FishLemon-Buttered Freshwater FishBarbequed Freshwater FishBarbequed Freshwater Fish SandwichBarbequed Freshwater Fish JerkyBarbequed Freshwater Fish StewBarbequed Freshwater Fish SoupBarbequed Freshwater Fish SouffleBarbequed Freshwater Fish SteaksBarbequed Freshwater Fish KabobsBarbequed Freshwater Fish PieBeer-braised Freshwater Fish JerkyBeer-braised Freshwater Fish KabobsBeer-braised Freshwater Fish PieBeer-braised Freshwater Fish SandwichBeer-braised Freshwater Fish SouffleBeer-braised Freshwater Fish SoupBeer-braised Freshwater Fish SteaksBeer-braised Freshwater Fish StewSpicy Planar ChiliGoo GunGoo Gun Ammunition


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