December 27, 2012

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Song: Kaficus' Insult Rk. IISong: Voice of Motlak Rk. IISong: Edoth's Chant of Frost Rk. IIBoreal Gauntlets of the PerformerBoreal Bracer of the PerformerGorget of the Bosque DefenderBanded Bone ShouldersBoreal Leggings of the AssassinBoreal Sleeves of the AssassinBoreal Gauntlets of the AssassinBoreal Wristguard of the AssassinTonic of Efficiency Affinity XIInscrutable Talisman

New Bestiary: Basher Alga

New Recipes: Scorched Chain Arms TemplateScorched Chain Belt TemplateScorched Chain Bracer TemplateScorched Chain Chestguard TemplateScorched Chain Boots TemplateScorched FillBoreal Gauntlets of the AssassinBoreal Leggings of the AssassinDistorted Leggings of the AssassinDistorted Leggings of the AssassinBoreal Sleeves of the AssassinBoreal Wristguard of the AssassinMask of the Tundra WalkerCrystal ScimitarCrystal HammerGreat Sword of BristlebaneRing of RememberanceWily Warlock BootsBoreal Bracer of the PerformerBoreal Gauntlets of the PerformerDistorted Gauntlets of the PerformerDistorted Gauntlets of the PerformerCLASS 6 Bone Drakespike Arrow (large nock)CLASS 6 Bone Drakespike Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 6 Bone Drakespike Arrow (small nock)

Updated Items: Fear Fruit SeedsDread Touched ArmguardsScroll: Promised Amelioration Rk. IIScroll: Summon Imperious Servant Rk. IIScroll: Groundswell Stance Rk. IIScroll: Infernal Skin Rk. IIScroll: Broiling Sands Rk. IIMedian DreadmoteFear Touched LeggingsWily Warlock BootsRing of RememberanceGreat Sword of BristlebaneCrystal HammerCrystal ScimitarMask of the Tundra WalkerDecorative Armor StandButter ChurnAxe of Urnva OrnamentPlanar Energy ShardElemental FluidsFright StoneSmall Glowing Fear ShardCorrupted LoamSmall Glowing Fear ShardPlanar Energy ShardRotting Sylvan's RobesBefouled MarrowThalium FillBow of Nature's Caress

Updated Quests: Deck of Spontaneous GenerationShard's #5: Conquering Your FearsShard's #6: The BelieversROF Rank II Level 98 Spells: Median DreadmoteFalmonius #3: Masters of FearKael #3: A Cure for MadnessCorrupted Temple Event: Zlexak

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Oh the Humanity!Achievement: BarbarousAchievement: Hardly Erudite of YouAchievement: Drackity DrakAchievement: Wood You Could You?Achievement: Highly UncivilizedAchievement: Dark Elf Antonican, Please!Achievement: Now .49999%Achievement: It Was Called TunariaAchievement: Suit Up!Achievement: They Call Me the RiftseekerAchievement: Terrorible TentaclesAchievement: Denizens of FearAchievement: InsatiableAchievement: You look lovelyAchievement: Goo-dness Gracious!Achievement: CubicAchievement: Gnome Tested, Steamwork Approved!Achievement: Discord Sounds Out of TuneAchievement: A Tracker's Guide to Shard's Landing

Updated Recipes: Beer-battered Dream Meat PieGrilled Dream MeatBarbequed Dream Meat StewLemon-Buttered Dream Meat SouffleGarlic-Buttered Dream Meat SoufflePlanar Energy NostrumSteamjet Pack

Updated Bestiary: Clukker The Crazya drachnid hiveleaderSplotchyTungoGrungol the EclipseSemkak Prophet of VallonVelishanan ornate chest (Kael Drakkel raid)a palace beast handlera palace scouta pollution golema wretched huntera polluted water elementalan ornate chest (Find the Gems... Or Die!)Zlexak


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