December 24, 2012

Here is a pile of updates for today. Have a very safe and happy holiday!!

New Items: Burden of TruthBarbequed Planar Goo SoupShredded ScarfBurden of TruthAura of Clarity 9 BenefitScroll: Dissolution Rk. IIFear Jewel of EnduranceFear Jewel of LifeFear Jewel of ManaFine Runic Numen PlaqueBurden of TruthBurden of TruthFrost Shard GirdleRegal Duskwoven CapRegal Duskwoven SleevesRegal Duskwoven BootsRegal Duskwoven Breeches

New Recipes: Fine Runic Numen PlaqueSpell: Ethereal Inferno Rk. II

New Bestiary: Scout Reksvelan enthralled ambushera vengeful spiritan impassive clergymana guarda forcewielderan enthralled citizenan enthralled cultivatoran enthralled directoran enthralled dredgeran enthralled edgecrafteran enthralled enforceran enthralled foremanan enthralled guardan enthralled high guard petan enthralled ironshaperan enthralled lifteran enthralled mineran enthralled sentryan enthralled smithan enthralled taskmasteran enthralled tenderan enthralled wardan enthralled ward peta devout believera pious believera stoic believera zealous believerEnvoy Daevoka citizena phantasmal fragmenta conscripted liftera conscripted tender

New Achievements: Achievement: Highly DecoratedAchievement: Doesn't Play Well With OthersAchievement: ProgressiveAchievement: Oh the Humanity!Achievement: BarbarousAchievement: Hardly Erudite of YouAchievement: Drackity DrakAchievement: Wood you could you?Achievement: Highly UncivilizedAchievement: Dark Elf Antonican, Please!Achievement: Now .49999%Achievement: It was called TunariaAchievement: Axe me no questions.Achievement: Dainy it's cold outside.Achievement: FuzzyfeetAchievement: A Clockwork GnomeAchievement: Here's Yer GrozmokAchievement: Get StupidAchievement: Icky!Achievement: Why the Kylong faces?Achievement: Good Luck, Bad GukAchievement: It's a frog eat frog worldAchievement: Rrrribit!Achievement: MoonkittyAchievement: Not a Kerran the world!Achievement: Bat Country!Achievement: Rat KillerAchievement: Armadilloed and DangerousAchievement: It Stinks!Achievement: BunnyslayerAchievement: You dirty ratman!Achievement: Of Micelike MenAchievement: Badger, Badger, Badger...Achievement: BeetlemaniaAchievement: Leechy KeenAchievement: Corathus!Achievement: Army AntsAchievement: Shoo fly!Achievement: Get the broom!Achievement: A Web of LiesAchievement: Fury of SorizAchievement: Snake in the GrassAchievement: A Bone to Pick With YouAchievement: Stake DinnerAchievement: Hide your brains!Achievement: Mummy DearestAchievement: Ghoul on the HillAchievement: Round of ApplauseAchievement: Ghosts of Frostfells PastAchievement: 50 Shades RepaidAchievement: Suit Up!Achievement: New TricksAchievement: Got your Tongue?Achievement: Featherbrained PlanAchievement: Better Get a BarrelAchievement: Bear with meAchievement: The Elephant in the RoomAchievement: Overthere in the WastesAchievement: These boots were made for...Achievement: Guess you didn't like turtles.Achievement: What has science done!?Achievement: Have you seen my bucket?Achievement: Seacow!Achievement: A molkor?Achievement: SealephantAchievement: A Horse of CourseAchievement: Plenty of fish in the sea.Achievement: Why so crabby?Achievement: Orc weapons, your blood will spill!Achievement: New FrontiersAchievement: The More You Gnoll!Achievement: World Warrens ThreeAchievement: Alliz Tae EwAchievement: Sarnak SlayerAchievement: Don't be Shellfish!Achievement: Innoruuk's GiftAchievement: A Fallen EmpireAchievement: You can call me AlaranAchievement: Re-ExtinctionAchievement: Aquatic AllureAchievement: I said Argyle!Achievement: You're not scaring anyone.Achievement: LumbererAchievement: Mushroom HuntingAchievement: Stop dragon this out.Achievement: Quit dragon your heels!Achievement: You keep dragon me into this.Achievement: A Small Giant ProblemAchievement: FairicideAchievement: For the Hive!Achievement: JumjummeryAchievement: Self CentauredAchievement: You're FaunnyAchievement: Amazing!Achievement: No VacancyAchievement: Half Man, Half Scorpion, Half LionAchievement: PuzzlingAchievement: My Golden BootsAchievement: Imp-atientAchievement: ElementaryAchievement: Spin Me Right RoundAchievement: They Call Me the RiftseekerAchievement: Terrorible TentaclesAchievement: Denizens of FearAchievement: InsatiableAchievement: You look lovelyAchievement: Eye see what you did there!Achievement: Goo-dness Gracious!Achievement: CubicAchievement: Gnome Tested, Steamwork Approved!Achievement: Discord Sounds Out of TuneAchievement: Don't Bug MeAchievement: I Hate SnakesAchievement: PesticideAchievement: We are the dead!Achievement: Strange WeatherAchievement: The ZookeeperAchievement: SwordfishmermaidAchievement: Orc Stomp!Achievement: Ugly creature near my feet...Achievement: BBBBBAAAARRRKKKK!!!!!Achievement: Puttin' On The DogAchievement: It's Alive!Achievement: Plants Concrete and StoneAchievement: Here Be Dragons!Achievement: Might They Be Giants?Achievement: Legendary CreaturesAchievement: Planes, Trains and Element-ilesAchievement: A Sight for Sore EyesAchievement: Domo ArigatoAchievement: Foreign AffairAchievement: Invaders in a Strange LandAchievement: Your god has found you lacking.Achievement: Table FlipperAchievement: I'm a People Person!Achievement: What Keeps Manking Alive?Achievement: Three letter word for dead...Achievement: Short PeopleAchievement: Simple Folk of the YkeshaAchievement: Bounced!Achievement: Mostly KunzarAchievement: Catnipped in the bud.Achievement: AmphibicideAchievement: Rats!Achievement: Eight legs are better than one!Achievement: The HoundsAchievement: The Cat's PajamasAchievement: Bird FlewAchievement: Monkey BusinessAchievement: I'm Boared!Achievement: Orc Kill!Achievement: Me thinks that you'll be good to eat!Achievement: Gnolling is Half the BattleAchievement: Kobolded the KillerAchievement: Gooooooooooooooolem!Achievement: Drawing Life From a StoneAchievement: Living Stone I presume?Achievement: HerbicideAchievement: DragonbaneAchievement: You call that a dragon?Achievement: A Giant ProblemAchievement: Shorter PeopleAchievement: Slayer of Mystical HorsesAchievement: It's Plane to SeeAchievement: Breakdown Dead AheadAchievement: Natives of VeliousAchievement: Natives of LuclinAchievement: Natives of TaelosiaAchievement: Natives of KuuaAchievement: Natives of AlarisAchievement: Such AnguishAchievement: Hero's Forge - Sylvan LeatherAchievement: Hero's Forge - Sylvan ChainAchievement: Hero's Forge - Insidious LeatherAchievement: Hero's Forge - Insidious ChainAchievement: Hero's Forge - Eternal Grove LeatherAchievement: Hero's Forge - Eternal Grove ChainAchievement: Mercenary of Shard's LandingAchievement: Partisan of Shard's LandingAchievement: Mercenary of East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's AwakeningAchievement: Partisan of East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's AwakeningAchievement: Mercenary of Crystal Caverns: Fragment of FearAchievement: Partisan of Crystal Caverns: Fragment of FearAchievement: Mercenary of Kael Drakkel: The King's MadnessAchievement: Partisan of Kael Drakkel: The King's MadnessAchievement: Mercenary of The Breeding GroundsAchievement: Partisan of The Breeding GroundsAchievement: Mercenary of Evantil, the Vile OakAchievement: Partisan of Evantil, the Vile OakAchievement: Nothing Left to FearAchievement: Chasing CazicAchievement: Cleaning Up CazicAchievement: Stalking FearAchievement: At the SourceAchievement: A Tracker's Guide to Shard's LandingAchievement: Alarans in ChainsAchievement: Fear in PiecesAchievement: Signs of MadnessAchievement: Digging for DragonsAchievement: Blessing of the IcewingAchievement: Corruption CataloguedAchievement: Life-size FossilsAchievement: The Smellier the BetterAchievement: Death is Only the BeginningAchievement: Death isn't Easily Undone

Updated Items: Split robeSacrificial TableMedallion of Cazic-ThuleDisintegrating HandCrow IdolCorpse DustBowl of EyesBlack StaffLost Symbol of MarrTyrolean GreyTelemeaSkyrMuensterHavartiEdamCrackersComteBrunostBrie BowlYoung Chetari StatueSooty Dragon ClawPreserved FlamewingLump of Lava RockLava-filled EggFossilized Whelpling WingEncrusted ChaliceEncased RubyAshen InsectAbandoned WeaponWicked TalonTendril RingPurple CoalLost Whelpling's GiftElder Fearwing HornDark ScaleCrystal LegCracked CrystalCorrupted Dragon HeartSaradroth the CleverRalagon the ProtectorPulsating IcicleForever FrostyFarewell For NowCircular ProgressChilled GemsA Glowing CupA Brother's ProtectorTable LegLead PipeKey on a ChainDefiled ScrollBeliever's Diary, Page 40Believer's Diary, Page 24Believer's Diary, Page 10Believer's Diary, Page 36Twisted ForkUnbreakable SliverTempting HeartShifting SnakeIntact CrystalChunkCorrupted CorePurple ShardRed ShardForge HammerVibrant LeavesTattered PillowMiner's PickGlass FlaskGladiator's ShivFrayed WhipRusty ShacklesFrostcoat Hoof PrintDeer RemainsCoralspine Footprint and coralBlighted Prowler Paw PrintClickshell SketchChild's Drawing of a RatDevourer SketchRock ShardPlainskeeper PrintsIcebeak SketchSlatescale Slither TrailVenomshell WingNaeya Paw PrintFragmented CrystalBubbling ShoulderpadsBurdensome PallDreadful VisageSinged BookShard MessageScouting ReportLost PagesImpressed ReportHalf-burned NoteDisgusted DiaryAbstruse IdolDiscarded ScrollVelious SnowballSliver of FearFear Touched GlovesSpell: Ethereal Inferno Rk. IICarapaced Barbed CinctureNematocyst PoisonNormando's Boots of InsanityJansan's Shield of CraftingDzarn's Cord of VelocityJansan's Armband of ArtistryChandrok's Robe of DarknessAristo's Earring of InsightChandrok's Mask of WarfareEllyra's Necklace of WonderAristo's Metal ArmguardsDread Touched LeggingsWindraider's BeltDragon Skin BraceletDragonspine RapierBaton of FlameTvenken's Slippers of SilenceAxe of ResistanceShield of MidnightShield of the DawnSilver Whip of RageSilver Bracelet of RageSledge of SmashingOnyx GauntletsVerlekarnorm's Horn of DisasterShiny Metallic GlovesShiny Metallic SleevesSilver DiskKreizenn's FlameDread Touched HelmDread Touched BracerBeldron's Vambraces of ImpietyStaff of the Silent StarThunderstoneGirdle of Dark PowerNevederia's HornMask of TerrorMedal of Deep ThoughtCloak of ThornsShawl of PerceptionMithril BootsMithril GauntletsRoyal Rescue PauldronsFear Touched GlovesA Model AirplaneClampsBoxRusty ScimitarExtra BootStray BoltMetal JawTorchMedian DreadmoteFear Stained LeggingsAmulet of the StormDread Touched BootsBloody Leather LoopBrazen BarricadeEarring of the IcecasterFacesmasherSilver ChainsDread Touched LeggingsDagarn's TailAncient Wurm Hide GreavesAncient Wurm Hide RobeMask of FallWhitestone ShieldRocksmasherKatana of PainDread Touched TunicDread Touched ArmguardsBlackstar, Mace of NightSilver Dagger of DestructionMeljeldin, Bane of GiantsTrident of the Deep SeaOrb of the Deep SeaHelm of the Deep SeaBracelet of the Deep SeaGreaves of the Deep SeaScroll: Shout of the Predator Rk. IIILesser DreadmoteGreater DreadmoteGlowing DreadmoteOssein CloakMace of the OasisScrap shouldersWrapping Antennae

Updated Quests: Sleepless NightsCalling PhantasmROF Rank III Level 98 Spells: Median TerrormoteGrelleth's #3: Double TroubleGrelleth's #4: Halt of DecayCorrupted Temple Event: AaryonarCorrupted Temple Event: CekenarCorrupted Temple Event: Dagarn the DestroyerCorrupted Temple Event: JorlleagCorrupted Temple Event: Lady MirenillaCorrupted Temple Event: Lady NevederiaCorrupted Temple Event: Lord FeshlakCorrupted Temple Event: Lord Koi`DokenCorrupted Temple Event: Lord KreizennCorrupted Temple Event: Lord VyemmCorrupted Temple Event: SevalakCorrupted Temple Event: ZlexakCorrupted Temple Event: Vulak`AerrAchievement: Crystal Circle Builder

Updated Bestiary: CobaltPincerpestTungoGrelleth`s War MachineThe Ant QueenFalhotep the CursedHalstor BonewalkerIxyl the ClaymasterLady JenineUrn of Howling SoulsLesser Vessel of the Phantasman enthralled high guardItzerak the Forsakena shield sustainerLesser Priest Kelvotsinola council dissidenta witnessThe Spoils of MurderAaryonarCekenarDagarn the DestroyerJorlleagLord FeshlakLord Koi`DokenLady MirenillaLady NevederiaLord FeshlakLord Koi`DokenLord KreizennLord VyemmSevalakVulak`AerrZlexak


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Thanks, Great Job all year guys and girls....Merry Christmas
Come visit my housing creations 20+ in Cedar Country Meadows, ZEK.
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