December 22, 2012

Here is another round of updates for you:

New Items: Boreal Boots of HavokSong: Slaunk's Chant of Poison Rk. IISong: Ameliorating Accelerando Rk. IISong: Echo of Salarra Rk. IISong: Resounding Barrier Rk. IISong: Silence of the Forsaken Rk. IIBurden of TruthAxe of Urnva OrnamentElaborate Sapphire Building CubeShield of the Mastrum OrnamentButter Churn

New Recipes: Unfired Kranigan's Fist OrnamentUnfired Krattk the Lion Tamer OrnamentBoreal Boots of HavokDistorted Boots of HavokDistorted Boots of HavokApocryphal Soulslaver CapApocryphal Soulslaver CapApocryphal Soulslaver SandalsApocryphal Soulslaver SandalsApocryphal Soulslaver GlovesApocryphal Soulslaver GlovesApocryphal Spiritwalker SleevesApocryphal Spiritwalker SleevesApocryphal Spiritwalker CoifApocryphal Spiritwalker CoifApocryphal Spiritwalker BootsApocryphal Spiritwalker BootsApocryphal Flameweaver RobeApocryphal Flameweaver RobeApocryphal Flameweaver PantsApocryphal Flameweaver PantsApocryphal Flameweaver SleevesApocryphal Flameweaver SleevesApocryphal Frostfire RobeApocryphal Frostfire RobeApocryphal Frostfire PantsApocryphal Frostfire PantsApocryphal Natureward CoatApocryphal Natureward CoatApocryphal Natureward LeggingsApocryphal Natureward LeggingsApocryphal Natureward SleevesApocryphal Natureward SleevesApocryphal Dragonbrood TunicApocryphal Dragonbrood TunicApocryphal Dragonbrood LeggingsApocryphal Dragonbrood LeggingsApocryphal Dragonbrood ArmwrapsApocryphal Dragonbrood ArmwrapsApocryphal Spiritwalker GauntletsApocryphal Spiritwalker GauntletsApocryphal Soulrender HelmApocryphal Soulrender HelmApocryphal Soulrender BootsApocryphal Soulrender BootsApocryphal Soulrender GauntletsApocryphal Soulrender GauntletsApocryphal Legionnaire VambracesApocryphal Legionnaire VambracesApocryphal Legionnaire HelmApocryphal Legionnaire HelmApocryphal Legionnaire BootsApocryphal Legionnaire BootsApocryphal Legionnaire GauntletsApocryphal Legionnaire GauntletsBoreal Wristguard of the DivinerDistorted Wristguard of the DivinerDistorted Wristguard of the DivinerDistorted Wristguard of the DivinerDistorted Wrist Band of the DivinerApocryphal Spiritwalker WristguardApocryphal Spiritwalker WristguardApocryphal Spiritwalker WristguardApocryphal Spiritwalker Wrist Band

Updated Items: Fresh FishRy`Gorrian ToothfishHalfling SoulFear Stained BracerUnfired Krattk the Lion Tamer OrnamentUnfired Kranigan's Fist OrnamentSnake Tooth SandalsFigment Scale BeltFear Touched BootsFear Touched TunicRorce's Spike of Frenzied SwingsLiving AxeThe Frozen's GrudgeDread Touched ArmguardsNevederia's ClawDread Touched BracerCrown of ResilianceDread Touched TunicOrb of the Crimson BullEbony HeadbandDread Touched BootsNet of the Deep SeaAncient Pirate's EyepatchVyemm's FangDawncaller, Blade of the MorningAncient Fire Etched FlambergeDread Touched LeggingsWurm Claw PauldronsOnyx Chain LeggingsBoots of the DestroyerBelt of the DestroyerBow of the DestroyerSky Watcher's MonocleChestplate of Fiery Might

Updated Quests: Suspiciously Sweet TreatsShard's #2: Words of the UnspokenConfronting Your FearsUndead Maintenance

Updated Bestiary: Alchemist XortivCaindiLijkas BraxiVinloiSlagheartFrothtoothLiving Sharda treasure chestCoffinhowlDagarn the DestroyerJorlleagLady MirenillaLady NevederiaLord FeshlakLord Koi`DokenLord KreizennLord VyemmSevalak


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