December 21, 2012

Here are some Friday night updates for you. Enjoy your weekend!

New Items: Bite of the Shissar XVIIIStylized Sealed Poison VialDistillate of Skinspikes XVIICursed Bow of SerosEllyra's Necklace of WonderElegist's Boots of the HushedGreat Spear of DawnSprinkler of the SpiritsDistorted Breastplate of the RevenantGaudralek, Sword of the SkyWurm Claw PauldronsDistorted Wristguard of the ConjurorSilver Bracelet of RagePlanar Clay Corruption SealRegal Starglow GlovesRegal Starglow ArmbandRegal Starglow Cap

New Recipes: Apocryphal Warmonger CoatApocryphal Warmonger CoatApocryphal Warmonger LeggingsApocryphal Warmonger LeggingsApocryphal Warmonger SleevesApocryphal Warmonger SleevesApocryphal Warmonger WristguardApocryphal Warmonger WristguardApocryphal Warmonger GauntletsApocryphal Warmonger GauntletsApocryphal Warmonger BootsApocryphal Warmonger BootsApocryphal Warmonger CoifApocryphal Warmonger CoifApocryphal Natureward CoifApocryphal Natureward CoifUnfired Split Blade of Destruction OrnamentUnfired Bulwark of the Firebringer OrnamentUnfired Greatstaff of the Four Winds OrnamentUnfired Gembladed Axe OrnamentUnfired Naraithus OrnamentUnfired Shinai of the Ancients OrnamentUnfired Swiftcleave, the Flesh Carver OrnamentDistorted Breastplate of the RevenantDistorted Breastplate of the RevenantApocryphal Loremaster HelmApocryphal Loremaster HelmApocryphal Loremaster BootsApocryphal Loremaster BootsApocryphal Loremaster GauntletsApocryphal Loremaster GauntletsApocryphal Loremaster BracerApocryphal Loremaster BracerApocryphal Loremaster BreastplateApocryphal Loremaster BreastplateApocryphal Loremaster GreavesApocryphal Loremaster GreavesApocryphal Loremaster VambracesApocryphal Loremaster VambracesApocryphal Frostfire SleevesApocryphal Frostfire SleevesApocryphal Frostfire SandalsApocryphal Frostfire SandalsApocryphal Frostfire GlovesApocryphal Frostfire GlovesApocryphal Illuminator VambracesApocryphal Illuminator VambracesApocryphal Illuminator HelmApocryphal Illuminator HelmApocryphal Illuminator BootsApocryphal Illuminator BootsApocryphal Illuminator GauntletsApocryphal Illuminator GauntletsApocryphal Illuminator BracerApocryphal Illuminator BracerApocryphal Illuminator BreastplateApocryphal Illuminator BreastplateApocryphal Illuminator GreavesApocryphal Illuminator GreavesApocryphal Soulrender BreastplateApocryphal Soulrender BreastplateApocryphal Soulrender GreavesApocryphal Soulrender GreavesApocryphal Soulrender VambracesApocryphal Soulrender VambracesApocryphal Dragonbrood CowlApocryphal Dragonbrood CowlApocryphal Dragonbrood BootsApocryphal Dragonbrood BootsApocryphal Lifewalker TunicApocryphal Lifewalker TunicApocryphal Lifewalker LeggingsApocryphal Lifewalker LeggingsApocryphal Lifewalker ArmwrapsApocryphal Lifewalker ArmwrapsApocryphal Lifewalker CowlApocryphal Lifewalker CowlApocryphal Lifewalker BootsApocryphal Lifewalker BootsApocryphal Lifewalker GlovesApocryphal Lifewalker GlovesApocryphal Lifewalker WristguardApocryphal Lifewalker WristguardApocryphal Soulslaver RobeApocryphal Soulslaver RobeApocryphal Soulslaver PantsApocryphal Soulslaver PantsApocryphal Soulslaver SleevesApocryphal Soulslaver SleevesApocryphal Spiritwalker CoatApocryphal Spiritwalker CoatApocryphal Legionnaire BreastplateApocryphal Legionnaire BreastplateApocryphal Legionnaire GreavesApocryphal Legionnaire GreavesApocryphal Natureward BootsApocryphal Natureward BootsApocryphal Natureward GauntletsApocryphal Natureward GauntletsApocryphal Natureward WristguardApocryphal Natureward WristguardApocryphal Legionnaire BracerApocryphal Legionnaire BracerApocryphal Mindlock RobeApocryphal Mindlock RobeApocryphal Mindlock PantsApocryphal Mindlock PantsApocryphal Mindlock SleevesApocryphal Mindlock SleevesApocryphal Spiritwalker LeggingsApocryphal Spiritwalker Leggings

Updated Items: Fear Stained TunicCooling PadReaper's RingHand of the MasterCirclet of SummerAmulet of the DreadgazerDread Touched LeggingsDread Touched HelmCaptain Dunstan Coldheart's Journal, Day 906Captain Dunstan Coldheart's Journal, Day 912Regal Vah Shir Cultural TailoringRegal Vah Shir Cultural SmithingSupportive Leather StrapRune of FearAlgid Conjurer's MantleDread TunicXorbb's Resolution of VengeanceXorbb's InsightVale Lord's Sieging EyeVale Lord's CrystalStar of XorbbXorbb's Rod of RetributionShardspike Adorned CloakKing's Vengeful ScowlElfield's Belt of Many PouchesCharred SpauldersDraining Ire of the Glen LiegeBrutal Frostbite of the Valley MasterArwyn's Greatbow of Valor

Updated Bestiary: Ilana SunmireA Ry`Gorr EnforcerA Ry`Gorr HerbalistJunkcrafter Ninta chest (Valley of King Xorbb Event #3)Sergeant MalorinAaryonara stinky chestHaela Higglebun

Updated Recipes: Grilled Planar GooChocolate Planar Pie

Updated Quests: Shard's #2: Words of the UnspokenThe Machinations of KotulRaw Counter IntelligenceKeep Their Guard DownCast the Swine OffTaming the TamersThe Cradle of FilthThe Filth SlavesUprooting the WeedsAdmiring the ObsceneryA Snake in the Garden of EvilOff the OffspringQuoth the Raven...Faiz's FightHow to Kill the DeadCold As IceDig DeeperFaiz's FearFilthy Ankle BitersLights in the NightFrom GraceSteel and BoneRotting SentriesOf the FallenTheseus' JobScheming SaboteurSnakes in the GrassThe Bear NecessitiesEarth, Wind and Your FuryElementally Schooled


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