December 20, 2012

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Burden of TruthPit Boss' ReachRegal Vah Shir Cultural TailoringRegal Vah Shir Cultural SmithingBoreal Leggings of the DivinerOrb of the Crimson BullTvenken's Slippers of SilenceWindraider's Belt

New Quest: Setting the Mood

New Zone: House Interior: Setting the Mood

New Bestiary: RoccoTottyBillieWevek Redforge

New Recipes: Boreal Leggings of the DivinerDistorted Leggings of the DivinerDistorted Leggings of the DivinerApocryphal Soulforge GlovesApocryphal Soulforge GlovesApocryphal Soulforge BootsApocryphal Soulforge BootsApocryphal Soulforge CowlApocryphal Soulforge CowlApocryphal Soulforge ArmwrapsApocryphal Soulforge ArmwrapsApocryphal Soulforge LeggingsApocryphal Soulforge LeggingsApocryphal Soulforge ChestwrapsApocryphal Soulforge ChestwrapsApocryphal Soulforge WristguardApocryphal Soulforge WristguardApocryphal Dragonbrood GlovesApocryphal Dragonbrood GlovesApocryphal Frostfire CapApocryphal Frostfire CapApocryphal Mindlock CapApocryphal Mindlock CapApocryphal Mindlock SandalsApocryphal Mindlock SandalsApocryphal Mindlock GlovesApocryphal Mindlock GlovesApocryphal Mindlock WristguardApocryphal Mindlock WristguardApocryphal Flameweaver CapApocryphal Flameweaver CapApocryphal Flameweaver SandalsApocryphal Flameweaver SandalsApocryphal Flameweaver GlovesApocryphal Flameweaver GlovesApocryphal Flameweaver WristguardApocryphal Flameweaver WristguardApocryphal Shadowscale CoifApocryphal Shadowscale CoifApocryphal Shadowscale BootsApocryphal Shadowscale BootsApocryphal Shadowscale GauntletsApocryphal Shadowscale GauntletsApocryphal Shadowscale WristguardApocryphal Shadowscale WristguardApocryphal Shadowscale CoatApocryphal Shadowscale CoatApocryphal Shadowscale LeggingsApocryphal Shadowscale LeggingsApocryphal Shadowscale SleevesApocryphal Shadowscale SleevesApocryphal Exarch BreastplateApocryphal Exarch BreastplateApocryphal Exarch GreavesApocryphal Exarch GreavesApocryphal Exarch VambracesApocryphal Exarch VambracesApocryphal Exarch HelmApocryphal Exarch HelmApocryphal Exarch GauntletsApocryphal Exarch GauntletsApocryphal Exarch BracerApocryphal Exarch BracerApocryphal Exarch BootsApocryphal Exarch Boots

Updated Items: Bladed Hand of XorbbHeartfire PendantBelt of Reaching FlameBeguiling Red Jasper RingOxide Fire Ruby RingEarring of the Brush FireActive Flame MaskBurning Drape of WildfireThicket Tinder PauldronsYymp's Research CleaverCaptured FlameMedian TerrormoteDurew's Mace of Inverse LogicGreater TerrormoteGlowing TerrormoteLesser TerrormoteDread TunicPrimed Fragment of Fearlinked ZealDread HelmActinic Light CloakDread BootsDread BracerDurable Miner's ShoulderpadsImrahil's Claidhmore of Raging FuryFindlewill's Lucky NecklaceGoblin Scout's LoopSimple Knotted CordRotting Goblin IdolDale Dweller's CloakGlaring Visage of the RulerCursed Crystal of the ValleyMordaur's Spiked PauldronsImposing Law of XorbbBaneful Eye BucklerNefori's HornKromrif Locksmith ToolsRy`Gorr DollResplendent RoseHaela's Homemade PieBear MeatSnake MeatRat Meat

Updated Bestiary: Armorer Jean Wenlarisa chest (Valley of King Xorbb Event #1)a chest (Valley of King Xorbb Event #2)a chest (The Rise of the Ancients)

Updated Quests: Traitors Among UsThe Rise of the AncientsZalikor's LairFear NotThe Queen's DecreeRun, You Fools!A Matter of Life and DeathThe Battle for RivervaleThe Long Lost PuppetA Ticket to the ShowHaela's Homemade Pie


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