December 18, 2012

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Withering Shade BladeBlood of the LivingBrainsEbony HeadbandBifold Focus of the Evil EyeOrb of the Deep SeaVyemm's FangVeros' TalismanDistorted Helm of HavokScroll: Shield of Nettlespines Rk. IIDistorted Leggings of the UnwaveringBoreal Armwraps of the UnwaveringKreztik's PresageCracked Gnaga MaskEnforcer's Leather BeltSupportive Leather StrapDistorted Bracer of HavokFrothing Fanged BeltDistorted Boots of HavokBow of the DestroyerHeavy Throwing DaggerRegal Crystalwing HelmRegal Crystalscale HelmRegal Crystalwing GlovesRegal Crystalscale GlovesRegal Crystalwing ArmbandRegal Crystalwing SleevesRegal Crystalscale SleevesRegal Crystalwing BootsRegal Crystalscale BootsRegal Crystalwing GreavesRegal Crystalscale GreavesRegal Crystalwing CuirassRegal Crystalscale CuirassRegal Crystalscale Armband

New Bestiary: Zeixshi-KarZeixshi-KarSantug Claugg`s HelperBouncer ClaudeEdwin TilmossHaela Higglebun

New Quests: Frostfell - Braxi RoundupA Ticket to the ShowHaela's Homemade Pie

New Recipes: Scorched Breastplate TemplateScorched Plate Boot TemplateScorched Plate Bracer TemplateScorched Plate Greaves TemplateRegal Crystalwing CuirassRegal Crystalwing ArmbandRegal Crystalwing BootsRegal Crystalwing GlovesRegal Crystalwing GreavesRegal Crystalwing HelmDistorted Bracer of HavokDistorted Bracer of HavokBoreal Armwraps of the UnwaveringDistorted Leggings of the UnwaveringDistorted Leggings of the Unwavering

Updated Items: Fear Fruit SeedsFire Roasted GarlicDirty OnionResplendent RoseRy`Gorr DollKromrif Locksmith ToolsHaela's Homemade PieScroll: Shout of the Predator Rk. IIINint's Gold RingTome: Asp Blade Rk. IIINote to GildaMedian DreadmoteGreater DreadmoteLight of CorruptionLesser DreadmotePlaybillBaneful Eye BucklerMordaur's Spiked PauldronsImposing Law of XorbbPurple ShardCorrupted CoreGlowing DreadmoteBlazing Hammer of DestructionPrimed Fragment of Fearlinked ZealImposing Law of XorbbMordaur's Spiked PauldronsBaneful Eye BucklerDread BracerDread BootsGreater TerrormoteLesser TerrormoteGlowing TerrormoteOath of MarrTainted LaburnumHorror GemFractured ShardPlanar Energy ShardDiamondOne View VisorTainted OleanderAuburn Hero's Forge Plate Hands OrnamentFright StoneBlue DiamondPork ChopHamBaconWrapping AntennaeRaw Crimson NihiliteDistilled Grade A Gormar VenomBefouled SilkTainted DelphiniumTainted MuscimolExquisite Animal PeltScale OreGlowing DreadmoteEnthralling OrbKopp's Ritualistic SistrumScorched Chain Collar TemplateScorched Chain Legplates TemplateScorched Plate Belt TemplateScorched FillScorched Chain Cloak TemplateScorched Plate Visor TemplateScorched Plate Gauntlet TemplateScorched Chain Coif TemplateScorched Chain Bracer TemplateScorched Plate Pauldron TemplateScorched BarbsScorched Chain Chestguard TemplateScorched Chain Boots TemplateScorched Plate Vambrace TemplateScorched Chain Belt TemplateScorched Plate Gorget TemplateScorched Plate Greaves TemplateScorched Chain Faceguard TemplateScorched Chain Gloves TemplateScorched Plate Cloak TemplateScorched StudsScorched Chain Spaulders TemplateScorched Plate Helm TemplateScorched Plate Bracer TemplateScorched Chain Arms TemplateScorched Breastplate TemplateScorched Plate Boot TemplateScroll: Circle of Flame Rk. IIScroll: Icebound Pillar Rk. IIScroll: Bucolic Harvest Rk. IIScroll: Skullfreeze Rk. IIScroll: Leap of Static Sparks Rk. IIScroll: Ethereal Salvo Rk. IIGluttonous SpoonBenefactor's BrogansLoinConsigned Bite of the Shissar XVIScorched OreFantastic SilkImmaculate DelphiniumFatbackRune Binding PowderImmaculate CaladiumTainted PrivitBefouled Marrow

Updated Bestiary: Worker`s Championa Ry`Gorr messengerWevek Redforgea wretched gatherera wretched huntera wretched scavenger

Updated Quests: Frostfell - Gathering Holiday CheerROF Rank III Level 98 Spells: Median TerrormoteThe Rise of the AncientsChapterhouse #3: Dead Gnomes Tell No Tales... Or Do They?The Long Lost Puppet


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