December 17, 2012

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Regal Stormguard HelmRegal Stormguard GlovesRegal Stormguard ArmbandRegal Stormguard SleevesRegal Stormguard BootsRegal Stormguard GreavesRegal Stormguard CuirassRegal Stonetooth HelmRegal Stonetooth GlovesRegal Stonetooth ArmbandRegal Stonetooth SleevesRegal Stonetooth GreavesRegal Stonetooth CuirassNint's Gold RingTome: Asp Blade Rk. IIIUnfired Runic Bloodstained Maul OrnamentTrident of the Deep SeaSilver ChainsNevederia's ClawNecropyric TorchScrap shouldersMace of the OasisOssein CloakScroll: Shout of the Predator Rk. III

New Bestiary: Dragonbone Chesta pile of refusean old chest (Run, You Fools!)an ornate chest (A Matter of Life and Death)a treasure chesta chest (The Battle for Rivervale)a chest (The Return of King Xorbb)

New Recipes: Spell: Splart Rk. IISpell: Ignite Energy Rk. IISpell: Megrima's Decay Rk. IIGelid Frostfire WristguardBoreal Wristguard of the TenderCLASS 4 Steel Discord Tip Arrow (large nock)CLASS 4 Steel Discord Tip Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 4 Steel Discord Tip Arrow (small nock)

Updated Items: A Purple AmethystA Deep Green EmeraldA Pitch Black OnyxA Radiant DiamondA Red RubyA Blue SapphireGentleman's FlairCursed SashIceblade KnucklesEye of KlondaVessel of PainHoop of the HorizonMace of Life DrainingTainted Saver of LivesEnthralling OrbBow of Grasping VinesBlack Chitin ShouldersOrnate Gorget of Equivocal ProtectionMedian TerrormoteGreater TerrormoteGlowing TerrormoteDread BracerLesser TerrormoteRed Eye of GosikCorrupted BrimstoneRefurbished PuppetSoggy Halfling PuppetSoggy Halfling PuppetMinor DreadmoteIce Crystal RiviereCorrupted Dragonthrall Bone NecklaceThe Warden's Glacial StareBracing Choker of the Frozen ColossusSteppewalker's AspectGreater DreadmoteMedian DreadmoteAlgid Conjurer's MantleWool SpongeLesser DreadmoteStone Band of the Stalag FormKreztik's PrecognitionQueen's Silk PallVisage of the ProphetVile Fin CloakSpinning NoteReticent GarLaconic Edged PincerVoiceless Hound SkeanBlossoming FlowerSlippers of VerbosityGirdle of the Expanding MindShimmering VeilBlossoming FlowerIntact Bat Wing MembraneBlezon's ResolutionRigid UndergrowthAgeless SpauldersStone of the LandingNaeya Paw PrintSnowman Head OrnamentJesterPoison Frog VenomAnimal FearboneTainted FeatherFright StoneTainted MuscimolExotic Spinneret FluidTales of the RighteousSacrificial KnifeScorched OreBefouled SilkScale OreEnergized GemstoneHorror GemWrapped MirrorTainted PrivitSlippers of VerbosityGirdle of the Expanding MindBeautiful TalismanCorrupted LoamWar Paint

Updated Quests: Crest of the UnicornSleepless NightsCalling PhantasmBeating the BeetlesWhat Pests Are Made OfWild Pack of Unfamiliar DogsCorrupted PacksFrostcoatsSnakes and SnakesCreatures of CragfeastThe Wyvern Grow RestlessThe WorntoothConfronting Your FearsDefeat Zeixshi-KarLost Without a CompassA Feast Fit for a ColdainWhere Adventurers Fear to TreadAn Ailment Only Money Can CureHO-HO-Help!Never Say 'Hi'Into the Caverns of FearDanela's StandVelium Mining Made SimpleA More Efficient OperationA Step in the Wrong DirectionRations for the IrrationalCleaving GeonidsA Tentacular NuisanceTraitors Among UsThe Madness of King TormaxTaking Out the TrashParanoia - It's Out to Get You!Drowning the MemoriesWeight of a Worthy HeartThe Early Bird Gets the WormThe Long Lost Puppet

Updated Recipes: Gelid Shadowscale CoatGelid Warmonger Coat

Updated Bestiary: a forest giant greenwoodLithiniathPyrebeakEkelng ThunderstoneQueen DracniaAkyailCharraOsalurThe Forgotten MurdererRuaabriMindseepRitualist BlezonWorker`s ChampionMaster Hunter Jilarea treasure chestUrn of Howling SoulsThe Spoils of Murderan ornate chest (The Madness of King Tormax)Danelas Lockboxa slimy froga wretched gatherera wretched huntera wretched scavengera chest (Traitors Among Us)an amazing chest


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