December 16, 2012

Good Sunday evening!

New Items: Boreal Coif of the AssassinVeil of ThornsMindseep's Cord of ReflectionFire of OsalurDragon Tamer's WhipSoggy Halfling PuppetEar Pendant of the PauperRegal Troll Cultural TailoringRegal Troll Cultural SmithingDistorted Robe of the ConjurorKaficus' MemoryRegal Stonetooth BootsBoreal Leggings of the FangCorbin's StudTainted GorgetVisionary's NotesBlezon's ResolutionBoreal Gauntlets of the DivinerStygian Obsidian RingAncient Pirate's EyepatchSoulstitch

New Bestiary: a chest (The Machinations of Kotul)a chest (Danela's Stand)

New Quest: The Long Lost Puppet

New Recipes: Boreal Vambraces of the ZealotDistorted Gloves of the ExhumerDistorted Gloves of the ExhumerDistorted Sleeves of CompulsionDistorted Sleeves of CompulsionDistorted Wristguard of CompulsionDistorted Wristguard of CompulsionBoreal Wristband of the FangBoreal Wristguard of the FangBoreal Wristguard of the FangBoreal Gauntlets of the DivinerDistorted Gauntlets of the DivinerDistorted Gauntlets of the DivinerFearlinked Leather Boot Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Leather Chest Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Leather Leg Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Leather Sleeve Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Leather Wrist Seal of the BerserkerBoreal Leggings of the FangDistorted Leggings of the FangDistorted Leggings of the FangRunic Numen PlaqueBoreal Coif of the Assassin

Updated Items: KneepadConsigned Bite of the Shissar XVIFractured ShardPlanar Energy ShardUncut JacinthImmaculate PrivitBefouled SilkWine SackWar PaintFear Fruit SeedsDiamondSmall Glowing Fear ShardBlue DiamondSavage WallGrydon's Blazing SceptreGreater DreadmoteBow of Nature's CaressVelium Staff of ObliterationSnow CordCorrupted Dragon TotemAgeless SpauldersCorbin's StudBlackwell's LoopBand of the EarthmotherPartially Digested BeltThe Prospector's LootWersan's TreasureSteppewalker's Shoulder PadsFrostdweller's ShawlFear-Infused Rachnid HeartKrondal's Visage of Far-sightednessSkin of TheseusCloak of Bloody ScalesElsrop's Signet RingStormwheel's CoreDervish EssenceAntithesis of FearFear Stained BootsRing of Frightened RecoverySoulstitchGrinder's Debris ShieldGruden's Bone GirdleSapping SliverDiminutive BowKreztik's PrecognitionKreztik's Blistering JudgmentIcescale CloakHeroes CloakRelentless Spark of HateBulky Grips of AetemiusSoggy Halfling PuppetVengeful MaskWeight of FewDracnia's FocusCrystallized SlugLesser TerrormoteRed Santug Cap OrnamentSnowman Head OrnamentScroll: Magmalure Rk. IIScroll: Lightning Squall Rk. IIScroll: Barbed Lightning Rk. IIScroll: Flashfreeze Rk. IIScroll: Armor of the Stonescale Rk. IIScroll: Frigid Beam Rk. IIScroll: Claw of the Flamewing Rk. IISantug Helper's Striped Cap OrnamentTop Hat OrnamentRunic Numen PlaqueSpell: Claw of Gorenaire Rk. IISpell: Claw of GorenaireRegal High Elven Cultural SmithingRegal High Elven Cultural TailoringRegal Wood Elven Cultural SmithingRegal Wood Elven Cultural TailoringRegal Half Elven Cultural TailoringRegal Iksar Cultural TailoringRegal Half Elven Cultural SmithingRegal Human Cultural SmithingRegal Human Cultural TailoringRegal Halfling Cultural TailoringRegal Ogre Cultural SmithingRegal Halfling Cultural SmithingRegal Erudite Cultural TailoringRegal Erudite Cultural SmithingCompendiums on Regal Weapon Creation Pt. IVCompendiums on Regal Weapon Creation Pt. IIICompendiums on Regal Weapon Creation Pt. IICompendiums on Regal Weapon Creation Pt. VRegal Drakkin Cultural TailoringRegal Dark Elven Cultural SmithingRegal Dwarven Cultural SmithingRegal Dark Elven Cultural TailoringRegal Drakkin Cultural SmithingRegal Barbarian Cultural SmithingRegal StaffGreen Santug Cap OrnamentPain NullifierFear Touched TunicFright StoneBulky Grips of AetemiusBefouled Animal PeltExquisite Animal PeltAnimal FearboneSection of Superior Rat PancreasVisionary's NotesGreater DreadmoteStone of Dark SorcereryRigid UndergrowthFear Stained BracerTattered Cloth SandalFish ScalesEnergized SeaweedTerror FishBoreal Vambraces of the ZealotRock ShardReinforced Bear Hide BracerMantle of FerociousnessFungi Encrusted BandHardening Band of ShroomdeathJust the StickTwisted ForkSmall Bright Fear Shard

Updated Quests: ROF Rank II Level 98 Spells: Median DreadmoteROF Rank II Level 100 Spells: Glowing DreadmoteIf I Had My HammerCrystal Caverns #1: An Abundance of OrcsThe Machinations of KotulReducing the Saps

Updated Bestiary: a mesa bearSmith Yahyaa centaur chargera tainted rotwooda dryad tenderTertiusProvost Vokk RaskkGeneral BardakAlpha NaeyaCragbeakElsrop the CrazedCorbin BlackwellEkelng ThunderstoneTungoa diminutive kromrifDerakor the VindicatorPakjol the HungryA Dracnid RetainerKreztikProspector WersanIciclaneNeforiSerosPalace Commander ErollA Bloated ToadKaficus the UndyingPlaguetoothBody of the ManyCompanion of the DeadFacet of FearGruden the PulverizerKrondalStormwheelThe VisionaryXolok the BlindDirgena wild naeyaa pile of refusea treasure chest (The Madness of King Tormax)Danelas Lockboxa wretched gatherera wretched hunterliving sapoozing sapvile sapDanelas Lockboxa chest (Traitors Among Us)


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