December 14, 2012

Here are some Friday night updates for you. Enjoy your weekend!

New Items: Relentless Spark of HateHeroes CloakDistorted Pants of CompulsionDistorted Sleeves of CompulsionDistorted Gloves of CompulsionDistorted Wristguard of CompulsionIcescale CloakDistorted Gloves of the ExhumerDistorted Robe of CompulsionFearlinked Leather Sleeve Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Leather Boot Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Leather Chest Seal of the WarchiefFearlinked Leather Wrist Seal of the BerserkerFearlinked Leather Leg Seal of the WarchiefKreztik's PrecognitionDiminutive BowBoreal Wristband of the FangTorn WingWell-maintained CageFloating RockDistorted Gauntlets of the DivinerDistorted Leggings of the DivinerCrystal CutterSapping SliverFlawless DreadstoneGlowing EmbersGrinder's Debris ShieldDistorted Leggings of the DivinerDistorted Gauntlets of the DivinerUnfired Bulwark of the Firebringer OrnamentRed Crest of the Tamer OrnamentRefurbished PuppetHalfling SoulChunk of Alaran FleshChandrok's Mask of WarfareBoreal Gauntlets of HavokBoreal Bracer of the LightKromrif Locksmith ToolsA Slime-Filled JarSantug Helper's Striped Cap OrnamentRunic Numen PlaqueRegal Khala Vir GlovesRegal Khala Vir SleevesRegal Khala Vir HelmGlowing Nose OrnamentElaborate Emerald TileElaborate Ruby TileElaborate Ruby Building CubeElaborate Emerald Granite WallElaborate Ruby Granite WallOrnate Emerald Granite WallDark Blade of Luvian OrnamentStormlord's Bludgeon OrnamentButcher's Best Friend OrnamentTitle Pack: JoyfulTitle Pack: SickShield of Reign OrnamentSpirit Shield OrnamentSong: Wave of Quietude Rk. IISong: Arcane Hymn Rk. IIShield of the DawnBoreal Sleeves of the DivinerSkin of TheseusThe Blessed Guise of DoranurBoreal Gloves of the FangRegal Khala Vir CuirassRegal Khala Vir BootsRegal Khala Vir ArmbandRegal Khala Vir GreavesPurple Evantil LeafParty Crasher

New Bestiary: a chest (Traitors Among Us)a chest (Find the Gems... Or Die!)a chest (Defeat Zeixshi-Kar)AaryonarCekenarDagarn the DestroyerJorlleagLady MirenillaLady NevederiaLord FeshlakLord Koi`DokenLord KreizennLord VyemmSevalakVulak`AerrZlexak

New Recipes: Spell: Symbol of Kaerra Rk. IISpell: Ward of the Resolute Rk. IISpell: Yaulp IX Rk. IISpell: Mollify Rk. IIBoreal Gloves of the FangDistorted Gloves of the FangDistorted Gloves of the FangBoreal Sleeves of the DivinerBoreal Bracer of the LightBoreal Gauntlets of Havok

Updated Items: Strength of LegionsBone Choker of the Frozen PriestMinor DreadmoteLesser DreadmoteSights UnseenSunbeam BowPanic AttackGlowing DreadmoteRooting WeightCharm of the Crystal CircleFear EssenceEssence of SufferingWorn IncisorFear Stained LeggingsBaneice GlobeBaneice OrbFear Touched LeggingsFjeka's FangVision of TomorrowVenomshell WingWildflowersSpell: Mollify Rk. IISpell: Yaulp IX Rk. IISpell: Ward of the Resolute Rk. IISpell: Symbol of Kaerra Rk. IIBlinking BandModest EarringFear Touched Leggings

Updated Quests: Shadowknight Epic: Innoruuk's CurseCovered in ScorpionsShard's #5: Conquering Your FearsDefeat Zeixshi-KarTraitors Among UsXorbb #2: We Have to Go DeeperXorbb #3: Escape From the Prison of XorbbFind the Gems... Or Die!Shard Experiences

Updated Bestiary: a ghoulish ancilleBoradain GlacierbaneA Life LeechThe FlesheaterFacet of FearThe VisionaryWorker`s Championan impassive clergymana fear shardling


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