December 12, 2012

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Items: Boreal Coat of the DivinerValidus Custodus Longbow OrnamentationDzarn's Cord of VelocityAristo's Metal ArmguardsRadvar's Rod of DisruptionHelm of the Deep SeaGelatinous TrapezoidTrophy: 5 worn mana regen + 40 healingTrophy: H.Dex 20 + Riposte 5Trophy: 400 HMEPuppet Show TicketA Glass JarNote to GildaVambraces of the ZealotResplendent RoseWanda's Charred Arm BonesWersan's TreasureBoreal Cap of the ExhumerBoreal Helm of the ZealotTrophy: Dodge 5 + AC 45Elsrop's Signet RingRegal Barbarian Cultural SmithingSteppewalker's Shoulder PadsFear-Infused Rachnid Heart

New Bestiary: a blistering gooa bloody disposal cratea brittle mummya coffina complacent zombiea corpse eating beetlea crumbling mummya decaying knighta defiled paladin of Marra deteriorating disposal cratea deteriorating mummya dilapidated disposal cratea diseased rata disgraced knighta disgraced paladin of Marra dusty disposal cratea dusty mummya failed experimenta fallen knighta filthy disposal cratea filthy rata forgotten prisonera forlorn cleric of Marra gloomy shadea gooey gooa gory disposal cratea hissing basiliska hungry ghoula loathsome ghoula lost soula lost willow wispa lurking terrora malcontent thralla mindless zombiea misguided willow wispa mournful ghosta necromancer apprenticea necromancer boneraisera necromancer initiatea necromancer neophytea plague rata ravenous ghoula reanimated paladina revolting ghoula rotting paladin of Marra scavenging beetlea shambling zombiea skeletal nursea smelly dung beetlea stalag terrora starving basiliska starving ghoula stoneskin basiliska voracious gooa wandering ghosta woeful shadean afflicted shadean ancient mummyan emaciated ghoulan enraged willow wispan icy terroran unchaste cleric of Marran unconscious halflingan undead cleric of Marran undead halflingan undead servantan unmotivated zombiean unravelling mummyBaldrikBloodreaver NarekCoffinhowlElgan TombsonFalsin BonecraftGertrude DarkswornGibbleJurso FumblefinkOozlesOphelia BonesnapPoira the PaleResearcher VespraSir Graxton TalondrakeSlizis SlicetailWailing Wanda

New Recipes: Boreal Cap of the ExhumerDistorted Cap of the ExhumerDistorted Cap of the ExhumerDistorted Boots of the DivinerDistorted Boots of the DivinerPlanar Energy SpiritsCLASS 2 Drakebone Hooked Arrow (large nock)Boreal Coat of the DivinerDistorted Coat of the DivinerDistorted Coat of the DivinerCLASS 2 Drakebone Hooked Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 2 Drakebone Hooked Arrow (small nock)Glorious Tyrant ArmbandGlorious Tyrant BootsGlorious Tyrant CuirassGlorious Tyrant GreavesGlorious Tyrant SleevesGlorious Tyrant GlovesGlorious Tyrant HelmGlorious Warborn CuirassGlorious Warborn GreavesGlorious Warborn BootsGlorious Warborn SleevesGlorious Warborn ArmbandGlorious Warborn GlovesGlorious Warborn HelmDistillate of Celestial Healing XVII

Updated Items: Shard of the First MinionAccursed Grin of MalevolenceAendra's NotePlanar Energy SpiritsCloak of SerenityGlacial Demon Visage

Updated Recipes: Planar Energy CoffeePlanar Energy JuiceBrew of the PlanesCazic's BloodPlanar Energy Ale

Updated Bestiary: Ekelng ThunderstoneGhrek SquatnotBertrand the ButcherWilfred GorefinderHoly Defender IorisYarin ShroudfearPlinki BonebroodOrson Graveglooma frostcoat grazeran apathetic zombie


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