December 11, 2012

Servers will be down early tomorrow morning for a game update:

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 4:00 am US Pacific* for a Game Update. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately 4 hours.

Here is a pile of updates for today:

New Items: Idol of FearBoreal Sleeves of the WardenFearlinked Silk Wrist Seal of the AssassinPartially Digested BeltBlackwell's LoopPlaybillCloak of ThornsMask of TerrorUnspoken EyeDistorted Wristband of the ExhumerAgeless SpauldersSong: Slumber of Motlak Rk. IISong: Doben's Spry Sonata Rk. IICorrupted Dragon TotemBoreal Wrist Band of the Diviner

New Recipes: Boreal Leggings of the UnwaveringBoreal Leggings of CarnageGelid Exarch GauntletsGelid Shadowscale BootsBoreal Wristguard of the WardenBoreal Wristguard of the UnwaveringBoreal Coif of the WardenBoreal Sleeves of the Frozen FlameBoreal Gloves of the Frozen FlameBoreal Pants of the Frozen FlameBoreal Sleeves of the ConjurorBoreal Gauntlets of the WardenBoreal Leggings of the WardenBoreal Pants of the ExhumerBoreal Sandals of the ConjurorBoreal Pants of the ConjurorBoreal Cowl of the FangBoreal Armwraps of the FangBoreal Boots of the FangBoreal Breastplate of the RevenantBoreal Tunic of the FangBoreal Sleeves of the ExhumerBoreal Wristguard of the ExhumerBoreal Wristguard of the ExhumerBoreal Wristband of the ExhumerBoreal Wristplate of the RevenantDistorted Cap of the ConjurorDistorted Cap of the ConjurorDistorted Tunic of the FangDistorted Tunic of the FangDistorted Armwraps of the FangDistorted Armwraps of the FangDistorted Gauntlets of the WardenDistorted Gauntlets of the WardenGelid Dragonbrood GlovesGelid Dragonbrood BootsGelid Dragonbrood CowlGelid Dragonbrood ArmwrapsGelid Dragonbrood LeggingsGelid Dragonbrood WristguardGelid Dragonbrood TunicGelid Dragonbrood WristbandGelid Dragonbrood WristguardGelid Mindlock WristguardGelid Mindlock RobeGelid Mindlock SleevesGelid Mindlock PantsGelid Mindlock GlovesGelid Mindlock SandalsGelid Mindlock CapGelid Soulforge WristguardGelid Soulforge GlovesGelid Soulforge BootsGelid Soulforge CowlGelid Soulforge ArmwrapsGelid Soulforge LeggingsGelid Soulforge ChestwrapsGelid Loremaster VambracesGelid Loremaster GreavesGelid Loremaster BreastplateGelid Loremaster GauntletsGelid Loremaster BootsGelid Loremaster HelmGelid Loremaster BracerBoreal Sleeves of the WardenGelid Shadowscale CoatGelid Warmonger CoatGelid Spiritwalker WristguardGelid Spiritwalker LeggingsGelid Spiritwalker CoatGelid Spiritwalker SleevesGelid Spiritwalker GauntletsGelid Spiritwalker BootsGelid Spiritwalker CoifGelid Spiritwalker Wrist BandGelid Legionnaire BracerGelid Legionnaire BreastplateGelid Legionnaire GauntletsGelid Legionnaire BootsGelid Legionnaire HelmGelid Legionnaire VambracesGelid Legionnaire GreavesGelid Soulslaver RobeGelid Frostfire RobeGelid Flameweaver RobeGelid Illuminator GreavesGelid Lifewalker ArmwrapsGelid Lifewalker BootsGelid Exarch BreastplateGelid Shadowscale LeggingsGelid Warmonger CoifGelid Warmonger SleevesGelid Warmonger LeggingsGelid Shadowscale SleevesGelid Natureward CoatGelid Soulrender BreastplateGelid Flameweaver SleevesGelid Lifewalker CowlGelid Lifewalker LeggingsGelid Lifewalker TunicGelid Illuminator VambracesGelid Illuminator BreastplateGelid Exarch VambracesGelid Exarch GreavesGelid Natureward CoifGelid Natureward SleevesGelid Natureward LeggingsGelid Frostfire SleevesGelid Frostfire PantsGelid Exarch BootsGelid Exarch HelmGelid Soulrender BootsGelid Soulrender GauntletsGelid Soulslaver GlovesGelid Soulslaver SandalsGelid Shadowscale GauntletsGelid Lifewalker GlovesGelid Frostfire GlovesGelid Flameweaver GlovesGelid Soulslaver CapGelid Soulrender VambracesGelid Soulrender GreavesGelid Soulslaver SleevesGelid Soulslaver PantsGelid Illuminator GauntletsGelid Soulrender HelmGelid Flameweaver PantsGelid Shadowscale CoifGelid Flameweaver SandalsGelid Exarch BracerGelid Warmonger GauntletsGelid Warmonger BootsGelid Flameweaver CapGelid Frostfire CapGelid Illuminator BootsGelid Illuminator HelmGelid Natureward BootsGelid Shadowscale WristguardGelid Warmonger WristguardGelid Frostfire SandalsGelid Lifewalker WristguardGelid Natureward WristguardGelid Flameweaver WristguardGelid Illuminator BracerGelid Natureward GauntletsGelid Soulslaver WristguardGelid Soulslaver WristguardGelid Soulslaver WristbandGelid Soulrender BracerGelid Soulrender BracerGelid Soulrender WristguardSpider's Bite XVIIIBoreal Wrist Band of the DivinerFearlinked Chain Sleeve Seal of the HealerFearlinked Chain Leg Seal of the TravelerFearlinked Chain Leg Seal of the BerserkerFearlinked Chain Boot Seal of the SeafarerFearlinked Chain Glove Seal of the CryomancerFearlinked Chain Wrist Seal of the AssassinFearlinked Silk Sleeve Seal of the PyromancerFearlinked Silk Wrist Seal of the AssassinFearlinked Chain Wrist Seal of the DefilerBoreal Helm of the Zealot

New Bestiary: a chetari bruisera Chetari deathbendera chetari defendera Chetari hoardera Chetari scavengera Chetari seekera dracolicha dragon egga fearwing watchera flamewinga flamewing defendera flamewing guardiana flamewing protectora frostwinga halfling excavatora magma fienda magma guardiana mature icewinga Paebala tradera phase spidera pile of dragon bonesa scorched defendera terrorwinga Va`Ker guardiana young ashwinga young dragona young fearwinga young flamewinga young icewinga young scalewingan ancient dracolichan ancient icewingan elder ashwingan elder fearwingan elder flamewingan elder icewingan icewingJyrnaiSacundora corrupted saplinga diligent anta famished gorala fear blossoma fear howlera fear howler patriarcha fear howler scavengera fear ravena fear tainted ravena frightening fear blossoma fruit hoarding apea gathering anta gibbering breeder offspringa gibbering fear breedera goral leafjumpera horrible vine mawa hungry binaesaa hungry fear blossoma larva saca poisonous froga putrid patch of fungusa ravenous gorala rotten patch of fungusa scavenging ravena slimy froga smelly patch of fungusa snapping vine mawa soldier anta stinky patch of fungusa tainted saplinga tree binaesaa tree froga vine mawa wandering saplinga wretched gatherera wretched huntera wretched scavengeran ape lookoutan arboreal binaesaan elder apeAnorakliving sapoozing sapvile sapa chest (A Feast for Zalikor)a chest (Velishan's Revenge)a chest (Valley of King Xorbb Event #1)a chest (Valley of King Xorbb Event #2)a chest (Valley of King Xorbb Event #3)

Updated Items: Euphony of the Chapterhouse ChapelServiceman's HonorWeight of DutyNiteshaid's Earing of Undying LoveMantle of the Cursed AbodeForeigner's BeltLibrarian's Signet RingCinched Cord of SufferingChapterhouse StandardBone Mask of Lucid AcrimonyBosque Imbued ScarfBefallen Noble's AegisBloodstained Pauldrons of the FallenZurel's Weighted ChainTuro's Shadow CloakPoker of CalmingZurel's Battle MaskTwin's Beast TotemMidasa's Dragon SlayerTuro's Assassin RingLelro's Collar of the BeastsWuran's Staff of DecayKotul's Cloak of FilthGrelleth's Royal MaskGrelleth's ScepterKotul's Spellblood EarringLivewood MaskLeaf BobbleVinewood GorgetFeartwisted MaceHeartshardResin-coated GorgetFear Fruit SeedTerakathis, Arbiter of the DeadResin-coated BeltShardheartMedian TerrormoteVinewood ShoulderpadsGreater TerrormoteLesser TerrormoteVinewood RingGlowing TerrormotePrimed Fragment of Fearlinked ZealDread BracerDread GlovesHeartstaveDread BootsDread ArmguardsVelishan's FavorTwisted Drake TotemSilodel's Shroud of the CorpsemakerHammer of Dragon's MightEnkindling PikeDrake-Hide WaistwrapAspect of the Enraged DrakeLava Chasm Hopeful BandDrakin SongbookDragon Bone SliverDragonling Claw PendantGrounds Stomper's NecklaceQulas' Fiery Katar of InsanityVisage of the ProphetScuffed Journeyman's Pocketed RucksackFear Touched LeggingsObscuring PaneSimple Defiant Plate BracerVisage of the ProphetBand of Minimal Effort

Updated Quests: StardouserShard's #2: Words of the UnspokenShard's #2b: Unspoken VerseEvantil, the Vile Oak Portal ActivationKael #3: A Cure for MadnessRaid Expedition: A Feast for ZalikorRaid Expedition: Heart of the OakRaid Expedition: Grelleth, Her Majesty the QueenRaid Expedition: A Matter of Life and DeathThe Battle for RivervaleStrong Stomachs NeededWood You Help MeA Feat of Drunken StrengthShard Experiences

Updated Bestiary: a pledge familiarNightscaleEkelng ThunderstoneFirband the BlackGkrean Prophet of TallonForeman SukarGlimkarEyska Va`Ker, the BroodmotherGevani WillowspriteTallyBallyYioanThistlebrushFaizOaxyKesarAsupi MaksupShamptan the summonerAranuGaldamilGimthraDanela`s Lockboxa fearwingan ornate chest (Kael Drakkel raid)an amazing chesta moss covered chesta pile of refuseKing Tormaxa treasure chest (Chapterhouse raid)


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