December 10, 2012

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Unfired Shinai of the Ancients OrnamentBoreal Tunic of the FangShinai of the Ancients OrnamentationThe Fabled's CinctureSoggy Halfling PuppetStrength of ValorRegal Iksar Cultural TailoringBoreal Breastplate of the RevenantBoreal Wristplate of the RevenantEye of KlondaSummoned: Imperious MinionBoreal Cowl of the FangBoreal Boots of the FangBoreal Armwraps of the FangBoreal Wristguard of the FangBoradain's Sleet PendantEnsorcelled HelmetGelatinous ParallelogramGelatinous LemniscateGelatinous TriangleGelatinous ArbelosXorbb's Caged HatredQueen's Silk PallVisage of the ProphetTome: Jolting Heel Kicks Rk. IIRed Relaxing TeaQuickstrong CoffeeKreizenn's FlameFearlinked Chain Glove Seal of the CryomancerBurden of TruthTrophy: Parry 5 + 20 H.Sta + 60 ACHand of the MasterRegal Starglow RobesMarquise Cut Energized GemstoneBand of the EarthmotherFearlinked Silk Sleeve Seal of the PyromancerFigment Scale BeltBelt of the DestroyerInstant Beverage BrewerPlanar Distortion DeviceVerlekarnorm's Horn of DisasterShiny Metallic GlovesMask of FallCirclet of SummerScroll: Renewal of Hererra Rk. IIIA Dozing Evil EyeCooling PadA Scrap of BlanketDistillate of TearsSilvern PhialConcoction of Burning AgonyGround Black PepperSilvern PhialScorpion's Agony XVIIISpider's Bite XVIIIEmpowered Ring of BindingRing of BindingRagweedWhitestone ShieldEssence of BlindnessGoblin Diary, Page 1Imbued MudSong: Siavonn's Psalm of Potency Rk. IIPlanar Energy CoffeeHalf-Moon Energized GemstoneSong: Aria of Absolution Rk. IIISong: Siavonn's Chant of Disease Rk. IIISong: War March of Protan Rk. IIIAnimated CrystalAnimated FleshSummoned: Frightforged IcebladeSummoned: Frightforged FirebladeSummoned: Frightforged RageswordSummoned: Frightforged MindbladeHollowflesh GolemRuned CoffinBoreal Sandals of the ConjurorBoreal Pants of the ConjurorGoo GunGoo Gun AmmunitionKyenka's StudStormwheel's CoreShield-Like RemainsBox of Captured LightningFear Laden BraceAnimated ClaySong: Aria of Va'Ker Rk. IIStrength of LegionsGelatinous Sphere

New Bestiary: a shamanic minotauran evenflame goblin

New Recipes: Tome of Drunken Monkey Style Rk. IIFine Numen Plaque SolutionFine Runic Numen Plaque SolutionNumen Plaque SolutionRough Numen Plaque SolutionRunic Numen Plaque SolutionRough Numen PlaqueNumen PlaqueBoreal Breastplate of the ZealotBoreal Gauntlets of the ZealotBoreal Bracer of the ZealotBoreal Greaves of the ZealotDistorted Breastplate of the ZealotDistorted Breastplate of the ZealotBoreal Boots of the LightBoreal Vambraces of the LightBoreal Helm of the LightBoreal Vambraces of HavokBoreal Breastplate of HavokBoreal Bracer of HavokDistorted Breastplate of HavokDistorted Breastplate of HavokPlanar Energy CoffeePlanar Energy JuicePlanar Energy NostrumPlanar Energy TeaBrew of the PlanesCazic's BloodPlanar Energy AleChocolate Planar PieSpicy Planar ChiliStew of FearTerror Fish Sushi RollsTick Tock Fear BombTick Tock Sticky BombTick Tock Blast BombInstant Beverage BrewerSteamjet PackGoo GunGoo Gun AmmunitionTerror SteambladePlanar Distortion DeviceHalf-Moon Energized GemstoneMarquise Cut Energized GemstoneOval Cut Energized GemstoneRound Cut Energized GemstoneSquare Cut Energized GemstoneBoreal Cap of CompulsionBoreal Sleeves of CompulsionBoreal Wristguard of CompulsionBoreal Bracer of the RevenantBoreal Gauntlets of the RevenantBoreal Boots of the RevenantBoreal Helm of the RevenantBoreal Vambraces of the RevenantBoreal Greaves of the RevenantDistorted Bracer of the RevenantDistorted Bracer of the RevenantBoreal Greaves of the PerformerBoreal Vambraces of the PerformerBoreal Breastplate of the PerformerDistorted Breastplate of the PerformerDistorted Breastplate of the PerformerDistorted Robe of the ExhumerDistorted Robe of the ExhumerBoreal Robe of the ExhumerBoreal Sandals of the ExhumerBoreal Gloves of the ExhumerDistorted Sleeves of the ExhumerDistorted Sleeves of the ExhumerApocryphal Exarch BootsApocryphal Exarch BootsApocryphal Exarch BracerApocryphal Exarch BracerApocryphal Exarch BreastplateApocryphal Exarch BreastplateApocryphal Exarch GauntletsApocryphal Exarch GauntletsApocryphal Exarch HelmApocryphal Exarch HelmApocryphal Exarch GreavesApocryphal Exarch GreavesApocryphal Exarch VambracesApocryphal Exarch VambracesSpell: Vow of Vanquishing Rk. II

Updated Items: Rust-Tinged Box of FearFear Touched TunicTamer's TrinketPurified DireflameBinding Magical ResidueRing of Watching EyesAncient Text of PowerOsmium OreFear Touched LeggingsRough Defiant CharmTerror SteambladeSteamjet PackTick Tock Blast BombTick Tock Sticky BombTick Tock Fear BombTerror Fish Sushi RollsStew of FearSpicy Planar ChiliChocolate Planar PieCazic's BloodBrew of the PlanesFine Runic Martial TreatiseTome of Drunken Monkey Style Rk. IIBruke's Fur Lined CloakSavage WallTrophy of GrellethMidasa's Dragon SlayerZurel's Weighted ChainDread BootsMedian TerrormoteShardheartResin-coated BeltVinewood RingDread BracerBaneice GlobeStone of the LandingLesser DreadmoteFear Stained Helm

Updated Quests: Frostfell 2008 (#2, high level): The Frostclaw LairConfronting Your FearsIf I Had My HammerRaid Expedition: Heart of the OakRaid Expedition: Grelleth, Her Majesty the QueenAin't No Thing Like an Evil Ring

Updated Bestiary: a sporali decomposerArmorer Jean WenlarisEkelng ThunderstoneWarden BrukeA Crystal LurkerVelishana temple custodiana naeya plainshounda venomshell scarabJexlplixa treasure chesta treasure chesta treasure chestSentinel Thurdiel


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