December 9, 2012

A very good Sunday evening to you! Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Tail of CorpsehideWeight of ManyThrowing Fang of CorpsehideFungi Encrusted BandGelatinous HexagramWeight of FewVengeful MaskGelatinous SquareZalifur Scale BeltDragonscale GorgetVessel of PainGore Plastered EarRegal Duskwoven ArmbandBoreal Leggings of the WardenEmpty Lightning BoxBlinking BandLiquid Crystal MaskBoreal Sleeves of CompulsionBoreal Cap of CompulsionYngaln's Frozen WampumBoreal Helm of the LightRigid UndergrowthSmall Statue of Erollisi MarrConcrete BlockComteTyrolean GreyItkari's Beads of DefenseSmason's BiteSlitherskin MantleHavartiMuensterSmason's HeartTelemeaEdamSmoking PipeFrying PanImpressed ReportXril'et Log, Page 30Xril'et Log, Page 45Calm PaintingEnchanted BladeBoreal Breastplate of HavokScroll: Duplicitous Audacity Rk. IIGrilled Planar Goo SouffleGrilled Planar Goo SteaksGrilled Planar Goo SoupGrilled Planar Goo JerkyGrilled Planar Goo StewDistorted Robe of the ExhumerTick Tock Sticky BombTerror SteambladeDistorted Breastplate of the PerformerForever FrostyRalagon the ProtectorPulsating IcicleChilled GemsYoung Chetari StatueRing of Frightened RecoveryStalwart Ogre Cultural SmithingElegant Ogre Cultural SmithingRegal Ogre Cultural SmithingGlorious Ogre Cultural SmithingAxe of the BruteKrondal's Visage of Far-sightednessWolf PawFalse Prophet's VanityColdain Head on a PikeSantug Helper's Cap OrnamentTop Hat OrnamentGreen Santug Cap OrnamentSnowman Head OrnamentRed Santug Cap OrnamentReindeer Antlers OrnamentDistorted Coat of the DivinerTrophy: 20 H.Sta + 45ACBrunostDistorted Wrist Band of the DivinerBoreal Pants of the ExhumerSappy MaskID TagTonic of Heat Affinity XIBouncy SpringPuppet StringsDragoncold LanceLiving Axe

New Recipes: Tonic of Resonant Chromal XVIITonic of Resonant Disease XVIITonic of Resonant Fire XVIITonic of Resonant Magic XVIITonic of Resonant Toxin XVIIBoreal Coif of the DivinerBoreal Boots of the DivinerSpell: Burning Pyroshroud Rk. IISpell: Deluge of Thunderbolts Rk. IIFearlinked Plate Leg Seal of the BerserkerFearlinked Legging SealGrilled Planar GooGrilled Goo Salad

New Bestiary: a treasure chest (The Madness of King Tormax)a Ry`Gorr invadera crystal glare lordA Monstrous Velium Crawlera giant soul eatera soul scavengera mysterious apparitionVorken`s Unruly SkeletonVorken`s SkeletonKlaggan`s Unruly SkeletonKlaggan`s Skeletona hostile apparitiona campfirea Chateau bloodcastera Chateau defendera Chateau gravediggera creature keepera decaying swinetor corpsea grizzled tamed selyraha guard braxia guard gorala guard selyraha junkcrafter apprenticea junkcrafter scavengera kitchen assistanta living filth creaturea palace beast handlera palace decay priesta palace filthcastera palace guarda palace scouta polluted bunnya pollution golema pollution monstera quartermastera rot shamana sewer magea tethered beastan elite soldieran expedition memberan expedition prisonerGorvna the JailerJaris CalmurKelmur the QuartermasterPulq the BeastmasterMarrien KavusRelco FinnSherri GanesDanela's Lockboxa treasure chest (Chapterhouse raid)a treasure chest (Fear Not)

Updated Items: Fearlinked Legging SealFearlinked Wrist SealFearlinked Helm SealFearlinked Sleeve SealFearlinked Glove SealFearlinked Boot SealFearlinked Chest SealSpell: Deluge of Thunderbolts Rk. IISpell: Burning Pyroshroud Rk. IIAxe of the BruteSleeping Cap of UnrestCrude Defiant Chain TunicCrude Defiant Leather TunicFrosted TopazFrostbitten BandGreater DreadmoteGlowing DreadmoteChapterhouse StandardMantle of the Cursed AbodeCarillon Box of Lost SongsLibrarian's Signet RingDread HelmRy'Gorr MortisSpiked GuardWarm Wyvern BloodCollar Bone Neck GuardFear Stained BracerPlanar GooTamer's WhipMedian DreadmoteGreater DreadmoteChunk of Congealed OozeEnergized GemstoneCrushing Aegis of DawnLesser DreadmoteFormal Legwraps of LunanynFrost Bunny MeatTundra Kodiak MeatVenomous SkiverMisleading VisageSnowreaverTrappers SpauldersVelium VeilWarbelt of the Coldain LordsTatterdrake TotemKilt of the KromrifIceblindGalecloakFeartattered Drake Fang EarringFrostbite OrbDragonbone Mask of Zeixshi-KarEye of FrostDrape of DragonsDragonbone BeadsDragon's TearCape of FearBonebasherBroodsworn ShieldFloeSnowflakeZen Master's FocusZealots CollarWulfgar's ResolutionWind Borne TotemWrap of the WildTamer's TrinketScholars ForesightReactive CloakReenforcing CollarProphetic CestusIceblind ShivGlory AboundDouble TroubleCarrion MantleCharm of InsightBackup PlanThick Woolen ShoulderpadsThick Studded CollarSpiderfang RingSimple Cloth FacewrapMidnight SunshardJewel of the FrostIndigo FrostcloakFrostweave BandFrosted Sash of Frozen ThoughtElaborate Pyrite MaskChoking GorgetEmeraldglaze BangleBloodfire, the VanquishingFrosthewn TruncheonFrosthewn ShortbowFrosthewn LongspearFrosthewn GreatmaceFrosthewn GreathammerFrosthewn Brawl StickTrusty Length of RopeUnspoken DeliveranceUnbeliever's Shrunken SkullTattered Drape of the UnknownSpinebeltShoulder Pads of the UnspokenShadebladeRune of the UnspokenMask of the PhantasmPurest InsecurityPulsating PauldronsEthereal ChokerDrop of DoubtDrape of DarknessDarkspikeDagger of Spectral DisruptionCircle of DreadBonemask of LossWhipcord BeltSilenceSlaughterMedian TerrormoteGreater TerrormoteSeptic SkewerA Small Sliver of FearA Note From SvekkA Large Sliver of FearBlessed Sword of Strategic CombatFear-Tinged WeaponKromrif Ale BarrelFlask of Kromrif AleApparition FleshJainar's SwordShadowed Rune FragmentWand of ShockingGlowing Gem of ZarinarnGlowing Gem of XalzinaiGlowing Gem of LerabdiGlowing Gem of JuytabuGlowing Gem of KagzinaiGlowing Gem of JexlplixDarkened Gem of XalzinaiDarkened Gem of ZarinarnDarkened Gem of LerabdiDarkened Gem of KagzinaiDarkened Gem of JuytabuDarkened Gem of JexlplixA Snow TurnipA Captured Snow BunnyVelium Crawler FleshA Tentacle Terror BarbStrong Spinechiller SilkTranquilizer DartsDreadstone CompassFolded NoteRepaired Feymetal Mining PickChipped Feymetal Mining PickSable Band of the WastesPiceous Frost BandGore ShieldFear Touched TunicRorce's Spike of Frenzied SwingsPaladin Blood SampleStone of the Shard's FallScroll: Zephyr: Shard's LandingScroll: Translocate: Shard's LandingScroll: Shard's Landing PortalScroll: Shard's Landing GateScroll: Ring of the LandingScroll: Circle of the LandingStone of the LandingSpaulders of the Agile MindDexterous ShoulderguardsBurdensome PallDurew's Mace of Inverse LogicAntithesis of FearPakjol's Appetite for DestructionIre of ReivajMedian DreadmoteGreater DreadmoteVinewood RingZurel's Weighted ChainVinewood GorgetTerakathis, Arbiter of the DeadTuro's Assassin RingShardheartTuro's Shadow CloakPoker of CalmingResin-coated BeltResin-coated GorgetMidasa's Dragon SlayerZurel's Battle MaskFear Fruit SeedGrelleth's Royal MaskKotul's Spellblood EarringHeartshardLelro's Collar of the BeastsLivewood MaskGrelleth's ScepterLeaf BobbleFear Fruit SeedsFeartwisted MaceDragonbone Mask of Zeixshi-KarDragonbone BeadsDragon's TearCharm of InsightCape of FearBroodsworn ShieldBonebasherBackup PlanIceblind ShivGlory AboundFeartattered Drake Fang EarringEye of FrostFrostbite OrbGalecloakSnowflakeTamer's TrinketProphetic CestusSnowreaverReenforcing CollarReactive CloakMisleading VisageScholars ForesightWulfgar's ResolutionZen Master's FocusWrap of the WildTrappers SpauldersVelium VeilWind Borne TotemWarbelt of the Coldain LordsVenomous SkiverTatterdrake TotemArwyn's Greatbow of ValorSmall Glowing Fear ShardSoulderpads of Alertness

Updated Quests: Focus the Crystal Geode (Guild Hall Portal)A Tearable FearAchievement: Hunter of Shard's LandingCalling PhantasmMaster Hunter's ChallengeZeixshi-Kar #1: Scaring Up Some InformationZeixshi-Kar #2: IndoctrinationZeixshi-Kar #3: The SacrificeZeixshi-Kar #4: The Sweet Taste of RevengeRaid Expedition: Zeixshi-Kar's ShardFalmonius #2: Stalking the ShadowsFalmonius #3: Masters of FearLost Without a CompassA Feast Fit for a ColdainCrystal Caverns #1: An Abundance of OrcsCrystal Caverns #2: Ry`Gorr ReconnaissanceCrystal Caverns #3: Finding the FearRaid Expedition: Danela's StandSubdued SubjectsThe Big OneI Wanna Be a Ry'GorrKael #1: Deliver Us Unto EvilKael #2: Them BonesKael #3: A Cure for MadnessThe Madness of King TormaxRaid Expedition: The Madness of King TormaxFear NotEvantil: Heart of the OakRaid Expedition: Heart of the OakA Well Regulated MilitiaBring Out Your DeadMadness ReignsBreeding Grounds #2: Treading LightlyGrelleth's #4: Halt of DecayGrelleth's #6: The Art of WarRaid Expedition: A Matter of Life and DeathXorbb #1: The Halfling TrailCleanse the LandDelectable Dragon PateAin't No Thing Like an Evil RingEarth, Wind and Your FuryShard Experiences

Updated Recipe: Tonic of Resonant Frost XVII

Updated Bestiary: KrenshinBlood-gorged Huntsmana voracious cauldronstalkerCobaltCragbeakRockspineChief Ry`Gorra diminutive kromrifA Blob of SapSeedspitterUzrinar the DamnedYioana blightshell scaraba greater slatescalea manticorea savage dire wolfa snow bunnya tundra kodiakJainara guard braxi


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