December 5, 2012

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Items: Frightforged Plate BracersFrightforged Plate GreavesNint's Satin ChokerFrightforged Plate GauntletsFrightforged Plate BreastplateFrightforged Plate BootsFrightforged Plate VambracesFrightforged Plate HelmBow of Grasping VinesSummoned: Frightforged BeltNint's Woven ShawlNint's Ridged EarhoopOrnate Flying CarpetTrophy of DanelaGlass FlaskBoreal Robe of the ExhumerBlossoming FlowerRegal Duskwoven RobesXorlex's Towering ProsperityMastruq Bone MaskArm of the Hero 9 BenefitUnfired Kranigan's Fist OrnamentScroll: Granitebark SkinScroll: Spikethistle BulwarkScroll: Granitebark BlessingSplit Blade of Destruction OrnamentationBlade of War OrnamentationAligned Long Spear OrnamentationCauldron Minion Lance OrnamentationCenti Warspear OrnamentationBarrier of Black OrnamentationBloodied Berserker's Blade OrnamentationBow of the Whispering Wind OrnamentationGreatstaff of the Four Winds OrnamentationGembladed Axe OrnamentationRod of the Ruined OrnamentationMindreaper Club OrnamentationBow of Doom OrnamentationUnfired Greatstaff of the Four Winds OrnamentUnfired Mindreaper Club OrnamentUnfired Rod of the Ruined OrnamentUnfired Split Blade of Destruction OrnamentUnfired Cauldron Minion Lance OrnamentUnfired Bow of the Whispering Wind OrnamentUnfired Centi Warspear OrnamentUnfired Bow of Doom OrnamentUnfired Gembladed Axe OrnamentUnfired Barrier of Black OrnamentUnfired Aligned Long Spear OrnamentUnfired Blade of War OrnamentUnfired Bloodied Berserker's Blade OrnamentDistorted Wristguard of the DivinerSteamjet PackA Small CauldronWarbelt of the Coldain LordsTatterdrake TotemVelium VeilDragonbone BeadsDrape of DragonsFeartattered Drake Fang EarringVial of MedicineEight-sided ScrewdriverEssence of SufferingBow of Nature's CaressTome: Pinpoint Deficiencies Rk. IIScroll: Shout of the Predator Rk. IITome: Gash Rk. IIGoblin Diary, Page 3Xril'et Log, Page 22Ancient Text of PowerPurified DireflameXril'et Log, Page 9Goblin Diary, Page 2Boreal Bracer of HavokXril'et Log, Page 37Barrier Shard CrystalBackpack Stuffed with VegetablesRooting WeightChrom's Hardened HeartA Pitch Black OnyxA Purple AmethystA Red RubyA Deep Green EmeraldA Blue SapphireA Radiant Diamond

New Zones: Breeding Grounds: The Rise of the AncientsBreeding Grounds: Zalikor's LairEvantil: Fear NotEvantil: Heart of the OakGrelleth's Palace: The Machinations of KotulGrelleth's Palace: The Queen's DecreeChapterhouse: Run, You Fools!Chapterhouse: A Matter of Life and DeathValley of King Xorbb: The Battle for RivervaleValley of King Xorbb: The Return of King XorbbValley of King Xorbb: Find the Gems... Or Die!Breeding Grounds: Velishan's RevengeBreeding Grounds: A Feast for ZalikorEvantil: Raid InstanceGrelleth's Palace: Raid InstanceChapterhouse: Raid InstanceValley of King Xorbb: Raid Instance #1Valley of King Xorbb: Raid Instance #2

New Quest: Raid Expedition: The Return of King Xorbb

New Recipes: Prepared Planar GooCLASS 9 Steel Shardpoint Arrow (small nock)Spell: Tears of the Forsaken Rk. IISpell: Minion of Fear Rk. IIFine Numen Plaque

New Bestiary: a treasure chesta treasure chesta treasure chest

Updated Items: Pyrebeak's Scarred EyeSeashell of Calming SoundsEnchanted SnowSample of Pure Snow Bunny BloodA JournalChilled Hide HelmetUlthork BlubberA Rabbit's FootPartially Digested LichenA Wooly Rhino HornSamhain CostumeTattered ClothingA Samhain HeadA Mysterious TokenSpell: Talisman of Soul's Unity Rk. IISooty Fine Numen PlaqueSpell: Minion of Fear Rk. IISpell: Tears of the Forsaken Rk. IIBanescale PauldronsBanescale ShoulderpadsSnake HeadWhispering CompassFear Touched HelmFear Touched BracerDistilled Grade A Taipan VenomFarseeing ChokerPulsing VineSelyrah RidgeFear Touched LeggingsBraxi TenderloinBraxi HoofReticent GarGrendlaen PeltTainted FeatherPlanar Energy ShardChitinous StrapEnergized GemstoneRazor Sharp Beetle HornDistilled Grade A Choresine SampleGoral PawSilent GrimaceBrazen BarricadeAmorphous HideAnimal FearbonePlanar GooGreat Cat PawOnyx CrescentAlaran BeadsDredged HideGreater DreadmoteDragon ScaleCrystallized Dragon BreathMinor DreadmoteMedian DreadmoteLesser DreadmoteWyvern FangGreater TerrormoteGlowing TerrormoteLesser TerrormoteMedian TerrormotePrimed Fragment of Fearlinked ZealDread GlovesDread ArmguardsDread BracerHeartstaveVinewood ShoulderpadsTwin's Beast TotemKotul's Cloak of FilthWuran's Staff of DecayDread Touched TunicDread TunicDread LeggingsDread HelmDread BootsFloeMinor TerrormoteDread Touched BootsKilt of the KromrifIceblindCrystallized FearScroll: Chill of the Visionary Rk. IIScroll: Elsrop's Malady Rk. IIIScroll: Falhotep's Affliction Rk. IIIScroll: Ancestral Pact Rk. IIIBlood-Filled Aneuk HeartHollowed HornAncient TabletBeaded CircletEmerald Studded MedalMark of IntimidationMark of HonorMark of TenorMark of the DrumGolden TorchSmall Sponge

Updated Quests: Safe PassageROF Rank II Level 100 Spells: Glowing DreadmoteZeixshi-Kar #1: Scaring Up Some InformationZeixshi-Kar #2: IndoctrinationZeixshi-Kar #3: The SacrificeRaid Expedition: Zeixshi-Kar's ShardKael #1: Deliver Us Unto EvilRaid Expedition: Heart of the OakRaid Expedition: Grelleth, Her Majesty the Queen


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